Lawson Entertainment Issued today Free paper “Monthly L’Orchidé / Monthly HMV & BOOKS” February 2020 issue cover and featured feature “Kenji Ozawa” & “SEVENTEEN”!

Lawson Entertainment Inc.
[Published today] Free paper “Monthly L’Ochike / Monthly HMV & BOOKS” February 2020 issue cover and opening feature “Kenji Ozawa” & “SEVENTEEN” appeared!
Lawson Ticket and HMV & BOOKS, operated by Lawson Entertainment Inc. (Headquarters: Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo; President: Akihito Watanabe), published the free paper “Monthly LAWSON / MONTHLY HMV & BOOKS”, February 15, 2020, on February 15th. From Sunday (Sat), it will be distributed sequentially at Lawson and HMV stores nationwide. [Image 1

Lawson Entertainment’s “Monthly LAWSON / MONTHLY HMV & BOOKS” is a single book that allows you to check 360 ° entertainment information from live and event information to information on music, movies and books, as well as special articles such as limited goods and interviews. Free paper that can be
On the cover of “Monthly Rochike”, “Kenji Ozawa” will be holding a tour in five cities nationwide for the first time in two years in the spring of 2020!
And on the cover of “ Monthly HMV & BOOKS ”, “ SEVENTEEN ” will be released on February 26 (Wed), the latest world tour Japan performance “ SEVENTEEN WORLD TOUR -ODE TO YOU-IN JAPAN ” DVD & Blu-ray will be released !
In addition, it is also a must-see for interviews and serials that can only be seen on the book itself.
Please drop in at Lawson or HMV near you.
Featured content of the month
● Kenji Ozawa
Experience Ozaken’s “Funk Symphony”
The latest world tour DVD & Blu-ray in Japan will be released on 2/26 [Wed.]!
● Series
・ New Japan Professional Wrestling
学 Study Nakanishi
·Hello! Project “my best scene”
文 Fumino Kawamura (Angulum) / Kokoro Maeda (BEYOOOOONDS)
・ Next break artist recommended by HMV [Recommended]
・ [Say the name 17] SEVENTEEN
● Interview
太 Taro Hakase / SPYAIR / God doesn’t roll dice / AliA / PENGUIN RESEARCH / TK from Ling Tosite Sigure /
来 Yumu Okamiya & Yuki Sasamori / Akiho Motonishi / Ryosuke Takahashi / Hideto Iwai / Hiroki Suzuki & Ryo Yokoyama
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It is distributed free of charge at Lawson, Ministop, HMV, etc. nationwide from 15th of every month.
Please note that the number is limited.
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■ Lawson Natural Lawson Lawson Store 100 Ministop
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