Upd8 Simultaneous release of bilingual singer “Dera” original songs “Little Flower” and “Memory Lane”!

Activ8 Inc.
Bilingual singer “Dela” original songs “Little Flower” and “Memory Lane” released simultaneously!
Produced by the achievement of “[VTuber] Dera’s dream come true! Original song production project” held at CAMPFIRE
Participating in the virtual talent support project “upd8” (managed by Activ8, headquarters: Shibuya-ku, Tokyo; Representative Director: Takeshi Osaka; hereinafter, “Activ8”), the original song “Little Flower” by Della (Dela and Hadow) Memory Lane ”was released at 0:00 on February 14 (Fri).
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My dream is an anime song singer! American-born bilingual singer A bilingual singer Della from the United States who came to Japan to yearn for Japanese anime. This song is based on the theme song of the opening and ending theme song of the anime, which was created by the achievement of “[VTuber] Dera’s Dream! The Original Song Production Project” held at CAMPFIRE.
* Click here for “[VTuber] Realizing the dream of Della! Original song production project”
First digital distribution “Little Flower” “Memory Lane” simultaneous release! This song was composed by Della and written by Horipro Koji Mizuguchi and Yuki Saito. “Little Flower” is a refreshing opening theme song by Yuuki Saito, which makes the story start at an uptempo. “Memory Lane” is an ending theme song-style ballad song by Koji Mizuguchi, whose gentle and painful phrases permeate his heart.
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-Little Flower-
Lyricist: DELA
Composer: Yuki Saito
-Memory Lane-
Lyricist: DELA
Composer: Koji Mizuguchi
Delivery date: February 14, 2020 00: 00-
Limited release
▼ Delivery destination
Apple Music: https://music.apple.com/jp/album/little-flower-single/1498004957 Also available on various distribution platforms such as Spotify and Amazon Music
Della Profile
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“Hi everyone! It’s me Dela”
A bilingual singer Della from the United States who aims to be an anime song singer.
He and Tech-loving Hadow have opened a free million store (anything shop), and are working as “Dela and Hadow” on YouTube.
[Profile] https://bit.ly/2ONsUUl
[YouTube: Della and Hadow] https://bit.ly/2OOIDCC
[Twitter] https://twitter.com/harddeluxe
Composer Profile
Koji Mizuguchi
Began working as a composer / arranger for artists, along with music for commercials, TV BGM, and short films.
The instruments in charge of the arrangement are mainly the keyboard and guitar. In addition, we perform strings arrangement and brass arrangement.
Impressed by British rock, blues, funk, and soul music based on Japanese popular songs, he continues to this day.
Representative works include “Clover” (Maaya Sakamoto), “My Pace Science” (TV theme song “Ueno-san is clumsy” ED theme song), “My Twilight” (Eri Yamazaki), “Negaigoto” (Erii) and others.
Yuki Saito
While actively studying at university, he started composer activities, and at the time of graduation he met Mr. Atsushi Yuasa (arranged by Ikimonogakari, ClariS, Mimime MIMI, etc.) and started to work as an arranger following the joint arrangement. Involved in arranging songs such as Kumi Koda and ClariS.
Since then, it has also provided drama accompaniment and BGM for games and drama CDs.
Representative works include “Precious Notes” (8 / pLanet !!), “Beyond the Dream” (Luce Twinkle Wink ☆), “Kimi to Tunagal 5G” (Ayano Date) and others.
About upd8
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“Upd8 (update)” is a project started by Activ8, Inc. to transform virtual talent into a culture from a boom. A total of about 50 pairs of talented individuals, including Kizuna Ai, participate as of January 2020.
Upd8 is a bridge between companies and virtual talent, and we continue to support influencer marketing such as tie-up promotion using virtual talent.
[Upd8 official website] https://upd8.jp/
[Upd8 service list] https://upd8.jp/service/
For inquiries regarding promotions using virtual talent:
Activ8 Corporation Overview
[Image 5d33882-97-794775-4.png
Activ8 Co., Ltd. is a startup that produces, develops, and operates virtual talent with the mission of increasing the choices of the living world. We aim to create new entertainment content by utilizing technologies such as 5G and xR for the future where singularity has occurred.
Location: Shibuya-ku, Tokyo
Representative: Takeshi Osaka
URL: https://activ8.co.jp/

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