The sequel is also included! The last chapter of the adventure play that all settles down !! “Takarajima COMPLETE DVD BOOK” Vo.3 released today-“The last harmony of that” last silver “” Akino Sugino, memories of tears-

Pia Corporation The sequel is also included! The final chapter of the adventurous play that all settles! “Takarajima COMPLETE DVD BOOK” Vo.3 released today-“The last harmony of that” last silver “” Akino Sugino, memories of tears- ………………………………………………………………………………………… “Takarajima COMPLETE DVD BOOK” vol. 3 has been released today from Thursday, July 18 from Pia Corporation. Amazon:
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“” Takarajima COMPLETE DVD BOOK “vol. 3” (Pia) (C) TMS In Pia’s “COMPLETE DVD BOOK” series, following the “Tomorrow’s Joe”, which has been published for about a year, the TV anime version “Takarajima” with lots of fans still divided into three volumes and is completely recorded. Published monthly with the booklet. The final three volumes from the 19th “is it the end? Immortal silver”, the final 26th “Flint can’t fly anymore”, and the sequel short anime “The man who was called Yuuka” Includes all 9 episodes including. Map decipherment, treasure location, victorious battle winner … how to solve all mysteries and find flint treasures? The last volume filled with all the consequences can not be missed even in one episode! The booklet also introduces check points along with the story guides for these nine episodes. In the character setting picture, beloved characters who will be friends with the gym will appear in the second half of the story. And, in the interview with Akio Sugino who produced many famous characters with director Dezaki, the last scene secret story “I just had tears when I was drawing” was published. This is the second half of the interview with Shinobu Kobayashi, who supported the Dezaki anime of the 70’s and 80’s, and illustrations drawn by this magazine are also must-see. Please enjoy it together with the main part.
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“” Takarajima COMPLETE DVD BOOK “vol. 3″ (Pia) (C) TMS
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\ Takarajima COMPLETE DVD BOOK series / You can see that John Silver again! It is a work that many people want to see now!
◆ TV broadcast on Nippon Television in a total of 26 times from October 1978 to April 1979
◆ A timeless masterpiece with enthusiastic fans now and 40 years ago!
◆ The theme song “Horoken” composed by Haneken Koto Hantaro is adopted as an elementary school music teaching material
◆ With luxurious booklet which covered materials and interviews of mania affair! Includes 9 episodes (about 4 hours) for each volume. No matter where you look at it, the series configuration is impressive! ※ Original sound of the time is recorded as it is.
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“” Takarajima COMPLETE DVD BOOK “vol. 3” (Pia) (C) TMS -Vol.3 booklet contents- ・ TV version 19-26 episodes Story & Checkpoint ・ Character setting picture 3. “Characters in the second half of the story” ・ Specialized interview & illustration Akio Sugino / Shinobu Kobayashi ・ Development series of anime researcher Ryusuke Hikawa ・ “Takarajima” harmony archive “Point of” Takarajima “vol. 3” Map decipherment, treasure hunt, victorious battle winner … The final chapter of the adventure show where everything is settled! While both losing battle with one another in battle or fever, Silver approaches the secret of the treasure of Flint steadily. Even if you cry or laugh only one side gets the treasure. The final volume with all the endings can not be overlooked even with one episode! In addition, the short film “A man called Yuuka” which depicts the aftermath of the adventures of men is included. Let’s burn the last male figure of Jim and Silver! Specifically, in Pia Kansai version WEB! Http:// \\\\ Bulletin! ///// I can see those rats again! “Gamba’s Adventure Complete DVD BOOK” publication decision! This work, produced in 1975, is still known as a work with many strong fans, and the lovable and brave figures of Gambas are burned in the minds of many adults. Volume 1 will be released on September 26, 2019. Amazon URL Volume 2 Thursday, October 24, 2019 Scheduled for release Volume 3 Thursday, November 28, 2019 Scheduled for release Price: Body 1,390 yen (excluding tax) With luxury booklet of preservation version Publication / Sales: Pia Corporation Book bookings are available at online bookstores such as BOOK Pia and Amazon!
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