Mesm Tokyo @ Restaurant “Chef’s Theater” Announces Details of Bar “Whisk”


JR East Hotels Mesm Tokyo @ Restaurant “Chef's Theater” Announces Details of Bar “Whisk” Chef's Theater March 27 (Fri) Pre-orders…


JR East Hotels
Mesm Tokyo @ Restaurant “Chef’s Theater” Announces Details of Bar “Whisk” Chef’s Theater March 27 (Fri) Pre-orders start
The first affiliated hotel between JR East Group and Marriott International, “Mesm Tokyo, Autograph Collection” (managed by Nihon Hotel Co., Ltd., President and CEO Masayuki Satomi / General Manager Hisashi Ikunuma) is the tower building of “WATERS takeshiba” Will open on Monday, April 27, 2020. Based on the brand promise of Mesm Tokyo “Captivating the five senses” and the brand concept “TOKYO WAVES”, we provide a gastronomic experience that allows you to feel the dynamism of Tokyo with the five senses. In addition, we will start accepting reservations for the restaurant “Chef’s Theater” at 10:00 am on March 27, 2020 (Friday) prior to the opening of the hotel.
“Chef’s Theater”: A taste experience with five senses and “one effort” that tickles curiosity
“Chef’s Theater” is a restaurant where you can enjoy traditional French cuisine in a stylish style and enjoy the lively atmosphere of an open kitchen in a relaxed atmosphere like a bistro. Taking advantage of the high quality ingredients that are gathered only in Tokyo, we offer a unique French bistronomy where you can taste the best of Edo and sophisticated techniques with all of your five senses. In a space where delicate and dynamic art inspired by traditional Japanese motifs and waves draws an eye, please enjoy the gastronomic experience of traveling the five senses by curinary meister Kakuma Kumamoto.
[Image 1

Chef’s Theater II Image
≪Introduction of curinary artists≫
■ Culinary Meister (Total Chef): Kazumi Kumamoto
88Started his career as a chef at a French restaurant in Tokyo in 1988. Joined Hotel Metropolitan Edmont (now Nippon Hotel Co., Ltd.) in 1993. Under the auspices of Katsuhiro Nakamura, the first Japanese chef to win Michelin star, he gained experience in the banquet western section, French restaurant, and other areas. In January 2014, Joel Robuchon, the master of French cuisine, is the second Japanese to live in Japan at the prestigious competition of the French cuisine industry, “64th Prosper Montaigne International Culinary Competition”, chaired by the jury. Was the first Japanese to win the championship title. Jan. 2019 Mesum Tokyo, Autograph Collection Culinary Meister (total chef) assumed office.
[Main Awards]
・ 2004 Champion of the 11th “Meter Cuisinier de France“ Jean Shillinger Cup ”(hosted by the French Culinary Culture Center)” ・ 2004 Champion of “Trophe International de Cuisine et Patisserie (sponsored by Academy Cuulinaire de France)” (World Championship of French cuisine)
・ 2014 Winner of the 64th International Prospere-Montagne Culinary Competition (hosted by Club Gastronomical Prospere-Montagne / Jury President: Joel Robuchon) (the second Japanese ever)
[Image 2

Kakuma Kumamoto
料理 Introduction of dishes≫
Based on the classic French cuisine technique that uses the sauce that brings out the original taste of the ingredients, you can enjoy a variety of dishes that utilize the finest ingredients from all over the world, from breakfast to lunch and dinner.
■ Dinner course ― ¥ 9,000
A five-course course on the theme of the five senses (appearance, texture, taste, aroma, and sound) by Culinary Meister Kaoru Kumamoto. Please enjoy with bread de Campagne baked in Nanbu Tekki.
1. FIRST-Sight Visual Amuse Bush
Amuse Bush is a gorgeous and lovely seasonal dish that is delicious and perfect for an aperitif. Expectation swells in fun meal to begin from now on.
2. SECOND-Touch Tactile Foie Gras / Bunsa Tosa / Independent A unique marriage with a new texture that combines the smoothness of foie gras terrine with the confit of Buntan and the pickles of independent (Udo).
3. THIRD-Taste
The soup de Poisson, a classic in southern France, has been refined to a gentle and elegant flavor with a base sauce and seasonal vegetables. 4. FORTH-Sent Olfactory Lamb / Lemongrass
Lamb roti served with fragrant sheep sauce. A simple and stimulating appetite that spreads the aroma of lemongrass.
5. FIFTH-Hearing Hearing Ecuadorian cocoa / organic lemon
A dessert where you can enjoy vivid sound sessions such as the crispness of a disc candy, the crispness of a meringue, and the crispness of a celery.
Small sweets, Sarutahiko Specialty Coffee
(Offer period: April 27-July 31, 2020)
[Image 3

