“Dolls Frontline” and “DJMAX Respect” Collaboration Event!

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“Dolls Frontline” and “DJMAX Respect” Collaboration Event!
■ “Dolls Frontline” x “DJMAX Respect” Collaboration Event!
■ Skin theme “Pure White Pledge” Some skins are added to “Glitter Collection” for a limited time. In addition, skin packs of the same theme also appear in the shop
■ Read the manga and get the GSh-18 exclusive skin “Walking Operating Table” -Dolls Frontline News Release-
Released February 14, 2020
Sunborn Japan Co., Ltd. will hold a collaboration event “ Glory Day ” with the music game “ DJMAX Respect ” from March 6 (Fri) in the strategic simulation game “ Dolls Frontline ” (hereinafter “ Dolflo ”) for smartphones We will inform you of the decision.
We will also inform you about upcoming in-game information.
[Image 1d50327-22-395042-0.jpg
Dolls Frontline Official Twitter Account
@GirlsFrontline (https://twitter.com/GirlsFrontline)
“Dolls Frontline” x “DJMAX Respect” Collaboration Event!
“Glory Day”, a collaboration event between the music game “DJMAX Respect” and “Dolls Frontline”, will be held from March 6 (Fri). There are many event stages dedicated to collaboration and many items that can be obtained only for collaboration. For more details, please wait for a follow-up report from official Twitter.
What Happens When The World Of Music Games And Tactical Dolls Overlap! ? Please stay tuned!
[Image 2d50327-22-958718-2.png
▲ “DJMAX Respect” collaboration key visual
▼ Collaboration event schedule
From after maintenance on Friday, March 6 to before maintenance on Friday, March 27
■ “DJMAX RESPECT” Product Overview
A DJ simulation game that has been sold in the series for over 300,000 units and has been loved by fans all over the world for over 10 years. Not only songs from past works but also completely new songs have been added, and the volume of recorded songs has been increased to more than 140 songs. For the first time in the series, it is compatible with PlayStation (R) 4, and a new mode “Online mode” that allows you to play against players from all over the world, and “FREESTYLE mode”, enabling local two-player play. This is an authentic music game that has been significantly improved!
“DJMAX RESPECT” Official Site
(C) NEOWIZ All rights reserved.
Some skin themes “Pure White Pledge” added to “Glitter Collection” for a limited time. In addition, skin packs of the same theme also appear in the shop
Some skins of the skin theme “Pure White Pledge”, in which the dolls are dressed in wedding dresses, will be reprinted for a limited time after the maintenance on Friday, February 28 in the “Glitter Collection”. The period will be reprinted for about a week, so don’t miss it if you couldn’t get it!
▼ period
・ Reprint of “Pure White Pledge”: February 28 (Fri) after
maintenance-March 6 (Fri) before maintenance
・ Sale pack schedule for “Pure White Pledge”: After maintenance on Friday, February 28-23:59 on Thursday, March 5
[Image 3d50327-22-226216-11.jpg

Read the manga and get the GSh-18 exclusive skin “Walking Operating Table”! A new manga will be added on February 14 (Fri) at the in-game dormitory “Cafe”. You can get a GSh-18 exclusive skin “walking operating table” by collecting “manga” for “10th term”. Why don’t you read the manga at the cafe after logging in?
[Image 4d50327-22-438717-3.jpg
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