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  • 【EachQ Co., Ltd.】 Violinist SHOGO born from Osaka Street holds a solo concert at Festival Hall on July 25 (Thursday)! We invite a wide range of people free of charge on the theme of “Borderless”!

【EachQ Co., Ltd.】 Violinist SHOGO born from Osaka Street holds a solo concert at Festival Hall on July 25 (Thursday)! We invite a wide range of people free of charge on the theme of “Borderless”!

EachQ Corporation A violinist SHOGO born from a street in Osaka holds a solo concert at the Festival Hall on July 25 (Thursday)! We invite a wide range of people free of charge on the theme of “Borderless”! July 25 (Thu) SHOGO SOLO CONCERT 2019-Sparkle of Life- ………………………………………………………………………………………… Violinist SHOGO (Shogo), who is engaged in activities to bring smiles to people all over the world. He is popular in the street performance of a rare violinist rare in Japan, has released four original album works and is gaining popularity, and he has made a solo concert “SHOGO SOLO CONCERT 2019-Sparkle of Life” at the Festival Hall in Osaka on July 25. … “will be held.
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SHOGO portrait 1 Among the live performances are SHOGO, artists including violinists, and performers such as ballets and street dancers. The stage adopts projection mapping to the floor, and it is the production that the audience can enjoy the concert more by the show orchestration synchronized with the music and movement of the SHOGO and the performers. The theme of the live is “Borderless”. Because we want to deliver the enjoyment and wonderfulness of music to those who have few opportunities to enjoy music usually, Syrians who are coming to Japan, people with disabilities, elderly people who are in facilities, elderly people, A wide range of people are invited for free, including children who study the violin and students aiming for the music industry. In addition, we will do some familiar charity on the street, and we will do some charity from the sale of goods. This time, we are planning to work with the non-profit organization JIM-NET (Jimnet) in the Middle East and Iraq for children with childhood cancer and their families. This genre, language, border, religion, and all over the border and pierce the heart of people all over the world to deliver the tone of the topic, together with various artists at the world’s leading “festival hall”, which is the artist’s yearning. Do not miss the opportunity, by all means! [Image 2

Concert flyer
■ Performance summary [Performance] SHOGO SOLO CONCERT 2019-Sparkle of Life- [Date and time] Thursday, July 25, 2019 Opening: 18:00 Opening: 19:00 【Holding place】 Festival Hall (Address: 2 530-0005 Osaka City Nakanoshima 2-chome 3-18, Osaka) [Organization / Planning] EachQ Co., Ltd. 【Production】 Four C’s Entertainment Japan [Operation] SMS Co., Ltd. 【Official site】 www.violin-shogo.com
■ Tickets acclaimed on sale! [Fee] S seat: 9,000 yen, A seat: 7,000 yen, B seat: 5,000 yen, SS BOX seat: 14,000 yen 【Ticket handling】
● Festival Hall Ticket Center 06-6231-2221 (10: 00-18: 00) www.festivalhall.jp
● Ticket Pia 0570-02-9999 (P code: 147-979) t.pia.jp/
● Lawson ticket 0570-000-407 (operator reservation 10: 00-20: 00), 0570-084-005 (24 hour L code reservation L code: 55640) l-tike.com
● CN Play Guide 0570-08-9990 cncn.jp/
● e + (e plus) eplus.jp/
● Seven ticket 7ticket.jp/sc/21nh 【VIOLINIST SHOGO (Shogo)】 August 26, 1988 Born in Okayama City. He began to play violin from the age of five and won the Grand Prix in numerous competitions. While experiencing many performances in Japan as well as overseas, he absorbs music of various genres and creates his own worldview. The unique style of play that combines intensity and delicacy is a violinist that attracts a wide audience, regardless of age, young and old, and has the power to nail many audiences. It is decided that the solo concert of the unheard violin is held at the festival hall of Nakanoshima on July 25, 2019. 2019 Received a documentary interview as a feature VTR of the MBS “VOICE” and was on air on March 13 (Wednesday). It produces a greater response than many. www.violin-shogo.com [Image 3

SHOGO portrait 2 【Concert overview】
■ 3 feelings 1. It will be held at the Festival Hall, which is recognized by the top artists in the venue / world! This stage will be held at the Festival Hall, which has received acclaim from famous artists such as Tatsuro Yamashita and Masashi Sadashi because of the excellent sound characteristics and mellow and rich sound. 2. Borderless / Music = Eliminate unnecessary restrictions on “enjoying sound”! SHOGO continues playing as a main activity place on the street from the desire to deliver the fun and wonderfulness of music to those who have few opportunities to listen to music everyday. This time we invite Syrians who are coming to Japan, disabled people, elderly people who are in the facility, children learning violin and students who are aiming for the music industry for free. . 3. Cooperation / Cross the border, deliver a smile in the power of music! We will ask the visitors the money sent from the street and donate your good will. In addition, a part of the sales proceeds of goods will be charity. This time, in conjunction with the non-profit organization JIM-NET (Jimnet), a nonprofit organization that creates and operates facilities for children with cancer and their families in the Middle East and Iraq, SHOGO will go to the field We are planning to visit and visit musical instruments that children can use, and plan and enjoy live music together. JIM-NET (Jim net) https://www.jim-net.org/
● Charity activities conducted in the past 2016: We ask for support to stricken area in the case of 2016 Kumamoto earthquake. Produce songs with crowdfunding, Hold a charity live 2017: On December 1st (Fri), solo performance of the first largest 2,000 people free invitation Held at the Hyogo Prefectural Arts Center KOBERCO Grand Hall 2018: ・ To support the music education for children to the largest Syrian refugee camp “Zatari refugee camp” Direct visits to the Middle East and Jordan to deliver music, instruments and smiles to children ・ Delivery supplies will be delivered to Okayama, one of the affected areas in the day after the heavy rain in July 2020. Later, hold a charity live, make a charity T-shirt, donate
■ About stage production In order to produce the reality “now” and the future “virtual world”, Japan uses projection mapping to a few floors. And, with “Show Orchestration”, which synchronizes with SHOGO and the performers’ music and movements, they will make the concert experience more valuable. «Inquiry for coverage» PR charge Media Spread, Inc. Kamata (Kaneda) TEL: 090-9873-6838 E-mail: info-shogo@mediaspread.co.jp «Inquiry about ticket» EachQ Co., Ltd. Tanimura TEL: 06-6773-9302 (10: 00-18: 00 on weekdays) E-mail: info@eachq.co.jp

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