Non-profit organization REVITALIZE Mito Announced the first artist of “Kairakuen Charity Music Festival 2020”! Advance ticket sales begin!

Non profit organization REVITALIZE Mito
“Kairakuen Charity Music Festival 2020” First Artist Announced! Advance ticket sales begin!
It will be held on May 17 (Sun) at Shikihara Square in Kairakuen Park, a tourist attraction in Ibaraki Prefecture. A portion of the proceeds will be donated to children’s homes, etc., and you can easily participate in charity while enjoying music!

Kairakuen Charity Music Festival 2020 First Artist Announced!

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Kairakuen Charity Music Festival 2020 Event Towel ¥ 2,000 (tax included) [Image 2

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P code 178634
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Recognized by both self and others, “Kudna RockStar”, also known as “Erotic God Kuzio”. The song “Super Yabai” based on his tattoo spread through TikTok and SNS has exceeded 19 million YouTube views. Furthermore, t-Ace has seen a surge in fans, especially among younger generations, triggered by “Mental Yankee”, which has become a hot topic about videos of girls who imitate loose dance. “TSUBASA”, the 10th album of the latest work released on June 5, 2019, will be released in a short span of only half a year from the previous work “Erotic God Legend”. A total of 11 songs including “ PORSCHE at KISS ”, which won the first place in the LINE MUSIC comprehensive chart and reigned at the first place for one week, “ Kuzuna RockStar ”, and “ 12cm shoulder ” which were pre-released It is recorded, and it is one piece to be able to enjoy the music of t-Ace which is the most “waste” and the most “erotic” and the most “rock”. In recent years, T-Ace, which releases more than 140 albums a year while releasing two albums each year, has over 94 million Music Video views, and is updating its distribution and live mobilization records, is delivering music and delivering live goods. Sales are performed by a company that they run and their unique annual tax payments exceed “100 million”. Although supported by a wide range of people, it is extremely popular among young women in particular, and there is also an urban legend that “when a t-Ace LIVE is performed in a local city, the attendance rate of restaurant women at night decreases.” About. It is said that the live venue of t-Ace is packed with a lot of women, mainly a hostess who wants to enjoy the music of t-Ace with her whole body, and is filled with good smell and pheromones.

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[Latest release information]
11th Album
“No imitation”
release : 2020/02/05
officeZERO regular price ¥ 2750 + tax
01. The Roppongi Tokyo
02. Hetakuso love
03. La la la
04. Tuttan Mari
05. What is depression?
06. You are cool
07. Tsuttanmari
08. I ca n’t read it
09. Bus is Ok
10. Coat
11. Erotic Ondo ~ Tuttan Mari ~
12. I still can’t
13. Sweet 19 Blues ~ I’m Far Away ~ (feat. Namie Amuro)
14. No meaning
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[Video 11:]

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Born in Mukojima housing complex in Kyoto. Raised in a father-son family, cultivated a spirit of overcoming adversity after a devastated boyhood, and decided to act as a rapper to realize his craving for success. Since its debut in 2005, it has emerged at an unprecedented speed and has established itself as the leading rapper not only in Kyoto but also in Japan. He made his major debut in 2014, and attracted listeners with a scaled-up presence. In 2018, he established a label / production “ONEPERCENT”. In 2019, he made his director’s debut in the movie “WALKING MAN” and was also in charge of the theme song.
◆ Official site
◆ LINE Official

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[Latest release information]
Released on March 13, 2019 (Wed)
“The KING”
ID: CTCR-14957
Price: ¥ 13,000 (tax included)
01. The King (Prod. COOKIN ‘SOUL)
02. Run It Up feat. MIYACHI (Prod. Riki)
03. Kill Me feat. Hannya (Prod. BACHLOGIC)
04. Where We From feat. T-Pablow (Prod. D BO ¥ $)
05. Dirty Work Remix feat. ANARCHY / AKLO (Prod. BACHLOGIC)
06. The Professional feat. IO (Prod. KM)
07. Shine In The Life feat. Leon Fanourakis (Prod. COOKIN ‘SOUL) 08. Loca feat. Awich (Prod. Chaki Zulu)
09. Rollin ‘feat. MACCHO (Prod. DJ PMX)
10. Yes or No feat. SEEDA (Prod. YamieZimmer)
11. Brand feat. Jin Dogg (Prod. COOKIN ‘SOUL)
12. Spend It feat. Young Coco (Prod. AVA1ANCHE)
13. Lucky 13 feat. WILYWNKA (Prod. AVA1ANCHE)
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[Video 13:]

