MAX Unko Kawaii, a statethe-art amusement space appears in Odaiba. “Pump Museum TOKYO” August 9 (Friday), diversity Tokyo Plaza 2nd floor open decision!

Akatsuki Live Entertainment MAX Unko Kawaii, a state-of-the-art amusement space appears in Odaiba. “Pump Museum TOKYO” August 9 (Friday), diversity Tokyo Plaza 2nd floor open decision! Starting sales of advance pre-order tickets from today ………………………………………………………………………………………… Akatsuki Live Entertainment Co., Ltd. (Head office: Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo; CEO: Tadahiro Koda / CEO: Kei Kobayashi, hereinafter Akatsuki Live Entertainment) and Kayak Co., Ltd. (Head office: Kamakura City, Kanagawa Prefecture, CEO: Daisuke Yanagisawa The following funeral corporation kayaking) will announce that “Unko Museum TOKYO” will be opened on the 2nd floor of Diversity Tokyo Plaza on August 9, 2019 (Friday). “Unko Museum TOKYO” official site:
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“Unko Museum TOKYO” is a cutting-edge amusement space with the theme of “unko”. As the second step following the “Pump Museum YOKOHAMA” held for a limited time on the second floor of the Yokohama Station “Aso Building”, the “Pump Cute” will be developed on the second floor of the Diversity Tokyo Plaza. As the main headquarters of all “Pump Museums”, this museum offers a new experience through Pumps to the world’s Unkers (Pumpers) regardless of their nationality or age. Touch, take and play! Untertainment experience is a power up! “Pump Museum TOKYO” is a “large square” with a Plump Volcano where a small Pump jumps from a huge object, an “Unstaging area” with cute and sparkling Pumps, and an “Untelligence Area” where you can know Pump goods from around the world. “, It is composed of 4 areas of” untalactive area “where you can enjoy this game. Content that gained popularity in the “Punk Museum YOKOHAMA” has been updated with new photo spots and games, updated designs, etc. In addition, “Umberto”, “Pump Factory”, “Pump Convenience Store UNKO MART”, and “Pump White Blade Dori”, which can only be enjoyed at Pump Museum Tokyo, will appear as new content. Please enjoy the world of Japan that expands in an expanded space compared to “YOKOHAMA”. 1. We have expanded the scale of the Unstagenic Area, where cute and sparkling pudding colors, and a new photo area, Uncon Convenience Store UNKO MART, has appeared. “Un convenience store UNKO MART” is an unsta- genic convenience store-like photo area where various items are displayed. As well as shooting with goods, some items can be purchased and used in the museum.
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Unstagenic area 2. The xo game corner evolves into the xoo game center! Seven games like fucking appeared! In addition to the xo game center, a new game “Unko White Blade Dori” is added to the Unteractive Area. A simple but challenging game that accepts falling poop with both hands.
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Xogge center 3. The official character Umberto “Umberto” appeared. Space spreads in the toilet bowl …
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Between Umberto 4. In the product sales area “Unko Factory”, we sell limited pudding goods that can only be obtained here.
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Poop factory As a new experience spot in Tokyo, Odaiba will transmit “MAX Unko Kawaii” Japanese culture! The “Pump Museum Museum YOKOHAMA” opened, and the number of visitors surpassed 100,000 in about two and a half months, and inquiries from developers and local governments rushed, and we received a great response. As a result, I think that it was possible to “flow the fixed idea for poop to the water” of the visitors who had come. We have decided to exhibit in Odaiba, Tokyo, the center of Japan, in order to make more people aware of the new value of “Unko wa Kawaii” of “Unko Museum”. Odaiba is a leading tourist destination that attracts people from around the world as well as domestically. We thought that it was suitable as a place to send out a new concept from Japan called “MAX unkko cute”. Popular music producer “tofubeats” produces “UNC Museum TOKYO” official theme song and decides! “Tofubeats”, a popular artist who receives overwhelming support from the same age as an internet generation musician and who is a music producer who performs many collaborations with famous artists, completely writes the official theme song of “Unko Museum TOKYO”. Was decided. Please come and listen to the original music on the theme of “Unko” by up-and-coming artists.
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【Tofubeats profile】
Born in 1990 and from Kobe. Started music activities from the junior high school era, and appeared in the largest techno event WIRE in Japan at the age of the third grader with the youngest in history. After that, “Miseister feat. Onomatopoeia Minister” won first place on the iTunes Store single overall chart. Since his major debut, he has collaborated with many artists, such as Chisato Moritaka, his son (Sacred Kamechan) and Takashi Fujii, and has attracted attention, and released three albums. In 2018, he expanded the playing field, including the theme song and theatrical companions of the TV Tokyo drama “Dengeki Girl -VIDEO GIRL AI 2018-” and the movie “Wake it asleep or wake up”, and the fourth album in October Released “RUN”. 2019 released the cover of Mariya Takeuchi “PLASTIC LOVE” in January as the first digital single. As a second digital single, he released “Keep on Lovin ‘You” on Friday, May 24.
【Tofubeats Comment】
It’s a lot of fun to write songs with a motif that is known to everyone in the world. I tried to make the song a message from the buttocks to the world. Please try it together with the museum. Ticket sales start! Untertainment experience of summer vacation wins first! Starting today, we are planning to sell advanced pre-reserved tickets at the Punk Museum official site. Ticket reservation site: In the future, we plan to sell advanced pre-reserved tickets through various play guides etc. Outline of “Pump Museum Tokyo” Official name: Poop Museum TOKYO Housing: 1-1-10 Aomi, Koto-ku, Tokyo Diversity Tokyo Plaza 2F Opening date: August 9, 2019 (Fri) Business hours: 10:00 to 21:00 ※ The last entrance reception desk 20:00 Regular holiday: according to the facility Entry method: Ticket system with advance reservation (※ Depending on availability, there may be tickets on the day) Admission fees : Adults (junior high school students) ¥ 1,600 (tax included) / children (primary school children) ¥ 900 (tax included) / less than primary school children free Adults (junior high school students) ¥ 1,800 (tax included) / children (primary school students) ¥ 1,000 (tax included) / less than primary school children free Installation area: 200.64 tsubo U R L: Twitter: @ unko_museum2019 Operating company: Akatsuki Live Entertainment Inc. / Kayak Inc. Akatsuki Live Entertainment Company Profile Akatsuki Live Entertainment’s mission is to make the world more colorful, and we are developing a live entertainment business focused on “real experiences” that can mobilize the five senses. Company name: Akatsuki Live Entertainment Inc. URL: Established: September 2013 (trade name changed from ASOBIBA Inc. to Akatsuki Live Entertainment Inc. on December 21, 2017) Representative: Representative director and CEO Tetsuro Kada, representative director CPO Satoshi Kobayashi ※ CPO: Abbreviation of Chief Produce Officer Location: 2-13-30 Kamiosaki, Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo oak meguro 8F Business contents: Complex commercial facilities business, survival game business, event business, party business, restaurant and catering business Fun company kayak company summary Company name: Kayak Inc. URL: Location: 11-8 Onaricho, Kamakura City, Kanagawa Prefecture Established: January 21, 2005 Representative director: Daisuke Yanagisawa Masanori Kaihata Tomoki Kuba Description of business: Japanese fun content business

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