M-1 Grand Prix broadcast writer Mitsuru Kuramoto founder! Release the entire contents of the special seminar “ Maximizing Human Power ”, a gathering of creative giants, including movies, commercials, music, design, photography, editing, art, comedy

Creek and River Co., Ltd.
M-1 Grand Prix broadcast writer Mitsuru Kuramoto founder! The entire contents of the special seminar “Human Power Maximization Plan”, which is a gathering of creative giants, including movies, commercials, music, design, photography, editing, art, comedy, etc. is released …………………………………………………………………………
Participant and lecturer have changed the contents of the lecture “Culture and River Company (C & R) Co., Ltd.”・ Updated and re-started student recruitment.
The “Human Power Maximization Plan (https://ningenryoku.jp/)” is a special intensive seminar in which twelve top runners from various fields gathered at the call of Mr. Kuramoto, who is also famous as a broadcast writer for the M-1 Grand Prix, as a lecturer is. Through dialogues and sessions, such as lectures on the secret stories of top runners’ representative works and lectures on future strategies that they consider themselves, the purpose is to gain special insights that can only be learned here.
▼ Application / Details
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Outline of “Improvement of Human Power”
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■ Period
Guidance starts at 18:30 on May 15, 2020 (Fri), lectures start at 19:00
■ School day
19: 00-20: 30 every other Friday (24 times until May 14, 2021) * Basically on the first and third Fridays. GW, year-end, and some date / time changes
■ Location
Creek and River Inc. Head Office Event Hall
Address: Shintobori Street CORE 5th floor, 4-1-1 Shimbashi, Minato-ku, Tokyo
■ Organizer
Ninpop Inc.
■ Co-host
Indi inc.
Creek and River Co., Ltd.
≪Application Guidelines≫
■ Eligibility for admission
Those who are over 18 years old by April 1, 2020
■ Recruitment capacity
50 people
■ Application deadline
Application deadline as soon as the number of successful applicants is reached as a result of the examination on April 3 (Fri)
Let me do it. Please apply early.
■ How to apply
Apply using the dedicated application form on the website.
■ Admission screening
Ninpop Co., Ltd. (Mitsuru Kuramoto) will judge the resume based on your resume.
■ Tuition fee
Admission fee 55,000 yen (tax included), tuition fee: 660,000 yen (tax included) If you pass the examination after application, you will be notified by e-mail about the transfer of enrollment fee and tuition fee. After confirming the information, please make the transfer procedure. The payment deadline is April 17, 2020. Credit / bank transfer is possible. * Available in installments only for credit settlement. (55,000 yen x 13 payments)
▼ Application / Details
If the capacity is not reached after the application deadline, it may be postponed or canceled. Please note.
ii If you do not know how to apply, or if you cannot apply from the application form, please contact pec_info@hq.cri.co.jp.
iii This project is a renewal of the “Plan for Maximizing Human Ability”, which was recruited in December 2019, with some changes and updates to lecturers and lecture content.
Lecturer / Theme / Profile
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Mitsuru Kuramoto (Planner)
Human power of laughter Mitsuru Kuramoto (Planner)
“Human power created by laughter”
Broadcast writer, director, planner, lyricist, composer, and art producer. Born in Hiroshima in 1959, raised in Osaka. Debuted as a broadcast writer on the daily broadcast “Kunekune at Night”, which is also said to be the ancestor of the “Town Bra Program”. “EX TV” “Downtown stuffy feeling” “Table of the Ito family” “Takeshi’s all things Genesis” “Downtown DX” “HEY! HEY! HEY!” “One person” “Matsunen” “M-1 Grand Prix” From the legendary variety programs such as “Arho!” And “Naoki Urasawa’s Man Tsutomu” to the children’s programs such as NHK E Tele’s “Shakin!” Authored “Parodism Declaration Techniques for Appreciating Masterpieces of Laughing Evangelists” (Art Publishing) “Laughter Theory Makes 24 Hours Interesting” (Wanibooks) “Mitsuru Kuramoto’s Superlingual Dictionary” (Asahi Publishing) “Words Picture Book Tomorrow’s Carta” (Nippon Book Center) “Beetle Head” (Shufu no Tomosha) “Comic Book Series” (Iwasaki Shoten) Picture Book “Neko Tamada” (Kogakusha) Picture Book “Omo”
Shiritori “(poplar).
[Image 4

Shinji Higuchi
Human power of the movie Shinji Higuchi
“Between digital and analog ~ Longitudinal cliffs of image expression ~” Born September 22, 1965. I am from Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo. Specialist director, movie director, video writer, bookmaker. Entered the movie world in “Godzilla” in 1984. In 1995, he served as a special director in the Gamera Daikaiju Aerial Battle, and received the 19th Japan Academy Awards Special Award. In addition, he has participated in many hit films such as the “Neon Genesis Evangelion” series as storyboards and image boards. His major works include Lorelei, Sinking Japan, Nobo Castle, and the live-action version Attack on Titan. He was a director and special director of “Shin Godzilla” released in 2016, and won the 40th Japan Academy Award for Best Work and Best Director.

