New performance by karin “poolside -karin-“


poolisde LLC New performance by karin "poolside -karin-" ………………………………………………………………………… Poolside GK, which engages in various businesses in the entertainment industry…


poolisde LLC
New performance by karin “poolside -karin-”
Poolside GK, which engages in various businesses in the entertainment industry (representative: karin, hereinafter “poolside”), has set the stage “poolside -karin-” from April 21, 2020 (Tuesday) to April 26, 2020 (Sunday). ) Will be held for 6 days.

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Poolside GK (representative: karin, hereinafter “poolside”), which is engaged in various businesses in the entertainment industry, will set the stage “poolside -karin-” from April 21, 2020 (Tuesday) to April 26, 2020 (Sunday) ) Will be held for 6 days.
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poolside GK is mainly engaged in event planning, production, restaurant management, and theater company planning and operation. Theatrical company poolside is an unprecedented brand new company that was launched by producer karin with the concept of “there is still something that can be done in theater.” Starting with karin, we will work with up-and-coming directors and screenwriters, mainly members under the age of 25, to create an updated stage that is not bound by the old places and mechanisms. Three girls living in the modern age, Rina Himeno, Erika Hashimoto and Natsumi Otani.
What if you are here right now is just one of many possibilities? The slapstick drama “Woman with a Reason” brought about by the circumstances of a woman invited to her sister’s house.
The story “forgotten work” where a junior called for a sermon starts a strange confession.
“Music and facial expression” depicting a girl who is worried about what is her identity in job hunting anxiety.
The same three actors portrayed the possibilities of life that might have been possible,
Three omnibus stories challenged by emerging artists.

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-poolside -karin- Outline-
■ Date: Tuesday, April 21, 2020-Sunday, April 26, 2020
■ Time: 13: 00- 19: 00- (Depends on performance date)
■ Location: Theater 711 (1-14-15 Kitazawa, Setagaya-ku, Tokyo 155-0031, Japan)
■ Performers: Himeka Shintani, Kaede Oishi, Naoko Okamoto
■ Director: Tomoya Masuda
■ Book: Shintaro Mitani, Yusuke Takechi, karin
■ Hashtag: #karin
■ Official site:
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-Features of this performance-
■ Portable during stage performance
写真 Photo shooting is possible in some scenes. (Limited to mobile phones / No videos)
■ Direction by LINEPAY
ギ フ ト You can send gifts to creators who want to help from LINEPAY on your smartphone. We can support not only performers but also producers, directors and other staff.
■ Impression projection in real time
呟 If you mutter “#karin” on Twitter, it will be dropped into the theater in real time, and the play will progress while following the timeline.
■ Director and lead cast are under 25
New and energetic young and energetic creators will take on a new stage.
■ Details
For details, please check the official website
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-Ticket overview-
■ Price: S seat ¥ 6,000 A seat ¥ 5,000
■ Ticket sales page:
: Https://
■ Sale period: February 28, 2020 (Fri) 11: 00-

■ About SNS discount
For this performance, SNS discounts are available separately from regular sales tickets. If your total number of followers on Twitter YouTube Instagram Facebook TikTok is 5000 or more, the ticket fee will be free, so please use it.

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* Subject to change without notice.
* For details, see this page.
* Https: //
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In this performance, we accept flowers for performers and staff. Address: Theater 711
〒155-0031 1-14-15 Kitazawa, Setagaya-ku, Tokyo
* Please check here for details
* Http: //
In addition, we are looking for sponsors from all corners in this performance, not only in Ohana.
Sponsors are possible regardless of individual corporations, and congratulatory comments to the performers can be sent before or during the curtain, and sampling at the venue on the day is possible. Please consider it together with your flower.
[Image 8

* Subject to change without notice
* All titles are excluding tax
* Please contact us for more details
* Detailed URL:
[Image 9

■ Himeka Shintani
[Image 10

May 30, 1998, 21 years old, born in Aomori Prefecture. Rising Production affiliation. actress. 〇 Miss iD 2017 Award 受 賞 2018 Kodansha “ Photo Album Killed by Cuteness ” Released Appeared on numerous TV shows, such as “Imitation Grand Prix” and “Suka to Japan” (Instagram)

It is Himeka Shintani who is Rina Himeno.
This time, there are various things that are different from the first stage with three actors and the ordinary stage, and I am excited and excited with a lot of anxiety. I am looking forward to performing as I can find a different self with a role I have never done before. I want to make a new stage with wonderful people and deliver it to many people. I think that there are many people who are feeling depressed and stressed in a stressed society. So I’m glad if you can relax a little. Make it the best stage!
Thank you.
■ Kaede Oishi
[Image 11

