Commemoration of the 32nd anniversary of the opening “Accordion and violin live / buffet” and others Nagoya Tokyu Hotel

Tokyu Hotels Inc. Commemoration of the 32nd anniversary of the opening “Accordion and violin live / buffet” and others Nagoya Tokyu Hotel ………………………………………………………………………………………… [Image 1

Related link URL: Nagoya Tokyu Hotel (Senior Manager, Naka Ward, Nagoya City: Katsutoshi Saito) is a special event on the 32nd anniversary of the opening of business August 23 (Fri) From 19:00, we will hold a “Live & Buffet” where you can enjoy food and drinks in a buffet format while listening to live performances of two internationally active members of Angelo Aquilini (accordion) Salvatore Piediscaltsi (violin) You On the 20th of the opening day, a glass of sparkling wine is presented to guests who eat dinner at the restaurant “Loire” on August 20. We will also sell special bags of 133,000 yen and 33,000 yen at the hotel lobby.
32nd Anniversary Special Project 【Live & Buffet】 [Image 2

Accordion Player Angelo Aquilini and violinist By Salvatore Piediscaltsi Hotel chef shakes arms with live music Have a captivating night with lots of food. Date: August 23rd (Fri) 19: 00-21: 00 Fees: Adult ¥ 5,051 (¥ 6,000) Primary school children ¥ 3,368 (¥ 4,000) Preschooler ¥ 1,684 (¥ 2,000) ※ The charges in parentheses include service fee and consumption tax. Buffet contents:
◆ Cooking Seafood marinade Provence style Thinly sliced ​​beef Edamame and bacon quiche Potato cold soup Scallop Poile Tomato Verge Sauce Olive flavor of salmon Chicken breast confit with basil Provence-style stewed beef etc
◆ Salad
◆ Dessert Branmange mango roll cake with melon Souffle cheesecake ・ Gato chocolate with dark cherry etc
◆ free drinks Wine (red / white), draft beer, whiskey Juice oolong tea Coffee, tea Reservation / Contact: Atrium Lounge “Grindelwald” 052-251-6685 (directly) [Image 3

Angelo Aquilini [Image 4

Salvatore Piediscaltsi [Image 5

[Restaurant “Loire”] With a history of over 100 years, in the “Loire region” in France Citrus fruits and honey to be produced, such as acacia Give aperitif a glass with a complex aroma and a fresh crispy acid. Date: August 20 (Tuesday) Dinner time 17: 30-22: 00 (L.O. 21:30) Content: For customers visiting for dinner only. One aperitif one cup service
◆ Sparkling wine from the Loire region “Grassien et Meyer Clement de Loire” Reservation / Contact: Restaurant “Loire” 052-251-7330 (Direct) 【Goods bag sales】 The hotel’s highest class “Royal Suite Room Maisonette” [Image 6

You can enjoy the hotel such as accommodation vouchers and restaurant meal vouchers You can buy a ticket. Sales date: August 20 (Tuesday) 13:00-Ends as soon as sold out Sales place: Nagoya Tokyu Hotel 1st floor lobby Contents: ¥ 133,000
◆ Royal suite maisonette pair accommodation ticket (With breakfast and champagne set)
◆ Pair dinner (Restaurant “Loire” / Japanese cuisine “Nadaman” / Chinese cuisine “Nangoku sake house” choice)
◆ pair cake set (Atrium Lounge “Grindelwald”) ¥ 33,000
◆ Corner suite pair accommodation ticket (with breakfast)
◆ Pair Afternoon Tea Set (Atrium Lounge “Grindelwald”)
◆ Pair dinner (restaurant “Loire” / all day dining “Montmartre”)
◆ Pair Afternoon Tea Set (Atrium Lounge “Grindelwald”)
◆ Pair cake set (atrium lounge “Grindelwald”) ※ The rates shown include service fee and consumption tax. Nagoya Tokyu Hotel is an extraordinary space for many customers, as well as for giving its 32nd anniversary appreciation. We will prepare various plans for fall Halloween and Christmas from now on to have you enjoy it.

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