【Adastria Co., Ltd.】 Over 9 million members! The fun fashion store! “Dot Esty” renewal campaign started

Adastria Co., Ltd. Over 9 million members! The fun fashion store! “Dot Esty” renewal campaign started Adastria Co., Ltd., with “Play fashion!” As its corporate slogan (Head office: 2-21-1 Shibuya, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, President and Representative Director, Chairman and President: Michio Fukuda) has a concept of “fun fashion store!” The official web store “Dot Estee”, which has exceeded 9 million members, will be reopened on Monday, August 5th. On the same day, TV commercials and digital campaigns will begin. [Image 1

“Dot Estee” is an official web store that brings together 24 brands owned by Adastria. In addition to convenient functions and abundant fashion items, popular content “STAFF BOARD (Staff Board)” that proposes realistic styling linked with individual staff’s personal instagrams, services that can only be provided by Adastria are fulfilling. From August 5th, “Dot Estee” will be easier to see, easier to use, and more enjoyable. Also, from the same day, we will launch a campaign through TVCM and Twitter to transmit the fun of fashion. URL: https://www.dot-st.com
■ Overview of TVCM CM, MV, short film and other active film artists: Koichiro Ayukawa is appointed as CM director, attention dancer Aoi Yamada and popular model TSUGUMI’s dynamic action and facial expression “dots” The concept of “Esti” is expressed as a fun fashion store! And the music adopted “Slash Dot Dash” of UK’s global DJ Fatboy Slim. Arrange the lyrics “dotcom” in the rhythmically sung song to “Dodd Estee” and make the whole CM lively. [Image 2

Broadcast period: August 5 (Mon)-August 13 (Tue) Broadcast area: Kanto / Kansai / Chubu (excluding some areas) Director: Koichiro Ayukawa Performers: Aoi Yamada (dancer), TSUGUMI (model), etc. Music: Slash Dot Dash / Fatboy Slim Special site: https://www.dot-st.com/fashion-store [Image 3

Koichiro Ninagawa / TSUJIKAWA KOICHIRO Picture writer. Began working as an art director for CD jackets and book bindings, and started making videos when asked to make music videos by a friend’s musician. Currently, he is working in various genres such as CM, MV, short film, and other genres such as web and graphic projects. [Image 4

AOI Yamada / AOI YAMADA Born in Nagano Prefecture in 2000. Beginning in early childhood with dance, she wakes up in early 2017. With three white eyes, Narva Rich’s “VOICE”, MANWITH A MISSION “Dead in Tokyo”, “2045”, Mari Natsuki “corona” and Yonetsu Gen “Flamingo” MV and Tokyo Electron, and TVCM appearances such as Maple Story. For the “Japanese spirit project” of Yamamoto Hirosai For three years from 2017, he strives to be a statue of Nio. At Kawasaki Halloween 2018, in addition to the main visuals, he appeared in the parade car design and the parade on the day. At Basel world, an annual watch and jewelry festival in Basel, Switzerland, the citizen booth will perform for two years. [Image 5

TSUGUMI model. Belongs to DONNA 2016. Immediately after his debut, he appeared in numerous mode magazines, taking advantage of his 176cm height and participating in many domestic and international brand shows. After graduating from high school in 2019, he signed a contract with one of the largest model agencies in Paris and plans to participate in Paris Collection from September.
■ Twitter campaign summary If you follow the “Dot Estee” official Twitter account and retweet the campaign post, you will receive 24,000 yen points that can be used at the store for 24 people every day for 10 days, and a total of 240 people in the lottery. [Image 6

Implementation period: August 5 (Mon)-August 14 (Wed) Content: Follow & win the target post as a gift Present: 24,000 yen points that can be used in stores with “Dot Estee” Number of winners: 24 people daily / 240 people for 10 days About participation: Participation is possible every day until winning / winning is limited to once per person Official account: @dotst_official
■ # How to wear a collection overview Process your favorite photos into a total of 25 types of “Dots Estee” brands and “Dots Estee” original frames, and attach “#Dot Let’s Wear Collection” to SNS (Instagram or Twitter When you post to), you will receive a photo shooting experience by 5 professional photographers. Do you appear in Dot Esti with a photograph of a professional photographer? [Image 7

Implementation period: August 5 (Mon)-August 30 (Fri) Participation method: Upload photos to a special site set up in “Dot Esti”, select and process the frames, attach a hashtag, and post to SNS. Hashtag: #Come Wear Collection Presents: Professional photographer’s shooting experience Number of winners: 5 persons by lottery About participation: One application per person Page: https://www.dot-st.com/dot-st-collection
■ With STAFF BOARD “STAFF BOARD” is the contents in “DOT ESTY” where you can view the styling and lifestyle sent by the shop staff of the brand that Adastria develops. It was developed because the personal information sent by individual staff is stronger than the information sent from the store. Some staff members also work with personal instagrams, and through the coordination of private spaces and personal items, it is possible to make even more familiar and attractive styling suggestions. URL: https://sb.dot-st.com/staff-board/style/ (* Smartphone site only)
■ “Dot Esty” official app “Dot Estee” also has an official app. It is a convenient application that can be used seamlessly in real and online by combining the online shopping function and the membership card that can be used in the shop. In addition to product reviews and daily styling, there are plenty of app-only content. iOS: 11.0 or more App Store: https://apps.apple.com/jp/app/collect-point/id404786725 Android: 5.0 or higher Google Play: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=jp.point.android.dailystyling&hl=en
■ About Adastria Adastria Co., Ltd. (Chairman and President: Michio Fukuda) is a casual fashion store chain that develops more than 20 brands in the group such as “Global Work”, “Nicoand”, “Lory’s Farm” and approximately 1,400 stores in Japan and overseas. . The company’s corporate slogan is “Play fashion!” With the idea that we want to bring a lot of excitement to the world while enjoying fashion and life. [Image 8

[Image 9

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