Waynes Group 4th report A female singer, BENI, who shines a variety of senses, such as fashion and art, appears on the stage of the “Waynes Festival”! Enliven Pacifico Yokohama with a powerful and emotional singing voice!

Waynes Group
[4th report] A female singer, BENI, who has a diverse sense of fashion and art, appears on the stage of the Waynes Festival! Enliven Pacifico Yokohama with a powerful and emotional singing voice!
The Waynes Group (33 Yamashita-cho, Naka-ku, Yokohama-shi, Kanagawa, Japan / Representative: Ikuo Miyahara), which has 14 companies centered on three Toyota sales companies in Kanagawa (Yokohama Toyopet, Toyota Corolla Kanagawa, Nets Toyota Kanagawa), We will hold a special live by BENI in the stage zone of Waynes Festival 2020. BENI is not only a singer, but also has support for fashion art, and because he likes cars and drives, he decided to appear this time. In an era where the way cars interact with people is changing, the Waynes Group will be able to feel the pleasure brought by cars larger and deeper, on March 28 (Sat) and 29 (March 2020) On Sunday, we will hold the first event as a group, “Waynes Festival-You, Car and This Town”.
BE It has been decided that a special live by BENI will be held in the stage zone of this event. On March 28 (Sat) and 29 (Sun), you can enjoy BENI’s singing voice for two days from 16:15. In addition, you can watch BENI’s special live for free on both days.
The Waynes Group is developing various content related to cars and Kanagawa Prefecture for the Waynes Festival in March. In the future, we will continue to announce the content that will allow you to see, feel, participate and enjoy the whole thrill of a “mobility society” heading for the future, and to enliven Kanagawa Prefecture even more. BENI Profile
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A female singer who is fashionable, photographic, and art-savvy, supported by women of her generation and has a cute appearance, crisp, powerful, and emotional singing.
Attention was drawn to the overwhelming singing ability and
musicality, and the 2nd album “Lovebox” won the first place on the Oricon chart.
His first English lyrics cover album, “COVERS”, was ranked No. 1 on the Oricon, and was a long hit, receiving the Japan Gold Disc Grand Prix “Planning Album of the Year”.
It won the 1st place in the iTunes annual album ranking, and recorded a total of 1 million hits in the series up to “COVERS 3”.
He is also active in world-wide activities and has collaborated with foreign artists such as Ne-Yo, Mary J. Blige, and Sergio Mendes. EP release scheduled for spring 2020. In April of the same year, a nationwide tour will be held.
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Yokohama Toyopet / Toyota Corolla Kanagawa / Nets Toyota Kanagawa / Nets Toyota Shizuoka / Toyota Rental Lease Yokohama /
Toyota Waynes Group Tee-up / Toyota Waynes Group Service / Waynes Import Cars / Waynes Import Yokohama / Waynes Business Services / Waitty Tea / Calty / Nittobiscom / Waynes Canada
Waynes Festival Overview
■ Organizer: 14 Waynes Group companies
■ Schedule: March 28th (Sat) 29th (Sun) 10: 00-17: 00
■ Location: Hall B, Pacifico Yokohama
■ Admission: Free
■ HP: https://weins.jp/weins_festival2020
[Overview of BENI’s Special Live]
■ Time: March 28 (Sat), 29 (Sun) 16: 15-
■ Viewing fee: Free
* Please refrain from taking videos, photos and recordings during live performances.

The contents of “Wains Festival” will be updated as needed.
Update information will be released again by the PR secretariat. [Image 3d49929-4-261586-4.jpg

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