Amuse Bush Image
[Image 4

Fish dish image
[Image 5

Cooking image
■ Lunch buffet-¥ 4,500
At lunchtime, in addition to appetizers using seasonal vegetables and dessert buffets that are pleasing to the eye, you can choose from two main dishes.
・ A favorite appetizer and dessert from the buffet
・ Himuro aged pork / hazelnut or today’s fish dish
・ Haru Saruta Specialty Coffee
* Himuro aged pork: Himurobuta roti, which brings out the best flavor and richness through ice temperature aging, is served with a gorgonzola-flavored espuma, and is served with a sweet and sour sauce flavored with hazelnuts. .
[Image 6

Lunch (main dish) image
■ Breakfast buffet-¥ 4,300 (guest stay: ¥ 3,800)
In addition to salad, fruit, yogurt, freshly baked bread, buffet of Western food, Japanese food, etc., you can choose the main from popular egg benedict, omelet and pancake, local cuisine of French Jura region.
Main dish: Please choose your favorite dish.
・ Clute au Champignon (Brioche Poached Egg Kiko)
・ Omelet with ham, cheese and onion
・ Omelet biscuit sauce of crab and shiitake
·eggs Benedict
(English muffin smoked salmon hollandaise sauce)
・ Pancake organic maple syrup
・ French toast (Brioche Strawberry Compote)
* Clute-au-Champignon: “Clute-au-Maurillé”, a local dish from the Jura region of France, is a dish that is eaten on toasted bread with cream-boiled mushroom mushrooms and molyu mushrooms. Arranged with mushroom cream boiled, brioche and poached egg.
[Image 7

Buffet (salad) Image
[Image 8

Breakfast (egg dishes) image
≪Opening commemorative plan≫
記念 To commemorate the opening of the business, we will sell a limited-time plan until the end of May 2020.
■ Lunch buffet
■ With one drink: ¥ 4,500
■ Dinner course
■ With glass champagne and mixology cocktail: ¥ 13,000 * We promise a window seat where you can enjoy the cityscape of Tokyo. In addition, before or after a meal, you can enjoy the dining options of the hotel where you can enjoy your favorite drink from all 18 kinds of mixology cocktails at the bar “Wisk”. (Reservation required) [Image 9

Lunch dessert image
≪Store details≫
■ Store name: Chef’s Theater
■ Business hours:
・ Breakfast 6:30 am-10:30am
・ Lunch @ 11:30 am-3:00 pm (L.O. 2:00 pm)
・ Dinner @ 5:00 pm-11:00 pm (L.O. 10:00 pm)
■ Number of seats: 101 seats (including 26 private room seats)
■ Private room:
Private room where you can enjoy a meal in a more private space. It can be used for various purposes such as gathering with family and friends and business scene.
・ Balkon: 41 square meters, maximum 14 seats, 15,000 yen / room ・ Galerie 1: 15 square meters, maximum 6 seats, 10,000 yen / room ・ Galerie 2: 13 square meters Maximum 6 seats 10,000 yen / room ≫Reservation≫
■ Reservation start: 10:00 am on Friday, March 27, 2020
■ Telephone: 03-5777-1111 (representative)
■ Web:
■ Telephone reception hours:
・ From Friday, March 27 to Sunday, April 26: Weekdays @ 10:00 am-5:00 pm ・ After April 27 (Monday): All day 24 hours
* Reservations can be made 3 months before the reservation date. * All prices are exclusive of consumption tax and service charge (15%). Bar “Whisk”: A new sense of public space filled with excitement and playfulness Bar “Wisk” is a mixology bar with a theme of “artist’s atelier” that goes beyond the hotel bar. As the word “whisk” (mix, lather), we offer a unique taste created by a mixologist, a mix of tradition and innovation, stimulation and taste, stillness and movement. Above all, the original mixology cocktail with a famous painting as a motif embodies the world depicted in the painting, not only the coloration and overall appearance but also the scent and taste, and the scene is floating While feeling the dynamism and the dynamism of a musical, we stuck to a story that is fascinated by unexpected tastes.
While immersed in high-quality music, the night time is a bar and lounge with a night view, and the day time is like a cafe with rich greenery and waterside scenery, so both guests and visitors can enjoy it. A space where you can enjoy.
[Image 10

