Prefectural opposition PR video rankings “Hokkaido” for East Japan and “Kyoto” for West Japan

Wave Dash Inc. Prefectural opposition PR video rankings “Hokkaido” for East Japan and “Kyoto” for West Japan As a result of the popularity of beautiful images that can make you feel like traveling …………………………………………………………………………………………… The community support site “Life” (, operated by Wave Dash Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, President Yuki Kono) Everyone’s ranking 2nd “Prefectural PR Video Ranking [East Japan]” and 3rd “Prefectural PR Video Ranking [Western Japan]” were announced. [Image 1

This “prefectural competition PR video ranking” was selected by (* 1), and videos of “tourism” or “migrant” prefectures on YouTube are divided into eastern and western Japan. It was decided by vote of member. [* 1 Video selection criteria details] ・ Produced by prefectural offices or tourism associations, tourism federations, etc. ・ Videos introducing prefectures produced in projects involving prefectural offices, etc. ・ Things that go beyond introducing one spot Many of the videos that entered the top of the “Prefectural Opposition PR Video Ranking” showed beautiful spots in sightseeing spots and events, and we received many comments that it was good to feel like traveling. [Image 2

The movie “Hokkaido Mirai Note” was ranked first in East Japan. [Image 3 “Hokkaido Mirai Note” (https // is a project that uses Instagram to convey the new appeal of Hokkaido through photography. The guide role is “Snow Miku” by Ambassador of Mirai Hokkaido, which was born after the “Snow Snow Festival” made in 2010 at the “Sapporo Snow Festival”. In the video, this snow Miku is a shining light that shows the charms of Hokkaido while traveling around Hokkaido, and finally the story of landing on Cape Earth, the main visual of “Hokkaido Mirai Note”. In addition to translucent music, Hokkaido’s rich natural scenery, festivals, events, and other events will be introduced from the sky and stylish cuts, so you can watch without losing tempo. “The video is beautiful, there is no waste, and the tempo is good. The music also feels good without disturbing the goodness (40’s female)” and “Scenery, events, traditional crafts, etc. according to fantastic music” As you can see from the comments such as “The charm of Hokkaido is introduced and it is simply good (male in 30s)”, it seems that not only the beauty of the video but also the goodness of the music led to the evaluation. The following comments were received from the Hokkaido Government Public Relations Division, Hokkaido, which ranked first. *********** Hokkaido is full of various attractions. “Hokkaido Mirai Note” uses Instagram to introduce people’s favorite Hokkaido, including nature and food, local festivals and smiles of residents. Sending out new charms. This video to promote “Hokkaido Mirai Note” was produced with the cooperation of Krypton Future Media Co., Ltd., known for “Hatsune Miku”, etc., with the video taken by the drone. When you come to Hokkaido, please check the Instagram “Hokkaido Mirai Note” and touch the charm of Hokkaido. Also, if you discover a new attraction on your trip, please post it with #Hokkaido Mirai Note or #hmnote. *********** [Image 4

The first place in Western Japan was Kyoto’s “Another Kyoto-Tea in Kyoto”. [Image 5 This is a video produced as part of the “Let’s go to another Kyoto” campaign that conveys the charm of each area in Kyoto that is a bit different from the ancient city of Kyoto. The main actress is Manami Honjo, and the music provided and performed by Taro Hakase and other luxurious members. The story of the video is that the couple who had a fight in Kyoto traveled separately and finally went around Kyoto together, but this time the life entered the “ Oka no Kyoto ” Hen “. A picture of tea leaves and sencha that seems to have a gorgeous atmosphere of Manpukuji, a beautiful landscape of the tea plantation, and a good scent of tea. The email from the husband that is inserted in the place so far is comical and does not get bored. “I felt like a warm drama tailoring to enhance the goodness of Kyoto (a man in my 60s)” and “I was drawn from the beginning, and tears came out somehow. I felt the charm of Kyoto. As you can see from the comment “Woman in 30’s”, this video conveys the atmosphere and charm of Kyoto. The following comments were received from the Kyoto Prefectural Public Relations Division, which ranked first in Western Japan. *********** I am very pleased that the video of “Another Kyoto-Tea in Kyoto” won the first place in the “Prefectural Competition PR Video Ranking [Western Japan]”. Kyoto Prefecture has a long history as a tea-producing region in addition to the world-famous ancient city of Kyoto, and still has a long history as a tea production area. There is “Kyoto of the forest” in the Chubu region where the scenery remains, and “Kyoto of the ocean” in the northern region where you can enjoy beautiful seascape and rich food. To convey the appeal of these “another Kyoto”, Kyoto Prefecture has been conducting a campaign with music and video since November 2014. The world’s violinist Taro Hakase has a trilogy of the first song “Kyoto Ochano”, the second song “Kyoto Mori”, and the third song “Kyoto Umi” as the theme song for each area. In addition, he has composed and released three short movies featuring actress Manami Honjo, who have composed “Kumikyoku“ Another Kyoto ””. One of these short movies is “Another Kyoto -Ocha no Kyoto Hen”, which won the first prize this time. I hope you can enjoy the other two “Kyoto of the Forest” and “Kyoto of the Sea” together, and feel the charm of “Another Kyoto”. We hope that you will visit the “Kyoto Another Kyoto” area and experience the full charm. *********** Everybody’s rankings on Life vote on a unique theme every month. We will continue to announce new rankings. [Survey Overview] Survey method: Internet survey Research period: 2019/05/07-2019/06/09 Survey target: Living members 152 men and women in their 10s and 80s Survey period: 2019/06/10-2019/07/05 Survey target :: Living members 189 men and women in their teens to 80s
▼ Everyone’s ranking 2nd and 3rd “Prefectural opposition PR video ranking [East Japan] [West Japan] Results announcement” is here
▼ Voting for everyone’s ranking 5th “Roshibe rugby wild boar. “Life” A site operated by Wave Dash Co., Ltd. that contains over 200 administrative services, regional and administrative information for each city and 23 wards of Tokyo. You can compare the two cities, and the ranking is also substantial. This site is useful for finding and living in places such as water charges, subsidies / congratulations, and information on child-rearing. [Contact for inquiries regarding this release] Wave Dash Co., Ltd. Real Estate Media Department E-mail: Tel: 03-5532-2077

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