New work style reform using music proposed by Wantedley Launch of ENERGY MUSIC PROJECT

Wanted Lee New work style reform using music proposed by Wantedley Launch of ENERGY MUSIC PROJECT An estimated 26 million business persons have reduced concentration (productivity and creativity) via email and chat. Jointly developed with m-flo / JINS MEME / Seiya Enomoto a song that brings business persons to a state of super concentration ………………………………………………………………………………………… Wantedley, who operates the business SNS “Wantedly”, celebrates the breakthrough of 4 million users of the connection management application “Wantedly People”, the music group “m-flo” (M-flo), concentration Joint research with JINS MEME Kazunari Inoue and KANSEI Projects Committee (KPC), a leader in acoustic research that contributes to concentration, “music that makes it easier to concentrate on work if you listen” Launches “ENERGY MUSIC PROJECT” to develop “ENERGY MUSIC”. [Image 1:]
About “ENERGY MUSIC PROJECT” background
◆ It is clear that 26 million business people can not concentrate on their work At present, in Japan, IT investment aimed at improving productivity is actively carried out by promoting work style reform. However, as a result of conducting a large-scale survey of “work and concentration” targeting business people across the country, an estimated 26 million business people are in a situation where work concentration is cut off with telephone / email / chat tools * I understand that it is rising. ※ Source: Wantedley’s own survey (preliminary survey 40,000 people / 2,000 surveys this survey) Estimated from the labor force population announced by the Statistics Bureau, Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications In a “multitasking” environment in which chats and e-mails are constantly linked to the Internet, research results have been published by companies in the United States and Europe that the business person’s concentration (productivity and creativity) declines. 【Example of research results】 ・ Average business person checks email 30 times an hour ・ The time that modern people can concentrate continuously is 8 seconds ※ From the survey results of Microsoft Corporation introduced in Yoshiki Ishikawa “Do not start work”
◆ Unprecedented way of working reform using music: ENERGY MUSIC PROJECT So Wanted Lee looks at the possibilities of music. We decided to create a work-oriented BGM (ENERGY MUSIC) that specializes in concentrating and immersing in Shigoto in order to “focus on people in Shigoto” by enhancing concentration. Music production is in charge of m-flo. Working together with Kazuya Inoue, who is a leading figure in concentration research to develop glasses JINS MEME, which visualizes concentration, and KPC Enomoto, a figure in acoustic research that contributes to concentration, Create a working BGM to enhance Please look forward to this project, which aims to reform the way of working of Japanese people with the power of music. About “ENERGY MUSIC PROJECT”
◆ Project outline Project Name: ENERGY MUSIC PROJECT Development project members: m-flo / Jinz Co., Ltd. Kazuyoshi Inoue / KANSEI Projects Committee Director Seiya Enomoto / Wantedley Co., Ltd. Representative Director & CEO Keiko Nakanaka Trial composition release date: the end of July ※ Plan Completed song release & announcement event: August 28 (Wed) ※ Plan
◆ ENERGY MUSIC production process We plan to perform highly effective music production by going through multiple verification processes below. [Image 2

※ Please refer to the survey report separately for the survey results.
◆ ENERGY MUSIC PROJECT member [Artist who does music production: m-flo] [Image 3

[Image 4

In 1998, he was an international school classmate and started activities with two people, Taku and VERBAL. Later, LISA joins as vocal and starts in earnest as m-flo. Major debut in 1st maxi single “the tripod e.p.” in July 1999 and reached 800,000 sales in 2nd ALBUM “EXPO EXPO”. In 2002, LISA decided to withdraw while being regretted in order to concentrate on solo activities. The m-flo, who became two members of VERBAL and ☆ Taku in 2003, greatly praises the achievement of establishing the concept of “featuring” in Japanese music history in the “Loves” series of collaborating with various artists It is done. The one-man live performance at Nippon Budokan in 2005 and the Yokohama Arena performance in 2007 will be highly successful on an unprecedented scale. December 2017. The original member LISA is back, and the strongest try pod “m-flo” by LISA · VERBAL · ☆ Taku Takahashi has been completely restored in 15 years! With 20th anniversary of major debut in 2019, m-flo brings a fresh air to Japan’s mainstream again. Connect With m-flo Via: This time, m-flo will make music with Wanted Lee. We have been working with researchers on how to make music that works well, but we are not just making music that improves the efficiency of work, we do I hope that I can help create an opportunity to feel worthwhile and to create something worthwhile. There are many generations of talents for “Wantedly People” users, so it would be great if we could start networking with them by participating in the “ENERGY MUSIC PROJECT”. Music is still entertainment, though it is a study of music that the work goes on. We hope to create an environment where everyone can work together with a sense of fun by capturing the “ENERGY MUSIC PROJECT” as a playful project. m-flo will celebrate its 20th anniversary this year, and will be introducing new projects with “m-flo 3.0”. Please look forward to the “ENERGY MUSIC PROJECT” as one of them. [First person in concentration research: JINS MEME Mr. Kazutoshi Inoue] [Image 5

