[Yamaha Corporation] Alto version appeared in Venova, a completely new wind instrument Yamaha casual wind instrument “Alto Venova”

Yamaha Corporation Alto version appeared in Venova born as a completely new wind instrument Yamaha casual wind instrument “Alto Venova” Yamaha Corporation will release “Alto Venova” as a new wind instrument on September 12, 2019 (Thursday). [Image 1

“Alto Venova” “YVS-120” The casual wind instrument “Venova” is a completely new type of acoustic wind instrument that allows you to enjoy the full-fledged performance and expressiveness of wind instruments more easily and more easily. “Venova” released in 2017 adopts a “branch tube structure” with branched cylindrical tubes and a unique design with a meandering shape, making it sound like a saxophone despite its compact body size By making the tube meander, we realized a simple fingering similar to a recorder that even beginners of wind instruments can easily play. In addition, because it is made of ABS resin, it is lightweight but has excellent durability and can be washed with water. These designs and functions, as well as the full blown feel unique to wind instruments, were recognized as being satisfactory not only by beginners but also by experienced wind instruments. . “Alto Venova” to be released this time is the alto range that makes it easier for even the first person to play and enjoy a calm tone, while maintaining the simplicity of “Venova” that can be played in the soprano range released in 2017. Model. Calm warm tone like alto saxophone Easy fingering similar to a recorder Durable and lightweight compact body that is easy to handle and easy to maintain Product name / product number / price (tax excluded) / release date: Yamaha Casual Wind Instruments Alto Venova / YVS-120 / Open Price / Thursday, September 12 1. Calm warm tone like alto saxophone [Image 2

The reed attached to the mouthpiece is vibrated and pronounced, and a calm and warm tone like an alto saxophone and the full blown feel of a reed instrument make it an expressive performance. In addition, by utilizing Yamaha’s original acoustic analysis technology, the inner diameter of the tube and the design of the sound hole are optimized to achieve a sound range of 2 octaves, making it possible to play many songs. [Image 3

2. Easy fingering similar to a recorder The “branch tube structure” and meandering shape provide a simple fingering that is easy to learn and play, similar to a recorder, so even beginners can enjoy playing with ease. 3. Durable and lightweight compact body that is easy to handle and easy to maintain Since the body is made of ABS resin, it is lightweight, hard to break, and can be washed with water, making it easy to handle and easy to maintain. In addition, a dedicated plastic lead with high durability and stability is included, and a highly stable synthetic material is used for the key pad. Because it is strong and compact, you can easily take it anywhere and enjoy playing in various situations such as outdoors. [Image 4

[Image 5

In 1966, we released the YTR-1 trumpet as the first Yamaha brand wind instrument, and since then, we have accumulated dialogue with top players in Japan and overseas, accumulating technological innovation and know-how. Currently, it is used by a wide range of users from professionals to beginners in many categories. “Venova”, which was released in 2017, was born out of the idea that “more people can enjoy playing wind instruments more easily, more freely, and more.” The most distinctive feature of the “branch tube structure” is the application of the “branch management theory” used in the virtual acoustic sound source by digital signal processing, which was installed in our synthesizer “VL1” released in 1993. is. A “branch tube structure” that can simplify the structure while maintaining features such as rich tones and easy fingering, makes maintenance easy and compact. We hope that by adding “Alto Venova” to the “Venova” lineup, we will be able to enjoy new ways to enjoy wind instruments in a variety of scenes, including free time at the end of work, outdoor activities and casual sessions. [Image 6

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