Odakyu Electric Railway Co., Ltd. Hakone Golden Course 60th Anniversary Campaign “Connect, Connect” {April 1 Original theme song BGM introduced June 24 Sounzan new station building open}


Odakyu Electric Railway Co., Ltd. Hakone Golden Course 60th Anniversary Campaign “Connect, Connect” {April 1 Original theme song BGM introduced…


Odakyu Electric Railway Co., Ltd.
Hakone Golden Course 60th Anniversary Campaign “Connect, Connect” {April 1 Original theme song BGM introduced June 24 Sounzan new station building open}
-The Hakone Tozan Railway will resume full-line operation in late July, connecting Hakone to one.-
The Odakyu Hakone Group will celebrate the 60th anniversary of the opening of the Hakone Golden Course, a sightseeing route completed by the opening of the entire Hakone Ropeway in 1960.
[Image 1

To commemorate the 60th anniversary, from April to December this year, we will conduct a campaign to enhance the appeal of the Hakone Golden Course with the theme of “connect and connect.” From April 1st, Harumi Tomi’s original theme song “HAKCONNECTION” will be used for all 32 patterns of Romance Car / GSE, Hakone vehicles, stations, and harbors. In addition, we are promoting initiatives to provide more complete transportation services. On June 24, we reopened Sounzan Station, which is a transfer station between the Hakone Tozan Cable Car and the Hakone Ropeway, and have a tour around Hakone. Make it more convenient and comfortable. In addition, the Hakone Tozan Railway
Hakone-Yumoto-Gora, whose operation has been postponed due to the typhoon damage last year, will be able to resume operation earlier than originally scheduled for “Autumn 2020”. It was connected. The outline of the 60th anniversary campaign, efforts to enhance services, and the time to resume operation of the Hakone Tozan Train are as follows.
1 60th anniversary campaign period
From Wednesday, April 1, 2020 to Thursday, December 31, 2020 2 Logo
About “Hakone Golden Course”
Starting from Odawara-Hakone-Yumoto, the entrance of Hakone, a loop-shaped tour of Hakone sightseeing spots while enjoying the five unique vehicles of Hakone Tozan Train, Hakone Tozan Cable Car, Hakone Ropeway, Hakone Pirate Ship, and Hakone Tozan Bus Classic tour route. In recent years, traveling around the opposite direction is also popular.
Thoughts in the logo
Hakone Golden Course that was connected 60 years ago. It is currently disconnected due to the typhoon damage last year. The logo is designed to reconnect the Hakone Tozan Train, further connect with tourists and locals, and connect the Hakone Golden Course to the future.
3. Main initiatives
(1) On April 1, Hakone Golden Course original theme song “HAKONCTION” will be introduced as BGM in Romance Car GSE, Hakone vehicles, stations and ports.
(2) On June 24, the Sounzan new station building and new spot “cu-mo Hakone” will be opened.
(3) On June 1, the information display at various locations in Hakone will be completely renewed to support multiple languages.
(4) On June 1, each window at Hakone Yumoto Station will be renewed as a general service counter.
(5) In late July, the Hakone Tozan Railway resumes operation between Hakone Yumoto and Gora.
4 Details
(1) Introduce Hakone Golden Course original theme music as BGM to Romance Car GSE and Hakone vehicles, stations and ports
The Odakyu Hakone Group will produce the theme song “Hakonesion II” to color the journey of the “Hakone Golden Course” celebrating its 60th anniversary, and introduce it as BGM in romance cars, GSEs, Hakone vehicles, stations and ports. Harumi Tomi, who has won the Japan Academy Awards Music Award Excellence Award the youngest in this theme song and is active in various stages including NHK’s taiga drama “Nishigo Don” and music director of the serial TV novel “Massan”. I am composing.
1. Song title, etc.
・ The concept is “Connect” that connects the scenery of Hakone with the memories of the trip with sound.
-Consists of a total of 32 songs, one main theme song and 31 arrangement songs. 2. Date of introduction
April 1, 2020 (Wed)
3. Introduction location and number of songs
Romancecar GSE (4 songs), Hakone Tozan 1000-car from Odawara to Hakone-Yumoto (2 songs), Hakone Pirate Ship Royale II, Victory (2 songs)
・ Stations, ports
Odawara, Hakone Yumoto, Gora, Sounzan, Owakudani, Togendai, Hakone Town Port, Motohakone Port
Introduce different BGM for morning, noon and night (24 songs) * The main theme song will play in the daytime at Owakudani. * Sounzan will be introduced from June 24
4. Production
Composition: Harumi Tomi
Cooperation: Sony Corporation, Sony Business Solutions Corporation, USEN Corporation, Mr. Music Inc.
5. Contents
BGM incorporates the melody that imagined the history and atmosphere of the place where music flows, the height difference and the flow of people. In addition, you can arrange the image of morning, noon, and night at the station and harbor at the departure and arrival scenes for vehicles, and enjoy music that changes over time. By providing music that resonates with the historic atmosphere of Hakone, we aimed to enhance the memories of our trip.
You can see the main theme song and image videos on “Hakone Navi”.
[Profile of Harumi Fuki]
Composer / arranger / pianist.
Born in Osaka in 1985.
Graduated from Kunitachi College of Music, majoring in composition. Completed the graduate school.
