ALIS Launches Blockchain Certificate Issuance Service for Enterprises and Groups. Anyone can easily issue a forgery, tamper-proof degree, qualification, content right proof

ALIS Corporation ALIS Launches Blockchain Certificate Issuance Service for Enterprises and Groups. Anyone can easily issue a forgery, tamper-proof degree, qualification, content right proof Zero credit cost to verify forgery / falsification when issuing a certificate. A blockchain certificate that anyone can issue easily and instantly at low cost ………………………………………………………………………………………… [Image 1

ALIS Co., Ltd. (Head office: Shibuya-ku, Tokyo / President & CEO: Masahiro Yasu, hereinafter ALIS), which operates the social media “ALIS” and supports blockchain development for companies, Wednesday, July 17, 2019 (Wednesday) In addition, we have started providing “blockchain certificate issuance service” for companies and organizations that want to do various proofs such as academic background, qualifications and digital contents. At the same time, ALS ( also has a function that allows users to register their created articles in a blockchain. We will accelerate the promotion of social adaptation of blockchains. Instantly issue blockchain certificates that can not be faked or tampered with [Image 2

At present, there is a high credit cost to prove that documents that are in widespread use in the world are not forged or falsified (some matters / problems do not differ from the facts). This affects a range of areas from proof of language proficiency, university diplomas, “certificates” such as all qualifications and licenses, to “content” such as music, videos and sentences. At present, in order to verify whether the certificate is actually genuine, certification methods such as contacting the issuing authority of the certificate or receiving an endorsement from somewhere are commonplace. However, by using blockchains here, you will be able to provide certificates that can verify “credit” with simpler / instant / lower cost than existing methods. Against this background, ALIS has launched “Blockchain Certificate Issuance” services for companies and organizations, with the aim of promoting social adaptation of blockchains with actual services. If you are interested in qualifications and content certification using blockchain, please feel free to contact us at the ALIS Contact Center ( Optionally add articles created by ALIS users to blockchain [Image 3

At the same time as providing “blockchain certificate issuance service” for companies and organizations, a function that allows ALIS ( users to optionally register the existence proof of their created articles in the blockchain is also disclosed. Did. Please see here for the detail Focus on utility, ALIS corporate blockchain support service ALIS provides consulting and development support for entry into the blockchain business for companies with the aim of applying the blockchain to society and improving its speed. By fully sharing the experience gained from operating the blockchain production service for more than one year, we provide total support from planning to development for entry into the company’s blockchain business. The value that ALIS can provide to companies The knowledge and development ability of the design and proposal for the operation by the operation result of the service which handles the thing corresponding to the money called a token money for the operation Availability 100%. High level information security that has built a complete system including block chain, and has been used without any accidents since its release without any accident Knowledge on token incentive design and operation A member who is familiar with all of service planning, design, development and operation assuming that there is a real user, not verification, offers value at a lower price than other companies Please see here for the detail. In addition to the examples introduced here, ALIS supports a wide range of corporate block chain applications. If you are interested in adapting to PoC and existing services using blockchain, activating a fan community using tokens, etc., please feel free to contact us from the contact point ( Please give me. 【Inquiries】 Please contact the following e-mail address for interviews and inquiries regarding this matter. The necessary information to promote the use of blockchains and the spread of Web 3.0 is provided free of charge.

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