I’m crazy about strawberries! Lunch time with a ceiling height of 27 m Strawberry lunch buffet “Vivace”, offered from March 4

The Strings Hotel Tokyo Intercontinental
[I’m crazy about strawberries! Lunch time with a ceiling height of 27m] Strawberry lunch buffet “Vivace”, available from March 4 In addition to the main you can choose, just like antipasti and strawberry dessert
Lunch including strawberry dessert buffet from March 4 (Wed.) to May 31 (Sun.) at the Italian grill “Melodya” in the Strings Hotel Tokyo Intercontinental (Location: Konan, Minato-ku, Tokyo; General manager: Tomon Akima) We offer the offer “Vivace”. You can enjoy antipasti (appetizer) and seasonal strawberry dessert in a buffet style as much as you want on the main dish you can choose. In a modern luxury space with a ceiling height of 27 m, the elegant lunchtime where you can enjoy a menu to enjoy seasonal ingredients and strawberry dessert at once.

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“Vivace” image
When you get off the elevator, you will find a huge atrium on the 26th floor. Melodya (I: Melodia, meaning: melody, melody), which offers an Italian grill at a dining destination called The Score Dining, opened last December, is a contemporary yet warmth Space to feel. Elegant and light cuisine prepared by the chef Olivier Rodriguez, prepared in the lively open kitchen, is popular. “Vivace” is an Italian word meaning “cheerful, lively” and is also used as a musical term. In this offer, “ Grilled chicken thigh meat Gorgonzola and walnut sauce ” which has excellent compatibility with moist and juicy chicken and rich sauce, and “ Spa no mackerel ” which enhances the taste of seasonal mackerel with salty anchovies and acidity of capers Grilled anchovies and caper sauce ”
A colorful antipasti and a lovely strawberry dessert collection are lined up at the buffet table to add a touch of excitement.

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“Vivace” buffet table image
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“Vivace” image
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“Vivace” image
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“Vivace” image
In the dessert corner using plenty of strawberries that
enthusiastically attract many women, strawberry pie including items that sublimate one of the signature desserts of “ Melodya ” raspberry and ricotta cheese tart in strawberry style, strawberry macaroons, and strawberry pie Please enjoy as much as you like the hearty strawberry dessert menu by executive pastry chef Takashi Suzuki. In addition, chocolate sauce and whipped cream are prepared in a condition so that you can enjoy glossy and fresh strawberries as they are. It is a blissful selection that you can enjoy strawberry to your heart’s content to end the elegant lunchtime at the hotel. A perfect lineup for gourmets who are crazy about strawberries, perfect for going out in girls-only gatherings and families who can’t talk. Vivace overview
Period: March 4 (Wed)-May 31 (Sun)
Venue: Italian grill “Melodya” (26th floor)
Time: 11: 30-15: 00 (L.O. 14:30)
Fees: ¥ 5,500 per person, children ¥ 2,750 for elementary school children, preschoolers ¥ free (all taxes and service charges are excluded)
Antipasti salad from buffet
Salad bar with 10 conditions
Marinated squid dressing with lemon and olive oil
Trofie salad with smoked salmon, broccoli and capers
Andy and Tartivo salad walnut caramelized
Marjoram style salad with quinoa and organic vegetables
Roast beef and arugula salad with parmigiano reggiano & balsamic dressing Roasted pork salad with orange sauce
White beans, olives and dried tomatoes with rosemary
Seasonal soup
Seasonal pintxos
Italian cold cut
3 kinds of cheese
One dish from the main dish
Grilled chicken thigh Gorgonzola and walnut sauce
Grilled mackerel with anchovies and caper sauce
Mafardine pasta with crab and white asparagus
Spaghettini Carbonara with Kirara Egg
Chef’s recommended beef pepper sauce (additional charge 1,000 yen) Smoked Calmozza Cheese & Root Vegetable Grilled Parsley Resource Strawberry dessert & fresh strawberry from buffet
Strawberry and ricotta cheese tart
Strawberry panna cotta
Strawberry macaron
Strawberry and cranberry jelly
Strawberry baked cheesecake
Strawberry pie
Strawberry roll cake
Matcha brownie berry topping
Gateau chocolate with strawberry
Fresh strawberry in various conditions
Coffee, tea
Reservations and inquiries:
Official site or TEL. 03-5783-1258 (restaurant reservation)
* Menu contents are subject to change without notice depending on the purchasing situation.
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