What is the most recommended book for high school students that is a professional book librarian and a school librarian?

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What is the most recommended book for high school students that is a professional book librarian and a school librarian?

February 14, “I am yellow and white, a little blue”
(Brady Mikako, author) “High school library in Saitama Prefecture Librarian’s Choice Book 2019 “was ranked first. This award is a book ranking that selects “books to recommend to students” from books published in one year by voting by full-time librarians (118 people) working for prefectural and private high schools in Saitama
Prefecture. The tenth time. Numerous national newspapers visited for coverage, and the day after the announcement, the recommended book fair was held at bookstores and public libraries in the prefecture, making it an annual event.
To date, this book, also known as “Bokuye,” has been selected as a “book to recommend to students” by private librarians and teachers working for private school libraries in Kyoto Prefecture and high school libraries in Kanagawa Prefecture. This is the third time that an award sponsored by a librarian, a book selection professional, has selected “I Boku Ye” as the most recommended book for students. “I’m yellow and white, a little blue”
Former, bottom junior high schools where honor student “I” attend, everyday is a series of incidents. A boy who is a racially
discriminating boy, a soccer kid who is worried about gender. Sometimes we feel stiff because of the gap between rich and poor, and we are worried about our identity. The pubertal son and the punk mother wrote together to overcome everyday problems like the epitome of the world.
In this work, bookstore nationwide chooses the most non-fiction sellers want to sell right now. “Yahoo! News | , “Bukurog Grand Prize (Essay / Non-fiction category)”, along with three librarian-selected awards, achieved eight crowns with this award. With a cumulative total of 310,000 copies, it has become the best-selling representative of 2019, and will continue to gain readers in 2020.
Middle-aged men occupy the majority of readers in general non-fiction works, and 70% of the readers of this work are women. Word of mouth calls word of mouth, and ring of sympathy spreads to junior and senior high school students. It is extremely unusual for a non-fiction film to gain such hot support over gender and age.
・ “ Best recommended book selected by the librarian of high school in Saitama 2019 ”
Book rankings for books published between November 2018 and October 2019, with 118 full-time librarians working for Saitama Prefectural High School and private high schools in Saitama Prefecture voting to select “books to recommend to students” . It was announced on the video distribution (YouTube) from the homepage on February 14. The following day, a fair introducing recommended books will be held at 50 bookstores and 80 public libraries in Saitama Prefecture from 15th, and pamphlets will be distributed free of charge.
・ “I am yellow and white, a little blue” special page
・ Brady Mikako
Nursery teacher / writer / columnist. Born in Fukuoka City in 1965. Graduated from Prefectural Shuyukan High School. He became a music lover and worked part-time and traveled to England. After working for a Japanese company in London for several years, he obtained a childcare qualification in the UK and started writing while working at the “bottom-end nursery school”. He has authored numerous books, including the 2017 Shincho Document Award and a candidate for the Soichi Oya Memorial Japan Non-Fiction Grand Prize, “Children’s Class Struggle: From a Free Day Care Center in Broken Britain” (Misuzu Shobo).

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