[MNS TOKYO Co., Ltd.] In June 2020, Taisuke Tsuchiya appears on the stage “Impressionism Neo vol. 4” directed by Mari Natsuki, and he is decided!

MNS TOKYO Co., Ltd. June 2020, directed by Taisuke Tsuchiya on the stage “Impressionism Neo vol. 4” directed by Mari Natsuki. ………………………………………………………………………………………… Mari Natsuki, who continues to run on the front lines of entertainment, is the first 3 years in Setagaya Public Theater for five days from Wednesday, June 3 to 7, 7th Sunday 2020 “Impressionism Neo vol. 4” The end of Pinocchio “”It will be held. Mari Natsuki, who continues to run on the front lines of entertainment, is the first 3 years in Setagaya Public Theater for five days from Wednesday, June 3 to 7, 7th Sunday 2020 “Impressionism Neo vol. 4” The end of Pinocchio “”It will be held. Impressionist NEO that Mari Mari Natsuki has been passionately drawn and creative as a conceptual art theater that attracts overwhelming space and directionality is attractive, and the appearance of actress, Taisuke Tsuchiya, who is very active on television, movies, and the stage, is decided Did. Mari Natsuki is fascinated by the dance performance of Taishi Tsuchiya who was fascinated by the Australian musician “Alive” Japanese version music video, and has been a love call for several years. The realization is fruitful now, and the work is also innovatively created. Tatsuki Tsuchiya, who has been decided to appear, has a longing and awe for “the artist named Mari Natsuki, whom she has embraced since her childhood”. It turns to respect for “the person named Mari”, and that respect accelerates fear and awe, and more I want to! The door that I met when I was thirsty is “Impressionism”. While questioning whether we are qualified to challenge this rare world, we will reach the moment when admiration and awe reach boiling point. ] And enthusiasm. Please look forward to the new impressionist with director Tachiya Tatsuki created by Mari Natsuki. [“Impressionism group NEO vol.4” The end of Pinocchio “implementation summary] 2020 [Impressionism NEO] fairy tale series fourth I feel that I always want to live fresh without losing my childhood, but the fairy tale that children can read is a bible that adults must read. With such feelings, in the Impressionism NEO, we have staged works such as “Our Little Red Riding Hood”, “Cinderella with a gray background”, and “Snow White of Wonderland”. Based on the concept of cruelty of fairy tales and antithesis of contemporary society, the new work will be staged on the theme of “Pinocchio”.
■ Date: June 3-2020 (Wed)-7 (Sun)
■ Venue: Setagaya Public Theater (4-1-1, Taikodo, Setagaya-ku, Tokyo)
■ Description: Mari Natsuki
■ Starring: Tatsuki Tsuchiya, Mari Natsuki Terroir (Marina Natsuki Terroir)
■ choreography: Ide Shigeta (Idebian ・ crew) / Koru Kenta / Hasegawa Tatsuya (DAZZLE)
■ Web site: inshouha-neo.com [Image 1

Directed by: Natsuki Mari (Natsuki / Mari) 1973 singer debut. Art activities have been expanded from the 1980s to theaters and received awards such as the art commendation minister’s newcomer award. Alongside numerous performances including directed works by Suzuki Tadayoshi and the late Yukio Kamogawa, he has been producing his own directed works from 1993, the “Impressionism” series. In solo work eight works, not only domestic but also London, Paris, Düsseldorf, Washington, Avignon Theater Festival (France), Edinburgh International Festival (UK), and many overseas performances. Then, after performing “in transit” performances at the Museum of Contemporary Art Tokyo, established the president company Mari Natsuki Terroir (MNT). Impressionism NE? O series vol. 1 “Our Little Red Riding Hood” (2009), vol. 2 “Cinderella with a gray cover” (2014), vol. 3 “Snow White of Wonderland” (2017) “Announced. “Snow White in Wonderland” also successfully performed at the Louvre Museum. The “Impressionism” has been named “Conceptual Art Theater” and has established its own artistic expression with a high level of physical ability, and has received the Montblanc International Cultural Award for the achievement of this activity, and is based on the Impressionism. In addition, a large number of film appearances. In the film directed by Hayao Miyazaki, “The Spirited Away”, he acted as a voice actor for “Yukasu” and became a topic. In music activities, he actively participates in summer festivals such as “FUJI ROCK FESTIVAL”. Also, jazzy and stylish live “MARI de MODE” with a look different from rock has performed well for three consecutive years at Blue Note Tokyo. In addition, the multi talents such as publication of a book are exhibited. In 2009, we established the “One of Love Project” to support roses and music, and we continue to support children in developing countries. He also advises the Organizing Committee of the 2020 Tokyo Olympic and Paralympic Games. [Image 2

Actress Tatsuya Tauchi Born on February 3, 1995, from Tokyo. O type. Judge’s Special Award for 2005 audition “MISS PHOENIX”. 2008 movie debut. 2015 was selected as a heroine in the NHK continuous television novel “rare” and attracts attention. 2016 39th Japan Academy Awards Newcomer Actor Award, 40th Erandall Award Newcomer Award. It won the Best Actress for Best Actress at the 9th TAMA Film Festival in 2017, and the Best Actress for Best Actress at the 41st Japan Academy Awards in 2018. In addition, we try challenge and two roles in dance and theme song lyrics and the first stage, 2018 “60th shine! The presenter of the Japan Record Awards has also been acclaimed and has expanded the venue for his success. She is currently a regular appearance on “I will be 20 round and round ninety gourmet chicken race gochi” (NTV). “The tragedy of W” (scheduled November 23) is on standby at NHK / BS. Mari Natsuki Terroir Selected in the audition, I do physical training for the work in the workshop twice a year.

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