[Pia Co., Ltd.] Shion Hirano appeared on the cover & interview taken down! “Pia Movie Special 2019 Summer” released today!

Pia Corporation Shion Hirano appeared on the cover & interview taken down! “Pia Movie Special 2019 Summer” released today! An interview with the taking of the Yokohama meteor, “Theatrical version old man love” feature, invitation of the preview meeting are also fulfilling! To ………………………………………………………………………………………… “Pia Movie Special 2019 Summer” was released on August 1st (Thu). It can be purchased at bookstores across the country, online bookstores (amzn.to/2 FMELh0), and our BOOK Pia (bit.ly/319Yi3f). [Image 1

■ Cover & Intro Special Feature “Kaguya-sama wants to tell-love genius war of geniuses-” Shion Hirano (King & Prince) Just as a darling of the age, she emits radiance and charm, Shion Hirano has become a “flickering now”. The leading work that becomes the third work as an actor “Kaguya-sama wants to tell you-love genius war of geniuses-” will be released on Friday, September 6th. I’m thrilling now, I’m thrilled to see you, and I’m also thrilled with movies That’s what his present look like, All 12 pages, I will close in the long interview taken down! ・ A long interview with Hirano Shion taking down ・ Interview with Hayato Kawai [Image 2

(C) 2019 movie “Kaguya-sama wants to be told” Production Committee
■ All taken down! Spring Japanese movies, seasonal faces gather! “Izunare, Gansei” Yokohama meteor [Image 3

(C) Yu Kono / Shinchosha (C) 2019 movie “Izunare, Gunsei” Production Committee “Theatrical version ONE PIECE STAMPEDE” WANIMA [Image 4

(C) Oda Eiichiro / 2019 “One Piece” Production Committee “Theatrical version Kamen Rider Geio Over Quartzer” Sono Okuno & Watanabe [Image 5

Movie version “Ziou ・ Ryu Soger” Production Committee (C) Ishimori pro · TV Asahi · ADK EM · Toei “HiGH & LOW THE WORST” Emura Kawamura & Kitato Yoshino (THE RAMPAGE from EXILE TRIBE) [Image 6

(C) 2019 “HiGH & LOW THE WORST” Production Committee (C) Takahashi Hiroshi (Akita Shoten), HI-AX “Bee bee and distant thunder” Morizaki Win [Image 7

(C) 2019 movie “bees and distant thunder” production committee
■ “Theatrical Edition Ozanzazu Love-LOVE or DEAD-” Feature Atsushi Tanaka and the main theme song from the TV drama version In addition to the interview of the skimmer switch, I hit the shooting site of crank-in and crank-up directly The first report is included and delivered in 10 pages in total! · Interview with Atsushi Tanaka ・ First shooting site report ・ Sukima switch shooting down interview [Image 8

(C) 2019 “Theatrical Edition Adult Love” Production Committee
■ Popular plans of Pia (application) are on business trip to the magazine! BOYS Pia: Itagaki Yayoi “First Love Loss Time” [Image 9

(C) 2019 “First Love Loss Time” Production Committee
■ NEWS & TOPICS ・ Sato victory and Takahashi Kaito declare war on “Black” school! ・ Can ‘Lion King’ be the “King” this summer? -Challenge for the first time drama Hoshino Gen, become a trap! ・ The lacrimal gland collapse is certain !? The three part final work following “that flower” “this salmon”
■ Special feature on foreign films 13 good guys who cheer up the second half of 2019! Brad Pitt / Keanu Reeves / Talon Egerton et al.
■ LiLiCo’s series “Don’t let this movie get buried!” “Blow Hour to Blue Hour” Talk with Shim Eun Kyung!
■ movie writer recommendation, good quality work review “Ass” Dragon Quest Your Story “Dance with Me” “Rocketman” others
■ ENTERTAINMENT TOPICS Movies, music, theater, art, TV, delivery, Blu-ray, etc. We deliver seasonal topics of various entertainment genres!
■ Check together the summer and autumn topic works! Movie fan must-have! New movie 187 pre-populated catalogs!
■ Invitation & present plan 1. Prepare a large number of invitations for the pre-screen meeting of the featured works! 【Guest will be announced】 “Izunare, Gunmai” completion show screening (urgent offer!) A person who knows the blue of the sky “Totono Gakuen” completion show preview 【General Preview】 “Hitoyo” General Preview “Nino country” general screening party “John Wick: Parabellum” General Preview “T-34 Legend of War” General Preview 【Present】 ‘Ass’ mbi-tike card 2. Pia (app) start commemoration! A total of 80 people will receive a mobi-tike card of the topic work! “Kaguya-sama wants to tell you ~ genius love brain warfare ~” “Theatrical Edition Ozanzazu Love-LOVE or DEAD-” “Moving Daimyo! ” “Black school rules” ※ 2. Application is granted when Pia (application) is downloaded (free) <Pianist NameYou can purchase at bookstores nationwide, online bookstores, BOOK Pia, etc.
■ Amazon: amzn. To / 2 FMELh 0
■ 7 net: bit.ly/2ZlfG4e
■ BOOK Pia: bit.ly / 319Yi3f [Publication summary] Title: "Pia Movie Special 2019 Summer" Format: A4 / 122 pages Release Date: August 1, 2019 Price: 1,015 yen (tax included) Publisher: Pia Corporation Release: Nationwide bookstores, online bookstores, BOOK PIs, etc.

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