【Tokyo Midtown】 Large design event representing Tokyo “Tokyo Midtown DESIGN TOUCH 2019”

Tokyo Midtown Management Co., Ltd. Tokyo Midtown DESIGN TOUCH 2019, a large design event that represents Tokyo This year’s theme is “FUSION”-the entire Midtown Garden will be in the “design forest”-a pavilion by Audemars Piguet will also appear on Friday, October 18 2019-November 4 (Mon. ………………………………………………………………………………………… Tokyo Midtown (Minato-ku Akasaka / Business representative Mitsui Fudosan Co., Ltd.) will design the fall “Tokyo Midtown DESIGN TOUCH 2019” (Tokyo Midtown Design Touch) from October 18 (Fri) to November 4 (Mon).・ We hold until resignation). “Tokyo Midtown DESIGN TOUCH” will be held for the 13th time with the concept of “enjoying design with five senses”. This year’s theme is “FUSION”. In a society where society is becoming more complex, it is difficult for one individual or one company to create innovation, and by combining design with other areas such as space, technology and art, it provides new value. [Table 4: https://prtimes.jp/data/corp/27065/table/61_1.jpg”>

“Tokyo Midtown DESIGN TOUCH” is held every year with the concept of “enjoy the design with the five senses”. This year, the main event “Design Forest” will appear in Midtown Garden. It is an event that you can touch “design” from various viewpoints. “Roppongi color valley” Work by creator “SPREAD” which became a topic in Milan Design Week this spring. A dynamic installation with vivid colors, based on the concept of “immersing in a colorscape,” will appear in the midtown garden over a distance of approximately 80m. [Image 1

Roppongi color valley (image) Midtown Garden has an image of “changes in nature and topography” and has a landscape design that extends from the summit to the forest and then to the green grass. Inspired by the concept of this garden, this work uses a mesh material fabric with a total length of approximately 1 km to cover the garden. Enjoy the fusion of nature and design in an energetic colored valley that shows different expressions day and night. [Image 2

Roppongi color valley (image) 【Period】 October 18th (Fri)-November 4th (Mon. · Recession) ※ We canceled stormy weather Location: Midtown Garden [Organizer] Tokyo Midtown 【Production】 SPREAD
Production is a creative unit that received attention in Milan Design Week 【SPREAD Comment】 “Man is fascinated by the contrast behind the colors.” The inspiration for this work comes from the memories of the land and the beauty of the colors and the horizon. Looking at the history and landscape design of Tokyo Midtown’s lands, the spread of color scenes that SPREAD has focused on will combine to reveal the colored valleys along the waterscape line. The fluttering of the wind, the overlap of bright colors is a memory of the activity of the place and people for some time. A variety of bumps and bumps will be reminiscent of waves and waters. What exists in the scenery we usually admire vaguely? I would like you to experience beauty from sight as you go along this path with your family, your pets, yourself and so on. I would like you to enjoy the dialogue with this place by soaking in the color horizon that greatly encloses the human body. 【Profile】 SPREAD (spread) Creative unit by Haruna Yamada and Hirokazu Kobayashi. Environment, living thing, thing, time, history, color, characters, all memories are taken into consideration and “SPREAD = spread” creative. While deeply involved in the project, he designs and directs graphics, products, exhibitions, etc. with the features of “color and concept”. I always try to make social proposals. “Open space of design” Designed by product designer Naoto Fukasawa and interior designer Hisae Igarashi, the playground equipment that has won the Good Design Award has appeared. There are 5 types of play equipment by “PLAY DESIGN LAB” which thinks about a better children’s play environment. You can experience by touching the playground equipment that is slightly different from the usual park. [Image 3

Seed [Image 4

OMOCHI 【Period】 October 18th (Fri)-November 4th (Mon. · Recession) [Target age] 1 to 6 years old Location: Midtown Garden [Organizer] Tokyo Midtown 【Cooperation】 Jakuetsu Co., Ltd. Roppongi Future Conference Idea Realization Project “Forest School” An idea realization project “Forest of School” at Web Magazine “Roppongi Future Conference” has been specially opened. Top creators of different genres will give special lessons under blue sky. It is a valuable experience that directly stimulates sensibility while being surrounded by the scent of nature and sunshine. [Image 5