Jins Co., Ltd. JINS MEME Business Division Leader and Think Lab Co., Ltd. Director After graduating from the university, at the strategy consulting firm Arthur D. Little, the planning of business strategies, technology management strategies and personnel organization strategies centered on major manufacturing companies After engaging in, joined Jins. He is also a Think Lab Project, MEME Division. He has also ranked fourth in Asia in the arithmetic Olympics. Recently he wrote “How to work to increase concentration by 300 times”. It has been several years since the term “reform of work reform” has been used, but the impression of reducing overtime work has not been felt. JINS develops glasses JINS MEME that visualizes the concentration that is very important in personal performance. In order to gain an opportunity to improve productivity, it is possible for the first time to be able to move on to the “improvement” that Japanese people are good for when they have a snail. Recently, based on research results based on concentration physiological data, we have developed a space Think Lab that can be the most concentrated in the world, and have commercialized the creation of space within many corporations. Through such efforts, we want to be an entity that supports Live Your Life. That is, we want to support the best way of working / living, as each person is well-performed, and even more firmly in line with what they want to do. To that end, we will optimize the space and the experience there. Is important, and we are working on it every day. Among the five senses, it is important auditory information, and the routine for concentration that many people possess is often music, so through this trial, we develop music that will provide support that can be considered pleasant to many people. I am very much looking forward to it. [The leading person in acoustic research that contributes to concentration: Seiya Enomoto] [Image 6

JVC Kenwood Victor Entertainment Inc. Executive Producer / Director of Entertainment Lab General Incorporated Association KANSEI Projects Committee Director Director of Stress-off Alliance Born in Kumamoto Prefecture. After working for Japan Victor, JVC Kenwood, etc., he has been in office since 2011. Focus on frequency bands in the natural world (forest, river, sea) and plan new projects. Advocating the concept of “spatial acoustic design” that reproduces the natural world by acoustics, researching the influence on humans, and commercializing “spatial acoustic design solution” “KooNe” (Kune) with high res sound source in 2013. KooNe (Kune) Kansei Projects Committee (KPC) Stress Off Alliance The “work style reform” promoted by the government is being addressed in various areas. However, the current situation is that most of the discussions and efforts concerning working conditions such as working hours and salaries have taken place. At the same time, we believe that the reform of the working environment closely related to working people is a very important theme in order to truly realize “reform of working style”. The area of ​​biophilic design and Kansei (KANSEI) design, which is actively introduced by leading companies such as GAFA, is considered to be a powerful approach to improving happiness and creativity. Currently, I am creating a sound space called “KooNe” (Kune) that utilizes high-res natural environment sound source based on research on the sound environment that enhances human performance. This case is a unique approach that can be said to be “work style reform using music” as a time-series approach for people to go to concentration and creative mode. Also, full-fledged music production with the participation of artists known by everyone, m-flo, is very interesting as an approach without precedents. Through this initiative, we hope that many business people will improve their working environment and improve their performance voluntarily. Furthermore, I hope that the theme of Kansei (KANSEI) design, which integrates the five senses, will become an important keyword that will reform the working environment. 【Project planning: Wanted Lee Co., Ltd. Representative director and CEO Naka Reiko】 [Image 7

After graduating from Kyoto University, he joined Goldman Sachs Securities. After retirement, joined Facebook Japan as an initial member. In September 2010, established Wanted Lee, and developed business SNS “Wantedly”. Official release of the service in February 2012. Through the Facebook experience, the fact that you can feel the potential of social media will give you a chance to come up with the Wantedly service. After the establishment of Wanted Lee, we will work to create services that maximize the potential of individuals by connecting people with people. Wantedley has provided a business SNS for “Feeling people at heart”. We believe that the state of “Sigot and Kokoro Odor” produces results by immersion and that it can realize continuous growth by the results. This time, “ENERGY MUSIC PROJECT”, which started focusing on the possibility of music, leads many business people to flow state = super concentration state as one person, and provides music that “shrinks with people at heart” I’m aiming. <ReferenceWantedley focuses on the potential of music as one of the ways to focus on work, and carries out the “Consciousness Survey on the Influence of Digital Tools at Work and Music on Work Targeting 2,000 Business People (Gender and Female) Nationwide” Did. ・ Investigation object: Business person (20 to 60 men and women) 2,000 people (1,000 men, 1,000 women) ・ Survey method: Internet survey Survey period: June 2019
◆ When asked, "Do you feel that you have been interrupted by phone / email / chat tools etc. and you can not concentrate on work?", About 70% of them work in an environment where e-mails and chats fly It turned out that I was not able to concentrate. The introduction of IT tools to improve productivity may lower productivity and may be stressing. [Image 8

