“blast! : Music of Disney ‘2019 national tour kicks off! New songs from the movies “Aladdin” and “Merry Poppins Returns”!

Kyodo Tokyo Co., Ltd. “blast! : Music of Disney ‘2019 national tour kicks off! New songs from the movies “Aladdin” and “Merry Poppins Returns”! The more powerful “BLAST! Music of Disney” runs around the country! Special supporter Shinji Takeda also rushed to Yamagata performances on the first day, and appealed the attraction! ………………………………………………………………………………………… [Image 1

A popular performance group that operates over 60 types of musical instruments and colorful flags, “BLAST!” Has launched a nationwide tour at Nanyo City Shelter Hall (Nanyang City Cultural Hall), Yamagata Prefecture, on July 10 (Wed) . Since its first visit to Japan in 2003, 11 concerts have been held in Japan, and so far the 1.25 million people have been mobilized in the “BLAST!” Series. In 2016 and 2017, the new series “BLAST! Music of Disney” composed of Disney music has been staged and gained further popularity. In the 2019 “Blast! Music of Disney”, which will be played with Disney music for the third time, “Trip a Little Light Fantastic” from the movie “Merry Poppins Returns”, New songs such as “Friend Like Me” appeared in the blockbuster “Aladdin”. The unique arrangement of “BLAST!” Brings out the new charm of the music. As well as directing, all arrangements, images, lighting, costumes have been upgraded from the 2017 performances. There is no doubt that people who have seen it can also enjoy it. In addition, the lobby performance during “Break!” A lot of spectators were crowded in the lobby to see the powerful performances close by, and it was crowded. [Image 2

[Image 3

At Encore, “BLAST !: Music of Disney” 2019 in “Brash! Girls” formed to enliven the national tour, Haruhi Sugakawa, Seicho Nagashima, Miki Nishino and Barbie will appear on the stage. After 100 days of intense training, they presented a session with “Blast!” Members. This design will be delivered on a special program that will be broadcasted on July 13 (Saturday) by Fuji Television Network and other FNS affiliate stations. [Image 4

[Image 5

The 120 minutes of the volition by a total of 35 performers closed with a standing ovation by the 1,400 crowds packed in the hall. Percussionist Nao Ishikawa, who announced the “BLAST!” Graduation with this tour, finished the first day and said, “It was a great fun. There is a sense of being enjoyed with the customers over the previous” BLAST! ” In particular, I really enjoyed encore, and I am looking forward to doing 58 shows across the country from now on. [Image 6

Shinji Takeda, who acts as a special supporter for the show and refrains from guest appearance as a saxophone player on the first day of the show, also plays the first day of the tour. “It was wonderful! I was moved. The time on the stage was so fast. The magical performance of Disney’s music was even more powerful. I thought it might not be such a dense entertainment.” Speaking of impressions, for his guest appearance “I think that performing in the stage of” BLAST! “Is a place where I think that the heart as an entertainer is questioned rather than a musical technique. The performer said By getting close to the music, I could see the scene and even the costumes changed, and I would like to hear the music and energy play a wonderful music in the hall. ” Tokyo performances will be held at 59 venues across 32 venues from August 20 (Tuesday) to September 1 (Sun) on the Tokyu Theater Orb (Shibuya Hikarie 11th floor). http://blast-tour.jp
● Special program information Program title: 100 days of serious challenge for entertainers! Girls ~ blast the music of Disney ~ Broadcasting: Fuji TV July 13th (Sat) 15:30-16:25 ※ Kanto Local (Sequently broadcast at FNS affiliate stations. Details of broadcast stations and broadcast dates are available on the official site.) Cast: Haruhi Suzukawa, Barbie, Nishino Mihime, Nagashima Seira, Blast! member Program official Twitter: @ blastgirls 8 Photo (C)? Taro

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