[ALC Co., Ltd.] “Japanese English Grammar Complete Therapy Clinic” prescribing real English will be released on August 7

ALC Co., Ltd. “Japanese English Grammar Complete Treatment Clinic”, which prescribes real English, will be released on August 7 Dr. Minton thoroughly diagnoses mistakes common to many Japanese …………………………………………………………………………………………… I would like to inform you about the new book “Japanese English Grammar Complete Treatment Clinic” from ALC Co., Ltd. [Image

The “Arc Library” series is a series of long-selling books that have been well-received in a new book size that is more portable. This book introduces 55 cases of English grammar mistakes common to many Japanese learners as “cases”. Where is bad? How can I fix it? Dr. Minton makes a thorough diagnosis and gives an appropriate “prescription” (answer). There are many themes, such as how to use the subject that is easily misunderstood, and the concept of “number” that is not found in Japanese. There are many cases where knowledge of textbooks is prejudiced and prevents proper understanding. Would you like to review the English grammar of “I knew it” and “I knew it” on this machine? This is a book that will surely help you get closer to the feeling of a native speaker.
● You cannot use the possession for “things that do not exist”
● will cannot be used for future “plans”
● at first is not “first”
● call means differently for active and passive
● This is my first time to … is a Japanese favorite mistake pattern. What should be expressed really?
● What are the two unknown functions of after all? … and so on. You can learn “real English grammar” that scales from your eyes. [Title] Japanese English Grammar Complete Clinic [URL] ec.alc.co.jp/book/7019063/ [Price] 1,080 yen (tax included) [Size] B6 size variant, 224 pages [ISBN code] 9784757433458 [Author] TD Minton [Author Profile] Professor at Keio University School of Medicine. Born in London in 1959. Graduated from Cambridge University. Director of the Japanese Society for Medical English Education and Editor-in-Chief of the Society Journal. Representative of Cambridge Oxford Association. Executive Director of Japan-British Society. Director of Japan English Exchange Federation. Lived in Japan for 38 years. His books include “Japanese Grammar I-III with Funny Japanese” and “Japanese English Expressions” (Research Inc.). My hobbies are music, mountaineering and golf. ≪E-book version will also be released on major electronic bookstores such as Amazon kindle, Rakuten kobo, Google Play Books on the same day≫ [amazon] URL: https://www.amazon.co.jp/dp/B07VV3RTJB Ark Public Relations Officer Kawai Yasuda e-mail: ko-ho@alc.co.jp TEL: 03-3556-2711 www.alc.co.jp/company/ [What is Arc?] Arc is a comprehensive language education company that has been developing educational materials to acquire practical language skills, with its corporate philosophy of “Creating an Earthling Network” for half a century since its founding in April 1969. Language fields such as learning information magazines such as “ENGLISH JOURNAL” over 45 years since the first issue, correspondence course “Hearing Marathon” series with a total of 1.2 million attendees, books, training, e-learning materials, various digital contents, etc. We provide various support for learners in Japan. www.alc.co.jp/

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