“Otomedia 2019 August” is released on Wednesday, July 10! The cover and the intro are “Theatrical version Free!-Road to the World-Dream”, the W cover is “Ensemble Stars! “

Gakken Holdings Inc. “Otomedia 2019 August” is released on Wednesday, July 10! The cover and the intro are “Theatrical version Free!-Road to the World-Dream”, the W cover is “Ensemble Stars! ” This issue is featured with “Nature story of Midsummer night”! “Theatrical version of the song ☆ Prince Sama ♪ Maji LOVE Kingdom” special feature. ………………………………………………………………………………………… Gakken Holdings Co., Ltd. (Tokyo, Shinagawa / President & CEO: Hiroaki Miyahara), a group company, Gakken Plus (Tokyo, Shinagawa / President & CEO: Hideyuki Kashiwa) We will release the media 2019 August issue. The cover is “Theatrical version Free!-Road to the World-Dream”. W cover is “Ensemble Stars! ‘]
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This month’s feature is “A Midnight Night’s Secret Story”. A large survey of the secret stories that you want to hear in the summer of handsome guys. It is full of special interview limited to Otomedia. The inscription is “Theatrical version Free!-Road to the World-Dream”. In the “Theatrical Edition Free!-Road to the World-Dream” article, to the original cast, team Iwato’s main cast Nobunaga Shimazaki, Suzuki Tatsuo, Yayoi Tsubasa, Hirakawa Daisuke, “Now in your growth Interview on the theme of “thinking”. An interview with director Esumi Kawanami is also posted. Do not miss the special feature of the permanent preservation version of the collection of past reflections and data of each character. A cover shot of a close shot of a rose, a rose, and a rose comes in a clear file and a B3 poster. Look forward to the appendix on design differences. And, the second volume is “Ensemble Stars! ” “Ensemble Stars! In, the fine adorning the noble aura will decorate the W cover. We interviewed Tetsuya Kuwahara and Shotaro Morikubo as cast interviews, director Masakazu Hishida as staff interviews, Sei Kasahara as music producer, and Takanari Konno as sound director about their desire to be animated and secret stories. The commentary of fine by Mr. Hagihara is also a must see. All “Ansta” fans, everyone from the anime, fine, and do not miss the feature full of charm of “Ansta”. In the appendix, you will find posters specially made by Otomedia. A large volume of 43 characters. “Theatrical version of the song ☆ Prince ♪ Maji LOVE Kingdom”, followed by ST ☆ RISH, which decorated the cover in the previous issue, QUARTET ★ NIGHT appeared in the draw down. We talked with producer Kazumi Saito about the theatrical version, which is very popular. The illustration of the drawn QUARTET ★ NIGHT comes with a B3 poster. It is also recommended to put it along with the previous ST * RISH poster. ★ Other featured lineup is here ★ KING OF PRISM -Shiny Seven Stars-
[Director Hashida Masakazu]
Hypnosis Mike -Alternative Rap Battle- Smooth
[Series Composition Teruko Utsumi]
Engraving of Inazuma Eleven Orion Dororo
[Series Composition Kobayashi Reiko]

[Shoya Chiba]
For the beasts who used to be God
[Director Susumu Shishido]
Mob Psycho 100
[OVA draft / original author ONE teacher comment]
The Vanishing Blade
[Akira Shimono]
[Series Composition Harada Sayaka]
[Syomi Yano x Masato Nakazawa x Takuya Eguchi]
Tri Knights
[Sakamoto Sakamoto]
My Hero Academia
[Producer Kazuna Okamura]
Stand My Heroes PIECE OF TRUTH Golden Kamui
[Director Namba Toshi]
On Air! Movie version Ozanzazu Love -LOVE or DEAD-
[Director: Tatsumi Higashiichiro x Screenplay Koji Tokuo]
Musical “The Prince of Tennis” 3rd Season National Convention Blues (Rubi: Seigaku) ​​vs Tachiumi Part 1
[Toshiishi Toshiki × Tazuru Shogo]
[Sho Chennai × Sho Noguchi × Rei Honda, Kei Miyazaki × Satoshi Akazawa]
Touken Ranbu -ONLINE-
[Toi Sakurai]
Stage “Token-ranbu” Chiden Sunlight from the sun
[Makoto Yokoyama x Naoki Takeko]
Musical “Token Ranbu” ~ Saki Sakimoto ~ ~
[spi × Tanaka Ryosei]

【Separate volume appendix】

[clear file]
Movie version Free!-Road to the World-Dream
[B3 poster]
Theatrical Edition Song ☆ Prince Sama ♪ Seriously LOVE Kingdom Movie version Free!-Road to the World-Dream
【Supplement appendix】
Ensemble Stars! Seto posters
[pin up]
KING OF PRISM-Shiny Seven Stars- Destroyer blade Star-Mu Mob Psycho 100 Product Summary Otomedia 2019 August issue Editing: Otomedia editorial department Special price: Body 1278 yen + tax Release date: July 10, 2019 (Wed) Format: A4 wide format Electronic version: Yes Publisher: Gakken Plus Co., Ltd. Gakken publishing site: hon.gakken.jp/
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