Reiwa’s first “App Ape Award 2019” winning application decision

Reiwa’s first “App Ape Award 2019” winning application decision The highest awards are McDonald’s, Dragon Quest Walk, d Healthcare, Romancing Sagari Universe
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Fuller Inc. (Headquarters: Kashiwa-shi, Chiba; Representative Directors: Shuta Shibuya, Yuki Sakurai) is based on the app usage data accumulated by App Ape, an app analysis platform handled by Fuller. , The winners of the App Ape Award 2019, which recognizes the most popular and hottest app developers in 2019. The App of the year is the “McDonald” of McDonald’s Japan, and the Game of the year is the “Dragon Quest Walk” by Square Enix, Inc. “Most popular app (best voting app category) is” d Healthcare “by NTT DOCOMO, INC. Most popular game (best voting game category) is” Romancing Saga “by Square Enix, Inc.
Re-Universe “was awarded.
McDonald’s, users increase significantly, Sukueni wins double game McDonald’s Japan’s “McDonald” app, which won the App of the Year award, is the official app for the fast food chain McDonald’s. By registering, you can get discount coupons, use the store locator to find the nearest McDonald’s, and find detailed product information on all menus. The number of users has grown significantly over the past year.
ド ラ ゴ ン Square Enix’s “Dragon Quest Walk”, which won the Game of the Year (Grand Prize of the Year), allows characters in the Dragon Quest world to move by walking and moving in the real world. RPGs are characterized by “daily movement leads to adventure”. The game quickly gained popularity, mainly among men in their 30s and 40s who played the Dragon Quest series on a stationary game console in real time. “D Healthcare” of NTT DOCOMO, awarded the Most Popular App (Best Vote App Category), is a health management application that can
collectively manage various vital data such as steps and weight. It can be used for more detailed health management in cooperation with other healthcare and fitness equipment. Square Enix’s “Romancing Sagari Universe,” which won the Most Popular Game category, is the latest in the popular game series Romancing Saga. Both apps have gained user support and won the highest award in popularity polls. List of winning apps (excellence awards are in no particular order) App of the year
McDonald’s (Japan McDonald’s Corporation)
Outstanding Apps (App of the Year Excellence Award)
Fami Pay (FamilyMart Co., Ltd.)
Spotify (Spotify Ltd.)
Game of the year
Dragon Quest Walk (SQUARE ENIX Co., Ltd.)
Outstanding Games (Game of the Year Excellence Award)
Mario Kart Tour (Nintendo Co., Ltd.)
eFootball Winning Eleven 2020 (KONAMI)
Identity V (NetEase Games)
Special App
Pokekara (M & E Mobile Technology Limited)
Special Game (Special Game Award)
Call of Duty (R): Mobile (Activision Publishing, Inc.)
Most popular app
d Healthcare (NTT DOCOMO)
Popular apps (Excellent voting app category)
d payment (NTT DOCOMO)
PayPay (PayPay Corporation)
Resona Group App (RESONA HOLDINGS, INC.)
Most popular game
Romancing Sagari Universe (SQUARE ENIX Co., Ltd.)
Popular games
Keyakizaka46, Hyugazaka46 UNI’S ON AIR (Akatsuki Inc.)
Popular games
Penguin Island (Habby)
Popular games
FFBE Illusion War WAR OF THE VISIONS (SQUARE ENIX Co., Ltd.) Changes in users are directly linked to apps, games stand out IP strength Looking at this year’s trends in award-winning apps, apps that cross the line between online and offline were prominent. Apps that support people’s daily lives in both worlds, regardless of the domain, in various situations such as food, payment, fashion, and music. It has become a symbol of the modern people around the smartphone. In fact, even with App Ape data, the number of apps owned and used per smartphone user has been increasing in the past year, and smartphone infrastructure has been further developed. In particular, growth in finance-related apps such as mobile payments is driving a wide range of economic activities such as shopping, and further growth is expected in 2020.
In the game, the strength of IP, which has been popular for many years, was noticeable. Dragon Quest Walk has attracted a wide range of supporters from the 50’s and over to the teens who played the first generation dragon quest in real terms, accumulating core users. The Mario Kart Tour made use of the charm of Mario Kart from the past, and was also gaining support from a wide range of ages. eFootball Winning Eleven 2020 has attracted the support of young people.

ア プ リ Based on the results of the user polls, the strong app from the fan community showed its power. Especially in the game section, apps that were organized and operated by the users as a kind of “festival” made the top spot, and this was an unprecedented close battle. In addition to satisfying the elements of the app that should be appealed to users such as functions and game characteristics, forming a fan community more powerfully and promoting the growth of the app and the user together will lead to the success of the game and the app It can be said that it shows.
-Selection criteria-
上位 For apps released before October 2019, top apps are extracted based on the growth rate of various indicators of each app accumulated in App Ape. As a result of discussions at the judging committee, we selected apps and games that had a high overall rating. The special prizes were not as good as each prize, but the app that gained social attention and popularity was decided after a discussion by the jury. [Image 2d5362-208-880194-1.png
What is App Ape? A service that can best understand smartphone users App Ape is the No. 1 * app analysis service in Japan that provides actual usage data for smartphone apps. (* Fastask research) You can see data such as which application is used, when, by whom, and how much it is used as a smartphone version of audience rating information on TV. Data is available not only in Japan but also in 7 countries around the world. It provides cross-sectional data such as store information and attribute information, in addition to actual smartphone application usage data, and can be widely used for app planning and marketing, including market and competition research. 法人 Apps are used by corporations and individuals involved in apps, such as app development companies, advertising agencies, and financial institutions, and have been used by more than 5,000 companies and organizations in Japan and overseas.
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Company Profile
Company name: Fuller Inc.
Address: 178-4 Wakashiba, Kashiwa-shi, Kashiwa-shi, Chiba 148-2 Kashiwa-no-ha Campus Co-Representative: Shuta Shibuya, Yuki Sakurai Founded date: November 15, 2011
Business Activities: Application analysis support business, co-creation business URL:
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