【Realgate Co., Ltd.】 Opened this fall in the “PORTAL POINT -Ebisu-” complex that supports “food, exercise, and sleep” in Ebisu Garden Place, and began pre-registration in the preview.

Realgate Co., Ltd. This fall opens the complex “PORTAL POINT -Ebisu-” that supports “eating, exercise and sleep” in the Ebisu Garden Place, and starts pre-shows registration Renewal to shared office, cafe, event space, and store to support improvement in worker productivity ………………………………………………………………………………………… Realgate Co., Ltd. (Head office: Minato-ku, Tokyo, Representative director: Yutaka Iwamoto, hereinafter referred to as “Realgate”), which operates 48 creative offices for startups, is approximately 460 tsubo in the first basement floor of Glass Square in Ebisu Garden Place. We will open the complex “PORTAL POINT-Ebisu-(Portal Point Ebisu)” this fall. [Image 1

コ ミ ュ ニ テ ィ Community lounge image (during the event) Official site: https://portalpoint.jp/ebisu/ In Ebisu’s Landmark, Ebisu Garden Place, work on the ground floor of Glass Square, with the aim of “creating a new lifestyle and promoting community revitalization,” office tenants, local residents, and nearby workers can also use it. It is a complex that offers “plus alpha value” in place. It consists of a shared office with a nap room, a cafe, an event space, and a pop-up store that can be used by local residents and visitors. The creative direction of the in-house lounge is handled by Transit General Office, Inc., startup and creator Renovate to a facility supported by Taking advantage of the unique charm of Ebisu, where the “life” and “business” areas are close, we will provide a new work style unconcerned with the form, and realize further regional revitalization of the Ebisu area and the creation of new communities.
[Image 2

PORT “PORTAL POINT-Ebisu-” area guide The office section, which consists of nine sections of about 17 square meters to 76 square meters, is a completely private room “showroom office” and “private office” facing the window, and “free desk” where you can use creative space while emphasizing privacy We prepare “plan”. Start-ups and creators from various industries and business stages are actively engaged in providing an office space where you can fully enjoy the revitalization and stimulation of the community.
■ Showroom office In a space surrounded by glass walls, it can create the company’s unique atmosphere and can be used as a store and office. [Image 3

レ イ ア ウ ト Layout image of showroom office
■ Private office Fully private office space where you can express your identity freely according to your business style. We can start business immediately after entering with electricity, air conditioning and Internet.
■ Free desk plan The free desk plan, which can be used by one person, secures a space where members can concentrate, while the shared lounges such as lounges, meeting rooms, and nap rooms are also available. Corporate address registration and post are also available. [Image 4

プ ラ イ ベ ー ト Private office image [Image 5

フ リ ー Free desk space image [Image 6

コ ミ ュ ニ テ ィ Community lounge image (when using event)
■ Community lounge The 320-square-foot community lounge, located at the center of the facility, features an open glass ceiling of 8.6m, a space where you can work and meet while relaxing. In one corner, events such as exhibitions, workshops and yoga are also available, and can be used as a place for “interaction” with not only residents but also with surrounding workers and local residents.
[Image 7

イ メ ー ジ Conference room image
■ Premium lounge, meeting room, concierge A premium lounge with a particular interior design and two meeting rooms that can be used by up to 8 people can be used for various purposes, such as meetings and presentations, as a special space exclusively for residents. Concierge is resident in facility and supports tenant’s business. (※ Use of the meeting room is charged separately)
[Image 8

仮 Image of the sleeping room
■ Nap room A nap room with a power nap (napping) is established for the purpose of improving the productivity of tenant companies and supporting health management. This nap room is a representative director of Brain Sleep Co., Ltd., and is the author of “Stanford’s best sleep”, supervised by Seiji Nishino, and has a relaxing space and the latest IoT device. Support tenants’ creative business. ※ Press release on the nap room https://ordermade-tokyo.jp/journal/news/yebisu_gardenplace_brainpowernap/ [Image 9

カ フ ェ Cafe image
■ Cafe Operates about 100 cafes and restaurants such as ICE MONSTER, a popular icing ice store from Taiwan, and the most popular seafood restaurant, XIRINGUITO Escriba, in Barcelona, ​​and as a culture engineering company, food, fashion, art, A cafe with an in-house test kitchen function operated by Transit General Office that creates architecture, design, music, events and content. Not only residents but also nearby residents, workers at Ebisu Garden Place, and visitors can use it. Support the diverse working styles of residents from the point of view of food. [Image 10

ポ ッ プ ア ッ プ pop-up space image
■ Pop-up space A short-term shop & showroom space located in a location with good visibility immediately after leaving the Skywalk. The simple interiors and high ceilings of the skeleton are effective spaces for promotion in various industries. It can be used as a pop-up store that handles interactive workshops and creative new products and services. <Recruitment plan■ Office plan (showroom private) Contract type: Regular building lease contract / 2 years Usage: office, store and office Section area: Approximately 17 square meters-76 square meters / up to nine sections Rent: 250,000 yen-(scheduled) ※ Tax excluding · Electricity consumption separately Security deposit: 3 months worth of rent (including common benefit cost) (within 1 month worth of amortization)
■ Free desk plan Contract type: Facility use contract / 1 year Usage: office The fee for use: 40,000 yen (plan) ※ Excl. Tax ・ other annual fee Security deposit: equivalent to 1 month of usage fee (including common benefit expenses) It is planned to start the preliminary preview from the middle of October, and to start moving in from the end of October. The schedule and the latest information on the preliminary preview will be distributed to those who have registered as members in advance.
▼ Membership registration is here https://reg18.smp.ne.jp/regist/is?SMPFORM=mjnd-tbpio-0c4dbe6287401109881da140ce37535b

Facility name: PORTAL POINT -Ebisu- Location: 4-20-4 Ebisu, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo Glass Square B1 Transportation: JR Yamanote Line, Saikyo Line, Shonan Shinjuku Line “Ebisu Station” east exit 5 minutes on foot (Directly connected by underground passage from moving communication passage “Ebisu Skywalk”) Usage: office, store Structure: Reinforced concrete Total floor area: 1529.64 square meters (462.72 tsubo) Section area: The smallest area: 17.15 square meters Year of completion: October 2002 Completion of renovation: November 2019 Lender: Realgate Co., Ltd. Owner: Sapporo Real Estate Development Co., Ltd. [Image 11

In the central Tokyo area, we are engaged in 48 buildings and operations for the reproduction and operation of small and medium sized buildings and new construction, mainly for shared and order-made offices. Including building restoration that becomes possible by having a first-class architect’s office, we can keep up-to-date with both building owners and tenants by working from planning to leasing based on management results, and specific solutions Offers. A total of approximately 1,260 companies use it mainly for startups and creators. 【Company Profile】 Established: August 2009 Representative director: Yu Iwamoto Location: 3-5-6 Kita Aoyama, Minato-ku, Tokyo Aosubaki Building Main Building 3F Registration number: Residential area building trade business Governor of Tokyo (2) 90947 First-class architect office Tokyo Governor No. 62066 HP: https://www.realgate.jp Rental office search site: https://ordermade-tokyo.jp/ 【Contact for this matter】
■ Inquiries from media representatives (coverings, interviews, etc.) Realgate Co., Ltd. Public Relations: Fujimoto, Jojima TEL: 03-6826-5556 / FAX: 03-6826-5557 / E-mail: pr @ realgate.jp
■ Inquiries about PORTAL POINT -Ebisu- Realgate Co., Ltd. in charge: Kozu, Otsu TEL: 03-6826-5556 / E-mail: info_ebisu@realgate.jp

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