【Positive Dream Persons Co., Ltd.】 Osaka Castle Tenshukaku is the most beautiful.

Positive Dream Persons Inc. Osaka Castle Tenshukaku is the most beautiful view. 【Reservation starts from July 17th.) Elegant time spent on the terrace connected from the royal room that welcomed the emperor ………………………………………………………………………………………… Positive Dream Persons Co., Ltd. (Head office: Shibuya-ku, Tokyo; President & CEO: Takamoto Sugimoto), a company that creates inspiring emotions focusing on wedding produce across the country, is a historical building located in Shiromoto Maruhiro, Osaka The renovated facility “THE LANDMARK SQUARE OSAKA (The Landmark Square Osaka)” can be seen as close to the Osaka Tenshukaku as it can be reached as a “transmission base for Japanese culture” in Osaka Castle Park, which is crowded with foreigners visiting Japan. We will hold monthly plans for products and events for foreigners visiting Japan utilizing the unique location and planning capabilities we have cultivated through weddings and restaurant management, and improve the attraction of the world’s tourist city and entertainment city Osaka, and Osaka Castle Park. And we aim to contribute to the economic growth of Osaka. [Image 1

We will open a noble room terrace where the mighty Osaka Castle Tenshukaku can be enjoyed in front of you in the 2F Crossfield with Terrace Lounge, the Landmark Square Osaka, inside the Milliza Osaka Castle. Experience the taste of history on the terrace connected from the “Giou room” which once received the Emperor Showa [Image 2

Completed as a fourth division command office building following the reconstruction of the Osaka Castle 3rd Generation Tenshukaku in 1965, this building is finished with scratch tiles based on the design of the old castle in the Norman region, giving the atmosphere of a castle between East and West It is a highly designed building. The “Kiruka Room” located on the 2F west side, which was once visited by the Showa Emperor, retains the sculptural technique of “Ranma” located on the ceiling, making it a space where you can feel the taste of history. [Image 3

The terrace that leads from the room is spread out in front of Osaka Castle, and it is a space full of elegance with a retro atmosphere, with the floor tiles and fences left behind as at that time. Osaka Castle, which usually looks up, is the only place where you can spend the same time looking at the front view of the building’s architectural beauty from the same perspective as the castle tower. In the light up after sunset, the white of the castle tower stands out more clearly, and you can see a powerful figure different from daytime.
Authentic modern Italian cuisine using Kansai ingredients mainly in Osaka [Image 4

At Crossfield with Terrace Lounge, Akashi Taco Afoguard using “Akashi Tako”, a regional brand in Hyogo with elastic toothy tofu, and brand chickens grown in the Kyoto-Hyogo Okuzashiki “ You can enjoy modern Italian cuisine using Kansai ingredients, including Osaka’s Marengo style, such as “Oku Tamba chicken” and “Maltango style with Oku Tamba chicken”, as well as fine wines and local beers from Kansai. Open Memorial Special Plan 1 ~ Comfortable daytime even with umbrellas Lunch course 10% OFF ~ [Image 5

In commemoration of the Jamsil Terrace Open, we have prepared a special plan for 10% off lunch courses for a limited time. Today’s soup and pasta, a main dish is a course of a heart-warming course where you can choose fish dishes or meat dishes with assorted 3 kinds of recommended appetizers. Drinks are free for 90 minutes, and you can also drink sparkling wine and a variety of Lonnefeld tea in addition to wine and soft drinks. There is no worry about sunburn with umbrellas. ※The image is an image 【Course outline】 【Cooking】 ※ It is provided in course style.
■ Recommended appetizer three assorted
■ Today’s soup & bread
■ Today’s pasta
■ Selectable main dishes (Please select one from below) Today’s fish dish or today’s meat dish or beef steak (+500 yen)
■ Patissier special dessert 【drink】
■ Free drink 90 minutes system ·sparkling wine ・ Wine (red and white) ・ Various tea of ​​Ronnefeld ·coffee ·Soft drink Price: 3,582 yen (tax and service included) ※ In rainy weather, it will be the guide in the store. 【Reservation URL】 https://rsv.ebica.jp/ebica2/webrsv/rsv_plans/?cltid=e014007601&shop=13607&planid=74341 Opening commemoration special plan 2-modern Italian food & champagne with free flow dinner- [Image 6