[Image 5

Kenichiro Mogi
Human power of brain science Kenichiro Mogi
“ Creative of qualia and human revival ”
Born in Tokyo in 1962. Brain scientist. Writer. Broadcaster. Study qualia. Senior researcher at Sony Computer Science Laboratories, special research professor at Keio University. After graduating from the Faculty of Science and the Faculty of Law, the University of Tokyo, he completed the Physics Course at the University of Tokyo Graduate School of Science. Doctor of Science. After working at RIKEN and Cambridge University, he assumed his current position. Specializes in brain science and cognitive science. In 2005, he received the 4th Hideo Kobayashi Award for Brain and Virtual. In 2009, he received the 12th Takeo Kuwahara Academic Award for “Now, From Here to Everywhere” (Chikuma Shobo). Recent books include Brain and Qualia, Living and Dying Me, Brain and Virtual, Now and Everywhere, Tokyo University of the Arts, Pinchment, and many others.
[Image 6

Haruo Saji
Human power of cosmic theory Haruo Saji
“Who designed humans-Thinking from the forefront of space research-” Born in Tokyo in 1935. Doctor of Science (Theoretical Physics). After working at Matsushita Electric Industrial Research Institute, Tokyo Research Institute, Chief Researcher, Laboratory of Materials, University of Tokyo, Tamagawa University, Prefectural Miyagi University Professor, President of Suzuka Junior College, etc., he is currently President of the Misora ​​Astronomical Observatory in Hokkaido. Visiting professor at Osaka College of Music. Chairman of the Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA) Co-ordinated Poetry Compilation Committee. Known for its theoretical research on “ fluctuations ” related to the creation of the universe from quantum theory, it was applied to home appliances such as 1 / f fluctuation fans and long-time recording VTRs, and NASA’s Voyager project It is also known for its proposal to mount Bach’s music as a time capsule of the earth civilization. In addition, we propose a new
interdisciplinary field called “Mathematical Arts” that transcends the boundaries of science and humanities, and as a practice, special lectures nationwide that position the results of space research as liberal arts for peace education. . Major books include “Time theory for 14 years old”, “Physics for 14 years old”, “Space class for 14 years old”, “KA”
“The ladder is made up of stars.” “The universe first created women.” “Mathematics from the age of 14-Dr. Saji and the mysterious week of numbers.” “The universe is still beautiful. “ When we go ” (Shunjusha), “ We are traveling in the universe today-Dr. Saji’s heart time ” (PHP Institute), “ The equation of life taught by the universe ” (Gentosha), “ Poet’s Space Lessons for Miscellaneous: A Nostalgic Exploration of Kaneko Misuzu’s Poems (published by JULA), “Space Physicists, Talking about the Heart Sutra” (Mainichi Shimbun Publishing), and many others.
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Chie Morimoto
Human power of design Chie Morimoto
“ Evolution of your kin ”
President of goen ° Inc. Communication Director and Art Director. Visiting professor at Musashino Art University. After graduating from Musashino Art University in 1999, joined Hakuhodo. Became the youngest member of ADC in 2006. Established goen ° in 2007. Including corporate advertisements such as Canon, KIRIN, niko and …, Yumi Matsutoya, Mr. Children’s artwork, Nippon Television 24 Hours TV Charity T-shirt design, NHK “Half Blue. In addition to the poster design of Yuji Yamada, director design of “Otore Torayo 50 Return Home Tora-san”, film and stage art, space direction for zoos and nursery schools, and more. Following on from 2018, he has been the Futako Tamagawa Rise Christmas Producer, Artistic Director of the Kineko International Film Festival, and chair of the Jury. He wrote books “Singing Works” in 2010, “Ideas are born, an important story one step before” in 2015, There is a 2018 edition of the book “Chinese version” The most important thing before the birth of the idea “.
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Toshiyuki Konishi
Human power of copy Toshiyuki Konishi
“Change the world with the power of communication-How to change the world with communication”
Creative director. From commercial production to corporate branding, product development, hotel production, and urban development. His main work includes producing commercials for Iemon and The Premium Malts, PlayStation4, and overseas branding for ramen shop Ippudo. We also promote national-level projects such as “Premium Friday”, “GO! CASHLESS 2020”, and “Eating Project”. Became creative advisor to the Japan Pavilion for the 2020 Dubai International Exposition. In addition, they will also be involved in total creation of urban development, such as Aeon Lake Town, Japan’s largest shopping center, THE THOUSAND KYOTO in Kyoto, and GREEN SPRINGS in Tachikawa. “Is it transmitted? (Promotional meeting) “Amazing memo. (Kanki Publishing). [Image 9