He won the 36th Japan Academy Award for Outstanding Music Award in 2013 for the movie “My Mother”.
He won the same prize three times in the 39th movie “The Longest Day in Japan” and the 41st movie “Sekigahara”.
He is active in music composition activities in all genres, including television, movies, animations, and commercials, including music for NHK’s serial television novel “Massant” and the taiga drama “Saigo Don.” He is also a lecturer at Kunitachi College of Music and is actively involved in nurturing juniors.
(2) Sounzan new station building & new spot “cu-mo Hakone” opening date decision, latest information
Hakone Tozan Railway Co., Ltd. and Hakone Ropeway Co., Ltd. will renew the new station building at Sounkan, the junction of the Hakone Golden Course, on June 24.
The station building has two floors above ground and one floor below ground, with elevators installed on each floor to ensure smooth transfer lines and to provide multi-purpose toilets and other barrier-free facilities. In addition to creating a warm space based on wood grain, a nursing room and a rescue room will be set up so that you can use it with peace of mind.
On the second floor above the ground, a new spot “cu-mo Hakone” will open on the same day. It has an observation deck with a panoramic view of Hakone Sotoyama, the streets of Gora, and Sagami Bay, and a free footbath facility is also provided, allowing you to enjoy a new dynamic view. Shops directly managed by Hakone Ropeway Co., Ltd. have sweets that can be enjoyed along the way, and goods with a cuteness and retro feel. In addition, Hakone Ropeway Co., Ltd. will work with UDS Co., Ltd. in space design, in cooperation with JTB Publishing Co., Ltd. for product development and event holding, etc., in an effort to revitalize the Sounzan area.
[Image 2
1. Opening date
Scheduled for Wednesday, June 24, 2020
2. Outline of Sounzan Station
・ Each floor use
2nd floor above ground: “cu-mo Hakone” (observation deck footbath facility, shop)
Ground floor: Ropeway and cable car ticket gates, entrance
1st basement floor: cable car platform, stand
・ Main equipment
3 elevators, 4 escalators, 2 multipurpose toilets, 2 nursing rooms, 1 rescue room, 1 toilet with powder corner, etc.
·Total floor area
About 1,700 square meters
・ Building height approx. 17m
cu-mo Hakone homepage address [Image 3
Observation deck, footbath (image)
(3) Renewed information display at various locations in Hakone to support multiple languages
The Odakyu Hakone Group will completely renew the information display “InfoVision” installed at major stations in Mt. Hakone. In order to enhance the provision of information to foreign visitors to Japan, we will make it multilingual and add disaster information. In addition, we will adopt an easy-to-understand design format that users can easily understand and start providing congestion information. [Image 4
1. Introduction date
June 1, 2020 (Monday)
2. Introduction location, number, etc. 10 stations (port) 16 locations (currently 7 stations (port) 10 locations)
[Image 5
3. Improvements
・ Multilingualization (Japanese, English, Chinese, Korean) (currently Japanese and English)
・ Change to an easy-to-understand design
・ Congestion information is newly provided (congestion detection is partially implemented using camera images)
・ Strengthen information provision in times of disaster (some locations: NHK foreign language broadcasts, etc.)
・ We send sightseeing guide information (some places: event information) (4) Renewed the Hakone Yumoto Station windows as a general service counter At the Hakone Yumoto Station, the gateway to sightseeing in Hakone, the Odakyu Group has integrated counters that had been divided by function to enhance information for foreign visitors to Japan and provide one-stop services to all customers. Will be renewed as The general service counter is operated by Odakyu Travel Co., Ltd. and has staff members who can speak foreign languages.
1. Introduction date
June 1, 2020 (Monday)
2. Renewal Overview
[Image 6
3. Other
Some windows will be closed from April 1 (Wed) to May 31 (Sun) for construction. (5) Resumption of operation between Hakone Tozan Train Hakone Yumoto and Gora Hakone Tozan Railway Co., Ltd. announced in November last year that the operation of the Hakone Tozan Train between Hakone Yumoto and Gora, whose operation was suspended due to the typhoon damage last year, was scheduled to resume operation in “Autumn 2020”. Due to the fact that the construction time was able to be extended as much as possible and that there were few obstacles specific to winter construction such as snowfall and freezing, the scheduled resumption of operation will be brought forward as follows.
Resumption of operation: Late July 2020 (planned)
(6) Other
1. About starting operation of Hakone Tozan Cable Car
Hakone Tozan Railway Co., Ltd. started operation of the new Hakone Tozan Cable Car on March 20, 2020.
2. About the future of the 60th anniversary of “Hakone Golden Course” The Odakyu Hakone Group plans to hold various events and campaigns to enjoy the Hakone excursion to commemorate the 60th anniversary of the “Hakone Golden Course” from the summer of this year, when the Hakone Tozan Railway resumes full line operation. Details will be announced in order as soon as the content is completed.
that’s all

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