◆ When about 70% agree to listen to music while at work and want to dispel negative feelings such as “when you do a bad job or when you can not concentrate”, or “when you want to improve your job” They tend to want to listen to music when they want to increase their positive feeling. It turned out that there are a lot of people who like the song I want to listen to as a whole “nostalgic melo”. ([A] nostalgic song [B] new song) [Image 9

[Image 10

<ReferenceIn order to further improve services for Wantedly People users, we conducted a survey on the usage of apps that build connections with business cards. As a result, it became clear that one in four Wantedly People users is switching from other companies' apps. ・ Investigation method: Questionnaire function in "Wantedly People" ・ Target: "Wantedly People" users (2,021) ・ Periodical period: June 7-20 June 2019
◆ About 1 in 4 of the Wantedly People users were originally using other companies' applications, and it became clear that the types were diverse. [Image 11

[Image 12

◆ Of those who have changed from other companies ‘applications, about 1 in 4 people have the result that they know the CSV import function * that enables batch data migration from other companies’ applications. ※ “CSV import function”: When you switch from another business card management application to Wantedly People, you can download CSV data from the original application on your PC, import it into Wantedly People, and you can do it in a batch
◆ Regarding the functions required for the business card application, except for “data management of business card information”, the “collecting information on business card exchange partner” function is most required (about 20%). Others called for “CSV data download” function (about 18%) and “in-house data sharing” function (about 10%). [Wantely People’s Voice] “Your company’s company’s news pops up, so you don’t have trouble talking.” “I was immediately aware of your promotion, sent a congratulatory message and thanked you.” There was a voice that it was possible to deepen the personal connection by communication triggered by the information on the business card exchange partner displayed in Wantedly People. Since surpassing 3 million users in October 2018, we have released the “Wantedly New Year’s card” in cooperation with Japan Post Co., Ltd. and the function to simultaneously display information on business card scanning with information on business card exchange partners. Going forward, Wantedly People’s users will exchange business cards to deepen “networking” and create opportunities for them to meet with peers who can empathize with them, aiming to realize a world full of simmering smiles. About Wantedly People “Wantedly People” is a free connection management application that can scan multiple business cards simultaneously with a smartphone camera and convert it into data instantly. The main features are as follows. Service Details: 1. Artificial intelligence analyzes up to 10 business cards in real time and converts it into an instant data. Also cooperate with scan snap. 2. If the owner of the imported business card is registered as “Wantedly”, synchronize the profile information to the contacts. 3. Lending and borrowing functions for online business cards using URLs that can not be used for a certain period of time. 4. Import function that can migrate business card data managed by other tools in CSV format. 5. You can search not only by name or company name but also by post name, phone number, email address, address, and memo. 6. It is possible to view / edit the information of the business card read from the PC version. It also supports data export in CSV file. 7. A function that provides “related articles” based on the information on the exchanged business cards and supports the construction of business connections. 8. Work with your smartphone contact to display the caller’s name when incoming from a business card exchange partner. 9. You can register multiple business cards, such as business cards used in the past and business cards used in second-hand jobs, on your profile. Product inquiries: Editorial inquiries: For inquiries about advertising sales: About Wanted Lee Wantedley provides “Wantedly”, a business SNS to “delight,” “connect,” and “develop connections,” through empathy, in order to “improve the Kokoroodor people at Shigot”. From the official release of the service in February 2012 to the present, the number of registered companies has reached 30,000, and the number of users per month has reached 2.6 million, and across the border, we will create an “Infrastructure for Working People”. Company Name: Wantedley Co., Ltd. URL: Head office location: 5-12-7 Shirokanedai, Minato-ku, Tokyo MG Shirokanedai Building 4F Representative director: Reiko Naka Established: September 2010 Business overview: Wantedly, a business SNS used by 2.6 million people per month Company visit service “Wantedly Visit” Blog “Wantedly Feed” to make fun interesting Connection management application “Wantedly People” Business chat “Wantedly Chat” In-house tool word-of-mouth site “Wantedly Tools” Portfolio site “Wantedly Case”

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