Shigeo Goto
Human editing power Shigeo Goto
“Self image planning, editing, and practical skills”
-What thinking techniques and storytelling will be achieved by artists who succeed now-
Editor, Professor of Kyoto University of Art and Design, Creative Director, Art Producer. Under the motto “Unique editing”, he has worked on many art books and photo books by Ryuichi Sakamoto, Haruomi Hosono, Kishin Shinoyama, Mika Ninagawa, Kohei Nawa . He has taught art sinking, innovation and contemporary photography for nearly 220 years at universities. Focus on discovering and nurturing young artists. He has authored and co-authored “Art Strategy / Contemporary Art Tora no Maki”, “Principles of Contemporary Photography Art”, and “We Live While Editing”. He has curated more than 150 exhibitions based on his own G / P gallery. Kishin Shinoyama’s “Photographic Power” exhibition, a large museum exhibition that was planned and produced, was held at 33 locations nationwide and was a monumental event with a cumulative total of over one million.
[Image 10

Hiro Sugiyama
Human power of art Hiro Sugiyama
“Every creative starts with imagination.”
After graduating from the Oriental Art School, he studied under Teruhiko Yumura. After that, he became free and formed the Graphic Art Unit, Enlightment in 1997. While presenting his works at national and international exhibitions in the fine arts world, he continues to present creative works in a wide range of genres, including graphic design and advertising. In addition, it has a very high reputation in the video field such as PV production and VJ, and provides live images to third generation j soul brothers, EXILE, m-flo, Namuro Amuro, BOA, girls’ generation.
[Image 11

Tomu Kawada
Human power of augmented reality
“Human Power Extension Course Pioneered with Ideas and Programming” After graduating from the Oriental Art School, he studied under Teruhiko Yumura. After that, he became free and formed the Graphic Art Unit, Enlightment in 1997. While presenting his works at national and international exhibitions in the fine arts world, he continues to present creative works in a wide range of genres, including graphic design and advertising. In addition, it has a very high reputation in the video field such as PV production and VJ, and provides live images to third generation j soul brothers, EXILE, m-flo, Namuro Amuro, BOA, girls’ generation.
[Image 12

Good looking
Human power of photography
“How to gain the trust of people at first glance”
Photographer. Born in Fukui Prefecture in 1966. He spent his junior high school in Tennessee, USA. Graduated from Osaka City University’s Faculty of Letters and Nara Women’s University Graduate School. In 1993 he began shooting artists in Japan and abroad as an editorial photographer for music magazines, and in 2000 became an independent photographer. Paul McCartney, Lady Gaga, Metallica, MUSE, Cigar Ross, Farrell Williams, Guns N ‘Roses and other international musicians’ portraits and live photos, AKB48, Namie Amuro, Kishidan, Naoto Inti Also works on jackets for Japanese music artists such as Raimi. http://yoshikahorita.com/
[Image 13

