News of “Sapporo real dry” new TVCM airing

Sapporo Holdings News of “Sapporo real dry” new TVCM airing Attention to the obscene “sickness” of THE YELLOW MONKEY Kazuyoshi Yoshii who appeared in TVCM’s first appearance! To ………………………………………………………………………………………… [Image 1:] [Image 2: 12361-1118-652744-1.jpg] Sapporo Breweries Co., Ltd., a group company of Sapporo Holdings Co., Ltd., will broadcast a new TV commercial of “Sapporo Real Dry” from April 2 all over Japan. We appoint Kazuya Yoshii of THE YELLOW MONKEY which becomes TVCM first appearance this time. Monochrome-based composition, short cut under the catch copy of “Nodoore” in order to express “the stimulation that comes to the throat by the strongest in history (Note 1) which is the most characteristic of this product” We expressed the world view of the product with split editing with tempo. The music uses “Tentomushi” which is included in THE YELLOW MONKEY’s original album for the first time in 19 years, and produces a sense of speeding of the image with energetic sound. We hope that through this TVCM, customers will be able to sympathize with the exciting taste and world-view of “real dry” and “sapporo real dry”. (Note 1) In our beer taste “Liqueur (foaming) 1.” or “Other brewed liquor (foaming) 1.” Record 1. Title Full-blown dry ノ 唸 解 秒 15 seconds 15 seconds in full dry 2. Start broadcasting April 2, 2019 ※ CM main story has been released on March 27 from our company HP. 3. CM concept “Real dry” “Sapporo real dry” realized with the strongest carbonate (Note 1) in Sapporo beer new genre history. Based on the catch phrase of “Nodoe Rei”, the first feature of “Stimulation that comes to the throat with the strongest ever carbonation (Note 1),” which is the most distinctive feature of the history, is expressed in the entire TVCM 15 seconds. The cast is Mr. Kazuya Yoshii of THE YELLOW MONKEY. In order to express the soaring stimulation of the strongest carbonate, Mr. Kazuya Yoshii danced so hard as never before that he heard from the depths of Nodo. In addition, in order to link with the world view of the product package, the whole is configured on a monochrome basis. The short cuts and the edit with the tempo express the shock and the dry crispness that rushes. We aimed to give shock to the world by making all 15 seconds into a package image of “Sapporo real dry”, “strong carbon dioxide” and “dry” sizzle. 4. Episode Based on the common thought of expressing “the strongest in history history (1) with a gatsun and coming stimulus”, Kazushi Yoshii’s figure, product cut, narration, and music all give “unprecedented shock” Production was promoted. The photo was taken at a warehouse near the sea. Director Takeuchi Suguru and Yoshii Kazuya, who had teamed up in PV production in the past, made progress in shooting. While “Tentomushi” appointed to CM tunes flows, Yoshii sings like a music video, dances and dances in full-blown form and it is a masterpiece. A word that Yoshii-san himself was able to have fun like a live show. Even in the interview between filming parties, all the production staff smiles in the episode of “fishing in a private place and hitting in the moment you grab a mouth”. The moment I finished shooting, I took a pose that said, “Ah,” and so on. In addition, with regard to product cuts, they produce huge shocks such as dropping 10 kg of huge ice from 10 m in height, kicking off the product and expressing the impact of the strongest carbonation, etc. Please pay attention to the unprecedented appearance of Mr. Yoshii, the unprecedented production, and the impact of an unprecedented product. 5. Performers Kazuya Yoshii 6. Music Tenmushi / Composition / Lyrics: Kazuyoshi Yoshii Artist: THE YELLOW MONKEY
■ Performer Profile 【Yoshii Kazuya (Yoshii Kazuya)】 Born October 8, 1966, born in Tokyo and raised in Shizuoka. Formed rock band THE YELLOW MONKEY, with Kazuya Yoshii, Hideaki Kikuchi, Yoichi Inose, Eiji Kikuchi Active since December 1989. He is in charge of vocals, guitars, lyrics, composition and production. THE YELLOW MONKEY is popular in its unique glamourous style, with its glam rock roots. May 1992 Major debut. Both live mobilization and CD sales will be a rock band representing the Japanese music scene in the 90’s, January 8, 2001. After the performance at the Tokyo Dome, we suspended activities. Disrupted in 2004, still inactive. He himself debuted as a solo artist in the name of YOSHII LOVINSON in 2003, and performs solo activities as a Kazuya Yoshii from 2006 onwards. January 8, 2016, announced the recollection of THE YELLOW MONKEY. Starting with a national arena tour that mobilized 220,000 people, he participated in festivals, national hall tours, and released new songs for the first time in 15 years. In 2017, the Tokyo Dome performances will be held for the first time in about 17 years in December after the release of the document for three consecutive months and the release of the documentary film “Ototoki” that follows one year of reunification. In November 2018, the company released a new song “Tentomushi” for the first time in a year. On the same day, global distribution of all single albums started. The original album “9999” is released for the first time in 19 years on April 17, 2019. Also, from April 27th, the nationwide arena tour “THE YELLOW MONKEY SUPER JAPAN TOUR 2019 -GRATEFUL SPOONFUL-” has been decided to be held. that’s all Sapporo Beer Co., Ltd. Customer Center TEL 0120-207800

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