DMM GAMES LLC DMM GAMES “Witch’s Weapon-Witch Weapons-” Original Soundtrack with 31 Game Songs Now Available on Various Music Distribution Sites! !

DMM GAMES “Witch’s Weapon-Witch Weapons-” Original Soundtrack with 31 Game Songs Now Available on Various Music Distribution Sites! ! …………………………………………………………………………
LLC DMM GAMES (Headquarters: Minato-ku, Tokyo, CEO: Yusuke Muranaka, URL: has been used in the app since February 14, 2020 (Fri) Sales of original soundtracks including 26 unused songs and five unused songs such as the instrumental version of the theme song “ANOTHER REAL”, iTunes Store, Apple Music, Google Play Music, Amazon Music, LINE MUSIC, etc. Distribution has started on the distribution site. “Witch’s Weapon-Witch Weapons-” will allow you to enjoy the songs that color the world, even when you are not playing the game.
Album jacket
[Image 1

[Album name]
Witch’s Weapon -Witch Weapon- O.S.T
【recorded music】
1: ANOTHER REAL (Game Size)
2: Normal Stage
3: Hard Stage
4: Shop
5: Barrier Maze
6: Like A Girl
7: step by step
8: Deep Water
9: Witch’s Confession
10: Conspiracy
11: Investigation
12: Sewer
13: Brooklyn
14: Whisky
15: Sunset
16: Hand-to-hand combat
17: Hero
18: Black Market
19: Tricky
20: Afterschool
21: Dungeon
22: Humanity
23: Sign of brave
24: Dancing Kitty
25: Everything’s gonna be Okay
26: Witch Weapon Feat. Jalam
27: ANOTHER REAL (instrumental)
28: [Bonustrack] War Drum Feat. SAKURA
29: [Bonustrack] Chaostic Daily
30: [Bonustrack] Paranoid
31: Konomi Suzuki bonus comment *
* Bonus comments are package purchase benefits and cannot be used for single purchase or streaming.
[Work information]
[Table 2:”>

[About the album]
This work is not only the familiar BGM produced by luxury production teams such as Vanguard Sound and INSPION, but also the instrumental version of the theme song “ANOTHER REAL” and the theme song “Witch Weapon Feat. , And insert song “Everything’s gonna be Okay”. In addition, BGM “War Drum” created by scenario writer Sakura himself and BGM “Chaostic Daily” and “Paranoid” which are unused songs in the game will be released for the first time. In addition, as an all song purchase bonus, an audio commentary with the theme song “ANOTHER REAL” artist Konomi Suzuki with thoughts on the song is included.
■ Reproduction event with scenario: “Girl and Emperor” now being held! レ ン One day, the main character Len who came to the destination on a school excursion. Len, who has been rushed to another world for some reason, encounters a cute “Emperor” at the destination. Will he (?) Be able to return to the original world safely? ? Shock? Please challenge “girl and emperor” by all means so as not to overlook the ending of. [Image 2

[Image 3

Lotto sales period: February 14, 2020 (Fri)-February 26, 2020 (Wed) 23:59 Pickup content 1: SSR weapon “Dictortor”, scene of memory “Glory is my emperor” Pickup content 2: SSR weapon “Jager Kranz”, scene of memory “Victory to lead the people”
■ What is Witch ’s Weapon?
“On that day, my life was over and my destiny began-”
A futuristic action adventure game that revolves around the hero who has become a “girl” when he wakes up. In addition to the
animation-like 3D graphics, it is a work full of charm with exciting action, rich scenarios with hundreds of thousands of characters and more. Please experience a spectacle adventure that various “witches” weave from “Do S Princess” to “Ancient Alchemist”.
[Image 4

[Witch weapon product overview]
[Image 5d32953-1669-451407-0.jpg
App name: Witch’s Weapon -Witch weapon-
Platform: App Store / Google Play
Genre: Action Adventure
Price: Free (some in-game purchases)
▼ Official site
▼ Official Twitter
Right notation: (C) DMM GAMES / SUIKINREI
Google Play and the Google Play logo are trademarks of Google LLC.

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