The Magic Character of the Magic Girl Anime! Series second work! “Ojamajo Doremi #” is the first Blu-ray BOX!

Happinet Corporation The Magic Character of the Magic Girl Anime! Series second work! “Ojamajo Doremi #” is the first Blu-ray BOX! ………………………………………………………………………………………… “Ojamajo Doremi” Series 2nd! First BOX and Blu-ray! Of the “Oja-Kiki Dori” series that recorded the highest ratings of all generations in the series “Oja-Kiki Doru” series for girls who broadcast 4 TV anime series for 4 years from 1999 Blu-ray BOX is released. The theme was changed from “friendship” to “child-raising” in the previous work, and in addition to the chattering comedy depicted on the stage of MAHO Do and the witch world becoming a gardening shop, the difference between humans and witch and farewell with Hana, children It is a story development that can be enjoyed by adults and adults. [Image

[Product information] Release date: January 8, 2020 (Wednesday) Price: 52,800 yen (excluding tax) Product number: BIXA-9029 JAN: 4907953214224 【specification】 ・ Window empty three-way spine case -Newly drawn Deji stack case 2 types ·picture label 【Encapsulation Benefits】 ・ New record recording special drama CD ・ Special booklet [Video bonus] ・ Non-credit opening “Oja Witch is here” ・ Non-credit ending “Keep your voice” ※ Product specification, release date may be changed. 【STORY】 The closing ceremony night of the third grader. We all encounter a scene where a baby is born from a rose bud in the witch world! In the witch world, it is a rule that those who witnessed the birth of a baby become parents for raising for one year. Anyway, they become witch apprentices again, receive new taps and Polons, and reunite with the Majolicas. In the MAHO hall that has been transformed into a gardening shop, a year of caring for a witch’s baby opens its doors- 【CAST】 Harukaze: Chie Chiba Hazuki Fujiwara: Tomoko Akitani Aiko Seno: Yuki Matsuoka Segawa Opus: Rumi Shishido Hana-chan: Otani Ikue Majolica: Naomi Nagasawa (present: Nao Nagasawa) Lara: Megumi Takamura Other 【STAFF】 Producer: Shinji Yanagi (ABC), Takihiro Nishizawa (ABC), Kanako Arai (ASATSU-DK), Katsunori Nage (ASATSU-DK), Hiromi Seki Original: Izumi Todo Series: Kodansha “Nakayoshi” cartoon ・ Shimizu Takanashi “fun kindergarten” “friends” others Series: Takashi Yamada Music: Oku Keiichi Production charge: Atsushi Kazama Art Design: Yukiyukie, Nobuyuki Yuki Color design: Kunio Shibata Character concept design: Yoshihiko Makoe Series director: Takuya Igarashi, Shigeyasu Yamauchi Official Twitter: @doremi_BDBOX (C) Toei Animation

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