On average, 82 Japanese smartphone apps are used, and 30% use it.

Fuller The average number 82 smartphone apps possessed by Japanese people of Dewa, 30% using The keywords are “Stable” and “Select” App Ape Mobile Market White Paper published Fuller Co., Ltd. (Head office: Sakai City, Chiba Prefecture, Representative director: Shuta Shibuya, Hiroki Sasai, “Fura” below), which deals with the app analysis platform “App Ape”, is an app used by smartphone users in Japan Published “App Ape Mobile Market White Paper” that summarizes the actual situation. [Image 1

White paper tabulates and analyzes application data stored in App Ape from January to December 2018. It can be downloaded for free from the special page of the app analysis media “App Ape Lab” operated by Fuller. Get Mobile Market White Paper: https://lab.appa.pe/2019-08/app-ape-mobile-market-white-paper.html Useful information from app data for all business people With the spread of smartphones and the advancement of infrastructure for life, data of apps that can grasp the lifestyles and characteristics of users on smartphones (smartphones) are not only in the marketing of apps, but also in various fields such as investment judgment and business strategy formulation It is beginning to be utilized. About 10 years have passed with the spread of smartphones, and data utilization of the app has already become an indispensable element for business development of all companies, as well as companies leading in each industry. As the use of data becomes commonplace in various decision-making and decision-making situations, Fuller will create a white paper to provide useful information obtained from application data to all business persons involved in mobile applications. It reached to. App Ape will continue to make decisions for customers truly by providing services that can best understand smartphone users. Both app ownership and usage are stable and usage rate is 30%. [Image 2

According to the App Ape Mobile Market White Paper, there were about 82 smartphone applications (Jan-Dec 2018) possessed by smartphone users in Japan. On the other hand, the number of applications used was about 25 and the usage rate was only about 30%. There is little change in both possession and use throughout the year, and it has become clear that two thirds of applications installed on smartphones by Japanese are not used. Shopping, music and games exceed 60%. The number narrows down [Image 3

Looking at the number of possessed applications by category per user (January-December 2018), the largest number was 19.5 of the “tools” category with a large number of pre-installed applications, and the actual number of applications used was 4.5. On the other hand, shopping apps tended to be as high as 2.4 for 3.3 possession, 2.1 for music for 2.1 and 2.1 for gaming 5.5. As the number of applications used by users is narrowed down, in order to replace the specific functions and roles of benchmark applications with in-house applications, the importance of developing a strategy based on the trends of applications in various genres has reappeared It is a form. In the white paper 利用 smartphone use population and OS ratio 月 間 average number of monthly applications used 分析 analysis by mobile application category 市場 market share of TOP 10 apps by category 利用 gender · age by usage category 月 monthly gender by age app usage trends-etc Is introduced. Please take advantage of the white paper that shows trends in the Japanese app market. Get Mobile Market White Paper: https://lab.appa.pe/2019-08/app-ape-mobile-market-white-paper.html What is App Ape? Services that can best understand app users [Image 4

App Ape is the No.1 * app analysis service in Japan that provides actual usage data for smartphone apps. (* Fastask check) You can view data such as when, by whom, and how much the app is used by positioning it as a smartphone version of audience rating information on TV. Data is available not only in Japan but also in 7 countries around the world. In addition to actual usage data of smartphone applications, cross-sectional data such as store information and attribute information is provided, and it can be widely used for planning and marketing of applications such as market and competitive research. It has been used by app developers, advertising agencies, financial institutions, etc., and has been used by corporations and individuals related to apps, and has been used by over 5,000 companies and groups worldwide. Detailed page of App Ape: https://ja.appa.pe/ Company Profile Company Name: Fuller Co., Ltd. Address: 178-4 Wakaba, Kashiwa-shi, Chiba 148-2 Kashiwa-no-ha Campus Co-representatives: Shuta Shibuya, Yuuki Sakurai Date of establishment: November 15, 2011 Business description: Smartphone application analysis support project, Smartphone application development support project URL: https://fuller-inc.com For inquiries about this matter: Public Relations Office, Sugiyama pr@fuller.co.jp / TEL 04-7197-1699

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