Born in Chiba Prefecture on July 25, 1999, 20 years old. ASOBISYSTEM Affiliation. Model talent actress. LINE MOBILEWEBCM,
TV commercial, Shiseido MAQuillAGE image model, and many others (Instagram)

Nice to meet you. It is Kaede Oishi of the part of Natsumi Otani. This time, there is a lot of “new”, and I think that the common sense is overturned. It will also be my first stage. I’m a little worried about the new format and the first stage, but it’s more exciting than it is. I want to make a wonderful stage. No, absolutely! I will do my best, thank you!
■ Naoko Okamoto
[Image 12

Born April 4, 1996 in Fukuoka Prefecture. actress. Belongs to Asia Promotion. [Stage] * Bakuso adult elementary school student
* Marukado project “In the place where you do not stay”
* Ozawa Mitsugu drama “I’m not alone alone in the world”, etc. [TV] “Private prisoner-Proof of justice”, “Zero zero”, “Genetic history of success”, etc.

This stage is a work made by young people, both directors and performers, under 25 years old.
There are many other new stage productions that I have never experienced before, so I am really looking forward to seeing what kind of chemical reaction they will cause!お Please enjoy the three omnibus stories, each of which stars the same actor, depicting the
possibilities of life that might have been possible!

[Image 13
■ Tomoya Masuda
[Image 14
Born in 1996, the actor himself has been active as an actor, but has recently produced and directed stage and theater companies. 2020.04.07 Don’t touch the video lab. The role of outside / zero, 2020.12.24 Silent Tokyo, 2020.04.06 Shonen Girl Starring: Kazuki Takahashi, Plaza Plaza with Merka, etc.

Nice to meet you, my name is Tomoya Masuda. I did stage production for the first time last month. This is the second production. Among them, this time I think it is a “challenge”. I think it is a “fight”. First, during the performance, I was able to operate the customer’s mobile phone, muttering impressions in real time, sending gifts on the spot, and being reflected immediately on the stage, etc. Is assumed to be impossible. I’m scared to talk about honest things as an analog. I thought if the theater would be broken or if you couldn’t watch the play properly. However, I thought this way. Isn’t there a sense of fear when you start something new, and if you do whatever you like and do best, you don’t grow anything? I thought so. The first person on earth to eat an octopus and the one who tried to peel a banana must have been scared.
I show everything I have, and the concept of “the stage is the actor’s thing” does not change, so I hope that all of them will shine on the stage. I hope you can feel the new power from the three people shining on the stage.
[Image 15
■ karin
[Image 16
At the age of 19, he launched the troupe “poolside”. Since then, he has been producing and directing productions for troupe performances, and has appeared numerous times as an actress and in external works. In addition, activities span a wide range, such as restaurant management (OPEN in spring 2020 / Ebisu), apparel development, brand production, etc.
He is also active as a sir. I like radio and porridge.

I’m producer, Karin. There is my favorite Japanese comic “Eizo-ken ni wa te wo dasuna”. Tsubame Mizusaki, one of main character, says “I realized Living is creating the things like this.I can’t handle it . ”I got it exactly.I produced various things to the world.I did my best certainly and I have confident that I created the one considering someone’s life. However, probably it was a term I was
seeking the things I can focus on — to make this moment and stage.Poolside describes the ladies living in this moment — vast world in front us and all of things we feel.We show our performance with beautiful actors.Under language of flowers, “Wealthy and Beautiful world”. Please enjoy.
(Hereinafter referred to as Japanese translation)
I’m Karin, a producer. One of my favorite Japanese comics is “Don’t give your hand to SIG”. One of the protagonists, Mr. Mizusaki Swallow said, “I thought I was making it. It’s all about making things like this. I can’t help it anymore.” thought. I have brought various things to the world. Of course, we’ve done everything we can, and there are prides that have created something that will go with someone’s life. However, each of these may have been a period of exploring what you can do. Everything at this moment was to create a “drama”. poolside captures the true nature of the woman who lives today. The world in front of our eyes and everything we feel will be welcomed by wonderful performers. If we borrow the flower language of Karin, “rich and beautiful world”. Please enjoy it.
[Image 17

■ Shintaro Mitani
[Image 18
Screenwriter. The drama “Sign of Seriousness”, the movie “Summer Night Sky and Autumn Sunset and Winter Morning and Spring Wind”, Adore x = LOVE Stage Project “Girl Friend (Tentative)”. Produced the novel “Sakura Gakuen Monogatari Special Edition” (G’s Magazine)

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