State of past holding 【Period】 October 19 (Sat)-October 20 (Sun) 【Time】 11: 00 ~ 17: 00 Location: Midtown Garden [Organizer] Roppongi Future Conference [Lecturer] Nakagawa Zhou (woodworkers) others 【Reservation site】 Peatix ※ About the latest information and application of each class will be announced sequentially on the official site from the beginning of September New work (title undecided) As well as teaching at university, Keisuke Wakita, who exhibited works at collaborations with various companies and works at a global art festival, will carry out an installation. Following on from the performance of “Imaginary University” at Tokyo Midtown x Ars Electronica “The School Festival of the Future” held in February this year, a notable work will appear. 【Period】 October 18th (Fri)-November 4th (Mon. · Recession) Location: Midtown Garden [Organizer] Tokyo Midtown 【Production】 Akira Wakita
[Table 5: https://prtimes.jp/data/corp/27065/table/61_2.jpg”>

“Tokyo Midtown DESIGN TOUCH” where the company exhibit is also a highlight every year. It will introduce a part of. For the first time this year, we will also have a corporate exhibition at the Lawn Square. You can touch the design in various places in Tokyo Midtown. Audemars Piguet “something more than a watch” World circuit exhibition “something more than watches” by Swiss luxury watch brand “Audemars Piguet (Audemars Piguet)”. A large 30m x 45m pavilion will appear on the large Tokyo Midtown Grass Square. [Image 6

image The huge ring-shaped pavilion is an image of a clock and the rooms are divided by theme of “12”, and you can see demonstrations by a watchmaker who came from Japan, such as demonstration of movement and dial decoration, disassembly and assembly of the clock. You [Image 7

image In addition, about 200 items from the historical value vintage watch to the current model, selected from the Audemars Piguet Museum’s collection, will be exhibited, and the story of Audemars Piguet since its foundation in 1875 will be told through these pieces You [Image 8

image 【Period】 October 19 (Saturday)-November 4 (Mon., Holiday) [Place] lawn open space [Organizer] Audemars Piguet (Audemars Piguet) Outside of the ring, the works of Kenji Ikeda, an up-and-coming artist who combines electronic music and visual that Audemars Piguet has supported this year, will be shown. This work is the second of the “data-verse” trilogy and embodies the sophistication of watchmaking and the “unconventional” of Audemars Piguet. 【Audemars Piguet】 www.audemarspiguet.com/en Daihiro Prodact Lab. “Hanzoo!” An exhibition of products developed by a team that creates “Product x Act” from new perspectives and ideas that evoke surprises, emotions, and actions. It combines the functional value of gloves that protect and warm hands with the emotional value of fun to touch. Redesigned as a parent-child communication tool. [Image 9

【Period】 October 18th (Fri)-November 4th (Mon. · Recession) Location: Galleria Hall [Organizer] Daihiro Co., Ltd. Prodact Lab.
DESIGN TOUCH CONFERENCE We will discuss design possibilities with the theme of “FUSION”. SPREAD × creative director Yamada Yu who produces Roppongi color valley with this design touch, “HELLO, DESIGN Japanese and design” (NewsPicks × Gentosha / NewsPicks Book) Top runners of each field gather including Toshiya Ishikawa You [Image 10

【Period】 October 25 (Fri)-October 27 (Sun) Location: Tokyo Midtown Conference Room 9 [Organizer] Tokyo Midtown Design Department
Tokyo MIDTOWN AWARD 2019 Winners Announced and Exhibited This is the 12th time this year, which started as part of activities aimed at creating and consolidating “JAPAN VALUE (new Japanese values, sensibility, talents)”, which is also a concept of Tokyo Midtown, and continuously transmitting to the world. TOKYO MIDTOWN AWARD “. In order to discover and support the designers and artists who will lead the next generation, and in order to collaborate with them, in 2019, we recruited works in two categories: design competitions and art competitions. A total of 16 works will be selected from all the submitted works, and during the “Tokyo Midtown DESIGN TOUCH 2019” period, the award-winning works will be presented and exhibited and the award ceremony will be held. [Image 11