Shinya Nakajima
Human power of CM Shinya Nakajima
“The secret ism that increases human power”
-Outstanding wisdom learned from 36 years of video production- Director and CM director of Tohoku Shinsha Co., Ltd. Edo kid born in Fukuoka in 1959 and raised in Osaka. Graduated from the Department of Visual Communication Design, Musashino Art University in 1982. In 1983, made his debut with the “National Ventilation Fan”. Later, Tohoku Shinsha founded the digital video base, Omnibus Japan, and took advantage of this to quickly introduce digital technology into commercials and produce many highly entertaining commercials. The Tohoku Shinsha Group’s creative presence, which strives for a new era of digital video. Directed numerous commercials while serving as vice president at the company. [History] Joined Tohoku Shinsha Co., Ltd. in April 1982 / Debuted as TVCM director in August 1983 / Received the 26th Japan Advertising Award Yamana Prize in June 2005 / Currently Deputy President, Tohoku Shinsha Co., Ltd. / Member of Tokyo Art Directors Club / Director / Councilor of Musashino Art University Visiting Professor of Musashino Art University (Department of Visual Communication Design, Department of Design Information) / Kanazawa Industry
Visiting Professor at the University (Media Information) / Lecturer at the Advertising Conference Copywriter Training Course [Awards] [Cannes International CM Festival] Cannes Grand Prix, Gold, Silver, Bronze Prize “Nissin Food Cup Noodle” Hungry? “” (1993.94.95.96) / Cannes Gold Award “Takara Shuzo” ​​La traviata “” (1987) / Cannes Silver Award “Miki House” Bicycle “” (1987) [Tokyo Art Directors Club Award] ADC Grand Prix “Fuji Television ’90” “(1990) / ADC Member Award” Nissin Food Cup Noodle “Hungry? “” (1995) / Grand Prix “Iemon” (2005) / ADC Member Award “Become a New Me” Shiseido Company (2007) [All Japan CM Broadcasting Association Award (ACC Award)] ACC Grand Prix and Minister of Internal Affairs and Communications Award “Suntory” Combustion Amino Formula “(2003) [New York ADC Award]” Toray Music Box “(1990) [IBA Award (American Broadcasting Corporation Award)] IBA Grand Prix” Na
“Shonal no Akari” (2001) / Received the Japan Record Awards for Outstanding Works in Other Lyrics (2008) / “Yahashi no Joyou” Kazuyoshi Saito / Composition / Song Kazuyoshi Saito / Shinya Nakajima / Lyrics [Movie Director for Movie] “Ultraman Zeas “(1996) /” Yajima Beauty Salon The Movie-Catching a Dream Nevada “(2010)
[Image 14

Keiichiro Shibuya
Human power of music Keiichiro Shibuya
“I’s way of life in the age of We.”
musician. Born in 1973. Graduated from Tokyo University of the Arts, Department of Music. Established the music label ATAK in 2002. His works range from cutting-edge electronic music works to piano solos, operas, orchestras, film music, and sound installations. In 2012, he announced the vocaloid opera “THE END” with no human being starring Hatsune Miku, and in 2018, “Scary Beauty”, an Android opera in which a humanoid android equipped with AI sings while conducting an orchestra. In September 2019, he performed his new “Heavy Requiem” with Buddhist music, statements and electronics at Ars Electronica in Linz, Austria. He asks the boundaries between humans and technology and life and death through his work. To date, there have been artists such as Hiroshi Sugimoto at the Palais de Tokyo in France, Hiroshi Ishiguro at the Paris Opera, and Jeremy Bellangar of Etoile at the Paris Opera. Announced many collaborations. We have been working with Takashi Ikegami, a researcher of artificial life around the world, for 15 years in collaboration and development with noise and stereophonic sound. In August 2020, she announced a new opera “Super Angels” (conductor: Kazushi Ohno, scriptwriter: Masahiko Shimada) at the New National Theater.
▼ Application / Details
[About Ninpop Corporation]
Company name: Ninpop Inc.
Business domain: Planning and production of entertainment in general, such as TV, CM, stage, events, etc.
Established date: March 5, 2003
Address: EAST PLUS 003, 2-2-2-iii Higashi, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo Representative Director: Mitsuru Kuramoto
URL: http://www.ninpop.com
[About indi Inc.]
A content venture with the theme of content incubation, founded by a Dentsu graduate. Planning and producing various projects in both creative and business circles.
Company name: indi, Inc.
Business description: Incubation business for all moving people, things and things
Date of establishment: November 1, 2018
Location: 2-9-5 Meguro, Meguro, Meguro, Tokyo
Representative Director and President Shinei Kinaga
URL: https://indi.co.jp
[About Creek and River Co., Ltd.]
Company name: Creek and River Co., Ltd.
Business Activities: Agents specializing in creative, architecture, fashion, food and research professionals, production, outsourcing, copyright and content management and distribution. The group has medical, IT, legal and accounting fields.
Date of establishment: March 1990
Headquarters: Shintora CORE 4-1-1, Shimbashi, Minato-ku, Tokyo President: Yukihiro Igawa
URL: https://www.cri.co.jp
[Inquiries regarding this course]
Creek and River Co., Ltd.
Person in charge of maximizing human power
E-Mail: pec_info@hq.cri.co.jp

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