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Started to work alone around 1996. The 10th album “Story Half” was released on April 29 under the name of Showa Records (Hanwaka / ZORN / SHINGO Nishinari), “MAX”. Released. In December, he released his first autobiography, “Nobody” (Gentosha) and co-authored with Muscle Training Conductor Testosterone, “Muscle Training x HIP HOP is the best solution” (Bunkyosha). Later, on December 19, Japan’s first muscle training album “IRON SPIRIT” (PONY CANYON) was released. He performed his first Budokan performance on January 11, 2019, and was successful. This year we will keep an eye on Hannya who is trying a new phase.
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[Latest release information]
Released on June 26, 2019
Hanwha “Good morning Budokan”
2-Disc DVD Normal Edition SHWR-0083
Limited Edition with Hand Towel SHWR-0084
1 Disc Blu-ray SHWR-0085
¥ 6,300 + tax
Disc 1: Good Morning Budokan
[January 11, 2019 Nippon Budokan]
01. Song of Bukan
02. I’m here
03. Live
04. I hate you in the world
05. The other side
06. Spring first
07. FLY
08.03: 56
09. Reason
10. Yes
11. Beats & Rhyme feat. MACCHO & NORIKIYO
13.MONSTER VISION feat. CHICO CARLITO, T-Pablow, DOTAMA, Cypress Ueno, Han a.k.a. GAMI & R-designated
14. Blues feat. T-Ace
15. Lowest MC
16. Borderline-Line-
17. Lovely Tomorrow
18. Time trial
19. Nobody
20. Prohibition of shoes
21. Our Yamato
22. Zero
23. You are not here
24. The man in Tokyo
25. Song on the Street
26. What is your relationship?
28. Superstar
29. Do it
30. Beyond the building
31. I can’t do anything
32. All right
33. Dream Traces
34. Family
35. Family Lesson
36. I did it
38. Don’t worry
39. Signs
40. Rebellion
41. At that time
Disc 2 (DVD only): Hello from Sangenjaya
[March 23, 2019 Sangenjaya HEAVEN ’S DOOR]
01. Shut up
03. Dirty izakaya
04. Kabaddi
05. Selfies
06. Meguro River
07. Rashomon
08. That sa
09. Monkey
10. The ship is shaking
11. 2200
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[Video 15:]


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Formed SD JUNKSTA with local friends in Sagamihara City, Kanagawa Prefecture around 1999 (rappers are Bron-K and TKC)
He is not an exaggeration to say that he is the most active in the scene, and released his 7th album “Bouquet”.
The Bouquet Tour became a Tour Final around 14 locations nationwide. On July 30, the tickets for the one-man live at the Ebisu Liquid Room were sold out before the event and were fully packed. And on September 28, 2018, the 8th album “Fool and Scissors” was released. On March 1, 2019, the 9th Album “Heisei Express” was released. It’s deep and dangerous.



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[Latest release information]
Title: Heisei Express
ID: YRC-057
Format: CD
Release Date: March 1, 2019
Price: 3,000 yen (3,300 yen including tax)
01. Attitude
02. As You Like …
03. God dial
04. What Do You Want?
05. Wa feat. MMM, Taga-ryu
06. Moonlight
07. What I Know About That feat. QN, BRON-K as Shinzo Kido
08. Sand Castle
09. Spring breeze feat.OMSB
10. To an old friend
11. Walk Wit Me
12. Life Is Wonderful
13. Our song feat.MACCHO
14. humming
(BonusTrack) Tokyo Express
[Video 16:]

[Video 17:]

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[Latest release information]
Title: New Drug
ID: YRC-061
Format: CD
Release date: Wednesday, July 10, 2019
Price: 2,593 yen (2,852 yen including tax)
02. Concrete Jungle
03. I don’t care
04. New Drug feat. Teflon Koda
05. million
06. Radio
07. Good
08. Baby Listen Up feat.Teflon Koda
09. You Know Why
[Video 18:]

Event details

[Image 14d48330-6-332498-7.jpg
P code 178634
[Image 15d48330-6-630070-19.jpg
QR code
Sales page
Kairakuen Charity Music Festival
May 17, 2020 (Sun)
Open 9:00 Start 10:00 / Close 19:00
@Kairakuen Shikinohara Square special venue
Canceled in the rain, canceled in stormy weather
(In case of cancellation, announced at 6:00 am on the day on various SNS / homepage)
“Fireworks launch after the show”
Advance ticket sales start at 10:00 a.m. on Saturday, February 15 at Ticket Pia Advance tickets
¥ 3,500
Advance ticket with event towel
¥ 5,000 (towels will be given at the venue entrance on the day of the event) Ticket of the day
¥ 5,000 ※ Number limit
Event towels (limited number of items sold in the venue)
¥ 2,000 (tax included)
・ Free admission for elementary school students and younger ※ Please be sure to show your certificate with your guardian.
-Chairs and seats can be brought into the designated space only. * A maximum of 2m x 2m space can be used for one set. Obstructions such as tents and tarps are not allowed.
“Opening a lot of food and beverage booths”
“Artist sales corner available”
Contact Us
TEL: 080-1352-7980 (charge: Hataoka)
Click here for event details
Instagram: kairakuenmtc
Twitter: @kairakuenmtc
Facebook: @kairakuenmtc
Kairakuen Charity Music Festival Executive Committee
Mito City, Ibaraki Prefecture, Mito Tourism Convention Association, Mito Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Mito 456 Association
Kairakuen Charity Music Festival Official Homepage
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[Image 17d48330-6-753496-2.jpg
[Image 18d48330-6-548634-3.png
[Image 19d48330-6-258502-5.jpg
[Image 20d48330-6-101944-4.jpg
[Image 21d48330-6-111529-6.jpg

For more information about this release(Japanese):

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