State of display of last year Tokyo MIDTOWN AWARD 2019 Winners Announced [Date] October 18 (Fri) ※ We announce examination result through official sites TOKYO MIDTOWN AWARD 2019 Awards Ceremony [Date] October 18 (Fri) 16:30-17:30 (scheduled) [Place] Plaza B1 “special purpose meeting place” before “return of intention” ※ It is possible to see the general public [Image 12

Work display 【Period】 October 18 (Fri)-November 10 (Sun) [Place] Plaza B1 【Exhibited work】 Tokyo MIDTOWN AWARD 2019 Winner and finalist work (16 points) ※ We carry out “audience prize” to choose popular work by general vote during period ※ The award winning design contest will be displayed in Tokyo Midtown for about a year after the exhibition. Salone in Roppongi vol. 7 2019 In Roppongi, the bustle of the world’s largest design event “Milan Salone” held every year in Milan, Italy! Salone in Roppongi has developed into a secret word. I communicate with Japanese creators who are attracting attention and active in the world. The seventh installment will be exhibited in 2019 as well, focusing on the creators who have worked in Milan. [Image 13

【Period】 October 18th (Fri)-November 4th (Mon. · Recession) Location: Galleria Hall [Organizer] Salone in Roppongi Executive Committee
[Table 6: https://prtimes.jp/data/corp/27065/table/61_3.jpg”>

During the “Tokyo Midtown DESIGN TOUCH” event, design touch events will be gathered at Tokyo Midtown simultaneously. From beginners to experts, you can enjoy a wide range of designs. GOOD DESIGN EXHIBITION 2019-2019 Good Design Award Winning Exhibition- GOOD DESIGN EXHIBITION 2019 is one of the largest design events in Japan that shows the trend of design this year. In addition to introducing all 1,000 or more of the latest 2019 Good Design Award winners at various locations in Tokyo Midtown, talk events, seminars and workshops will be held by award designers and judges from around the world. In addition, the popular design “Good Design Store” pop-up shop is held again this year. You can buy your favorite good designs. In addition, the 21_21 DESIGN SIGHT Gallery 3 will also hold an exhibition of the “Long Life Design Award”, which will be given to long seller designs. It is a five-day experience that everyone can enjoy with a good design familiar to everyday life. [Image 14

State of the venue last year 【Period】 October 31 (Thursday) to November 4 (Mon., Shake) Location: Tokyo Midtown Hall, Atrium, Canopy Square, Tokyo Midtown Conference, Design Hub, 21_21 DESIGN SIGHT Gallery 3 【Time】 11: 00 ~ 20: 00 ※ The last day until 18:00 ※ “Long Life Design Award” exhibition is from 10:00 to 19:00 【Charge】 Free [Organizer] Japan Design Promotion Association
21_21 DESIGN SIGHT Exhibition “Mushi Exhibition-A Model for Design-” An insect that reflects nature. Although we are close to us, in fact most of the ecology is unknown. The color, texture, structure, and habits of insects are spreading the unknown world far beyond our imagination. The variety of insects that have evolved in a much longer history than humanity reveals the possibility of various creations. This exhibition is an attempt to make the mysterious insects “models of design” the more you know. The exhibition director will receive graphic designer Taku Sato, and plan supervision will have an anatomist Yoji Yoro, who is also known as an insect lover. 【Period】 July 19th (Fri)-November 4th (Mon. · Shakedown) (Closed on Tuesday, October 22) Location 21_21 DESIGN SIGHT Gallery 1 & 2 【Time】 10: 00 ~ 19: 00 (Admission until 18:30) 【Fee】 general 1,200 yen, undergraduate student 800 yen, high school student 500 yen, junior high school student or less free [Organizer] 21_21 DESIGN SIGHT, Issei Miyake Design Culture Foundation

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