In the evening, when the sun goes down, you can enjoy your meal in the cozy air on the outdoor terrace. In commemoration of the terrace opening, we have prepared a special plan where you can enjoy champagne free flow at dinner. 6 modern Italian dishes and champagne, luxurious collaboration of Osaka Castle, at special prices only now. [Plan summary] Name: 【Kikyu Room Terrace Opening Commemoration 8,000 yen 5 5,980 yen】 Champagne free flow & 6 kinds of Italian pork etc. Contents: 【Cooking】 A plate from the chef Fresh Fish Amphetta with Fresh Onion and Pomery Mustard Salsa Yamaguchi farm organic vegetables and seafood insalata Spicy salami and olive pizza Italian whey pig in the recipe of the day Today’s pasta 【drink】 Champagne draft beer beer Wine (red and white) whiskey Cocktails (Gin, vodka, cassis, campari, lychee) Soft drinks (orange juice, grapefruit juice, ginger ale, oolong tea) Price: 5,980 yen (tax and service included) ※ In rainy weather, it will be the guide in the store. 【Reservation URL】 rsv.ebica.jp/ebica2/webrsv/rsv_plans/?cltid=e014007601&shop=13607&planid=115642 Facility introduction of the Landmark Square Osaka Facility name: THE LANDMARK SQUARE OSAKA House: 1-1 Osaka Castle, Chuo-ku, Osaka City, Osaka Prefecture 540-0002, within MIRAIZA OSAKA-JO Comprehensive HP: www.landmark-osaka.com/ [Image 7

2F Crossfield with Terrace Lounge It is a space where you can fully enjoy the history and the modern as well as the refined authentic modern Italian cuisine suitable for a classic Western-style building. The cafe / afternoon lunch offers a wide range of 13 typical chef appetizers and desserts, including homemade buns and scones, which are cooked daily in shops using traditional Japanese weights.
▼ Details are here https://www.landmark-osaka.com/restaurant/crossfield.html [Image 8

3F Restaurant raspberry with moon bar Based on the concept of “new Japanese food: MODERN JAPANSE”, the original arrangement of Japanese-style dishes with Japanese elements is delivered according to the seasonal ingredients and monthly theme. A luxurious Japanese food lunch course with a Japanese zodiac tour with a view of Osaka Castle from the inner moat and a view of the seasons.
▼ Details are here https://www.landmark-osaka.com/restaurant/raspberry.html
[Image 9

Rooftop Bluebirds Rooftop Terrace Rooftop terrace so close to Osaka Castle Here, you can enjoy the BBQ of sticking ingredients. Have a memorable time in the unique location overlooking Osaka Castle Park, the greenery of Osaka Castle Park, and the city of Osaka.
▼ Details are here https://www.landmark-osaka.com/restaurant/bluebirds.html
Upcoming events We will develop various events regularly as a base of Japanese culture. Guests will be able to experience Japanese culture and attractions such as the “Oza-don Lunch Course” where you can enjoy Uchibori Cruise and lunch at Osaka Castle Park, and events where you can experience Japanese culture and traditional performing arts all year round. We will create and send out events that you can enjoy and enjoy.
■ Rooftop Bluebirds will hold “Noragaku” dining for a limited time to enjoy BBQ and Noh at the same time on the rooftop terrace “Noh Music” Dining Opening Schedule July 25th, 2019 (Thu) Special Event “Tenjin Festival Dedication Fireworks x Osaka Castle Summer Festival” August 2nd, 2019 (Fri) Title: Commentary and Maiko “Takasago” August 26, 2019 (Mon) Item: Commentary and Maiko “Sakai” September 4th, 2019 (Wednesday) Item: Commentary and Maiko “Hyocho” September 18, 2019 (Wednesday) Item: Commentary and Maiko “Yoro” ※ The program is subject to change without notice.

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