Enka Women’s Lupines Group Renamed Happy Group on August 4th, 2019

Matsuura Equipment Industry Co., Ltd. Enka Women’s Lupines Group Renamed Happy Group on August 4th, 2019 New member Rina Shouchi aims to further power up! To ………………………………………………………………………………………… The Enka Women’s Lupines Group will perform the Enka Women’s Lupines Group Last Live at the Meguro Live Station on August 4 and will rename the group name they have become familiar with for four and a half years as the Ethnic Happy Group. He also announced at the same time Rina Shouchi as a new member. [Image

Shonai is a singer-song rai who mainly works in Kobe under the artist name Rinana. He made a major debut from avex as a member of the HINOI team at junior high school. I played an active part as a sister of SPEED. After the break up, he had been working as a solo in the local Kobe. About joining Shonai, “Even if you are in a group that already sells I wanted to try my experience and power there if there was a group that wasn’t interesting and needed me. When I received a message from this group that has the potential to break, I was able to make an immediate decision without hesitation. I will break by 2020 by all means! ” I was talking about enthusiasm. In addition, Rina Shouchi shows live in mid-October in Tokyo, Nagoya and Kobe. Enka Women’s Lupine Set (Ethnic Happy Pair) Enka formed enlightenment to the world in February 2015 It has been performing overseas 28 performances in 8 countries around the world in 4 years. In Indonesia, he major debuts in 2017. The third anniversary One Man Live in Jakarta sold out 2000 tickets. The mission “Enka to the World” has achieved a certain result in four and a half years of activity. From now on, the group name will be renamed “Happy Happy Group” as “an activity that makes all the races of the world happy”. Japan Columbia affiliation Twitter: @ enka_girls1 Rina Shouchi Major debut from avex as a member of the HINOI team. After the break up, he started solo activities in his hometown Kobe. With a focus on live performances composed of lyrics, he produces apparel brands, radio personality, and organizes free music festival “KOBE Harbor Carnival” every summer. Twitter: @rina_ yumejyo

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