Whisk image
≪Cocktail introduction (one out of 18 types) ≫
■ Venus
The goddess Venus expresses the glorious appearance of a mature adult woman born and emerging from the sea. Elderflower-based floral flavor is added to champagne syrup for a more gorgeous taste and fine finish. When the wooden box is opened, Venus standing on the shell appears in the fragrant aroma and smoke. It is a perfect cup for surprises such as anniversaries.
[Image 11

≪Store details≫
■ Store name: Whisk
■ Business hours: 10:00 am-3: 00 am (L.O. 2:30 am)
■ Number of seats: 56 seats
Reference material
[About Mesm Tokyo, Autograph Collection]
This is a 265-room luxury hotel for the next generation, providing guests with new discoveries by developing services and contents rooted in the ever-changing “now” of Tokyo based on the concept of “TOKYO WAVES”. Taking advantage of the rich local resources and the sense of unity of art, such as the beautiful Tokyo Bay Area and the historic Hamarikyu Garden, and the art and music that stimulate the five senses, Tokyo’s energy and creativity meet. Aiming for a lifestyle icon, it is a member of the Exactly like nothing else and is a member of Marriott International’s Autograph Collection.
[Image 12

Chef’s Theater Private Room Balkon Image
[About Japan Hotel] (Head office: Toshima-ku, Tokyo; President: Masayuki Satomi) Nippon Hotel Co., Ltd. is a hotel company with 34 hotels (5,679 rooms) currently in the Tokyo metropolitan area as the JR East Group. In addition to the Tokyo Station Hotel in Tokyo Station Marunouchi Station Building, which is an important cultural property of the country, we have developed several hotel brands. The full-service Metropolitan Hotels has a brand concept of “a place where ease meets gorgeousness.” The JR East Hotel Mets, a specialty of lodging, has a brand concept of “good quality breathes.” With a convenient location, we always aim for a higher level of service without forgetting hospitality to domestic and inbound tourists. We plan to open six hotels by FY2020.
[About WATERS takeshiba] (Address: 1-chome, Minato-ku, Tokyo) 複合 This is a complex development of a downtown area consisting of luxury hotels, offices, commerce, and theaters that the JR East Group is promoting with the aim of opening the I-term in April 2020. With the vision of “a town that creates the next abundance” in the vision, taking full advantage of the location environment facing the waterfront and Hamarikyu Garden, centered on the function of the culture and art transmission base cultivated by the Shiki Theater Company until now, We promote new town development.
[Image 13

Waters Takeshiba exterior image
[About the Autograph Collection Hotel]
The Autograph Collection Hotel supports original hotels and values ​​the uniqueness of each of the more than 180 independent hotels, which have great locations in more than 30 countries and territories. Each one incorporates the passion of the founders and embodies their vision, with each hotel having one and only one special thing: “Exactly like nothing else”. The Autograph Collection Hotel is selected in consideration of its unique structure and strong commitment to design and hospitality, delivering a colorful time that will last a lifetime. For more information, visit We also share information on social media channels on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook, and we’ve got some of the best moments on #ExactlyLikeNothingElse
Please take a look at The Autograph Collection Hotel is joining Marriott Bonvoy, a new Marriott travel program that replaces the previous Marriott Rewards, The Ritz-Carlton Rewards and Starwood Preferred Guest (SPG) . Marriott Bonvoy offers its members an unrivaled global brand portfolio, experience with Marriott Bonvoy Moments, and unrivaled benefits, including points for free hotel stays and nights for elite status promotion. Please visit for free membership registration and program details.

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