Recommended for Valentine’s date! New series “Chocot LIKE-A Small Morning Story-” Introducing rare spots in the Kanto area!

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Recommended for Valentine’s date! New series “Chocot LIKE-A Small Morning Story-” Introducing rare spots in the Kanto area!
CREATIVE VILLAGE (Creative Village, CRV), an information site for creators operated by Creek & River Co., Ltd. (C & R), is a new site where CRV editorial staff Shoko Peno introduces recommended spots to creators. The series “Chocot LIKE-A Small Morning Story-” has started.
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“Chocot LIKE” is a project that introduces unique spots full of individuality that stimulate the creativity of creators. The first memorable event covers the rare spots in the Kanto area, “Sakura Gallery” (Takenotsuka, Tokyo), “On the blue” (Toda City, Saitama Prefecture), and “Yashio Hihokan” (Yashio City, Saitama Prefecture). did.
The personal gallery “Asakura Gallery” filled with pink works, the colorful beach house “On the Blue” decorated with unique decorations, and the “Yashio Hihokan” where a lot of love dolls are crowded are all “ We introduce only rare spots that cannot be described with the word “unique”. Once you step in, you’ll be thrilled and excited. It might be recommended for Valentine’s date.
CRV is a comprehensive information site for creators. This site provides useful information for creators, such as information on jobs in the creative industry, such as video / web / mobile, game / amusement, and advertising / publishing, job postings, and interviews with top creators. Based on C & R’s philosophy of “improving the lifetime value of creators,” we will continue to send highly sensitive information that will help creators realize their dreams.
Chocot LIKE-A Small Morning Story-
▼ From love dolls to pink houses! Unusual houses in Kanto.


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Sakura Gallery
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On the blue
[Image 4

Yashio Treasure Museum
[Profile of Shoko Peno]
Editor of CREATIVE VILLAGE, an information site for creators. In front of her parents’ house faces the Sea of ​​Japan, she spends her childhood astonishing, assaulting interviews with bathers. He has been involved in music, film, art and all kinds of culture since he was shocked by the queen he heard in his fifth grade. He worships Jun Togawa utterly.
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▼ “House to Never Die” Mitaka Tenmei Reversal House to stimulate creative
▼ Tour of the “Mikan no Ki” factory! What kind of printing company does doujinshi printing?
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