100,000 azalea “Omuroyama park at night azalea stroll” holding is decided to GW Izu area during the break at / SNS Only here is a gourmet or a day trip I also introduce a superb view of Izu and luxury hot spring!

East Japan Railway Company Yokohama branch office 100,000 azalea “Omuroyama park at night azalea stroll” holding is decided to GW Izu area during the break at / SNS Only here is a gourmet or a day trip I also introduce a superb view of Izu and luxury hot spring! Shizuoka Destination Campaign NEWS Appare Shizuoka Genki Tabi
[Izu Area]
………………………………………………………………………………………… In Shizuoka, there are many things that are proud of in Japan and abroad! Above all, Izu is close to Tokyo, and is popular as a tourist area where you can enjoy the abundant hot spring and the blessings of the sea and the blessings of the mountains. We will introduce sweet spots to the delicious rice of Izu, and scenic spots to the tourist spots of the burial ground. 100,000 Azalea “Komurayama Park Night Azalea Walk” held at GW During the Shizuoka DC period, the night sky lifts the starry sky About a hundred thousand azaleas bloom like a red carpet in a vast garden.
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The “48th Komuroyama Park Azalea Festival”, held during the GW period, has 40 types of approximately 100,000 azaleas blooming like a red carpet in a large park. A must see is the azalea tunnel near the center of the park. A large azalea larger than human height is growing as if covered from both sides. I look down at the usual azalea, but I look up at it here. It is lighted up at night, and a special lift is operated, so you can enjoy different ways of enjoying day and night from the summit looking at the azalea garden and the starry sky. Azalea floating on a dark night is fantastic and a bit different. In addition, local gourmet simulation shop and various events are held and can enjoy it all day. Please enjoy the famous pink “Azalea soft cream” (300 yen).
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【Overview of held】
Date and time: April 20, 2019 (Sat)-May 6, 2019 (Mon, Holiday) 19:00 to 21:00 ※ The following is the holding of “Night lift & starry sky party” April 27 (Saturday)-29 (Mon.-Holiday), 20 May 20, Friday, May 3 (Fri.)-5 (Sun.) ※ The implementation period may go back and forth depending on the flowering situation of azalea. Place: Shizuoka Prefecture Ito City Kawana 1428 Price: In-house viewing and parking fee free Lift (round trip) junior high school students or more 470 yen 4 years old or more 240 yen Only in Izu area koko being broken in SNS gourmet Besides being delicious, there are many photogenic sweets that you want to take pictures in a lovely and involuntary way, and there are many shops where you can meet gourmet food. We introduce retro & fashionable gourmet with many posts on SNS.
■ Insta post over 20,000 “Atami pudding”
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A popular pudding in a retro container like a milk bottle that sells more than 2,000 bottles on Saturdays and Sundays. It is characterized by softness that is carefully and carefully steamed. The second store with eat-in corner opens in 2018. Store: Atami Onsen Atami pudding Address: 3-14 Tahara Honcho, Atami, Shizuoka Prefecture
■ “Ichigo Suzuri” of Nanadachi Teahouse which is unbearable for strawberry lovers
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A set of 3 kinds of set menu: “Crushed Strawberry”, which is a frozen strawberry, and contains original sauce, vanilla ice cream and whipped cream, freshly squeezed “strawberry juice”, and “strawberry jelly” with pulp and homemade strawberry sauce. Store: Nanataki Chaya Address: Kashi-gun, Shizuoka Prefecture, 367-4, Nishimoto, Kawazu-cho
■ “Seasonal Fruit Parfait” of Izu Ichi Superb Cafe
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Izu’s superb view cafe “Flower Fairy” in Sagami Bay, located in Atami Onsen Hotel New Akao. The “seasonal fruit parfait” where seasonal fruits can be eaten for a limited time is reflected on the sea as a background, and it looks like SNS. Store: Flower Fairy Address: Atami City, Shizuoka Prefecture Atami 1993-250
■ Now is season! Impact large Izu Kogen beer “fisherman’s pickled salmon”
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This restaurant is famous for fishermen Messi using seafood, such as 22 kinds of salmon and 15 kinds of set meals. Above all, “fisherman’s pickled salmon” has excellent impact with pickled salmon roe, horse mackerel, salmon, squid and tuna piled up. Store: Izu Kogen Beer Main Store Address: 1103 Futo, Ito City, Shizuoka Prefecture
■ Weekend only Inatori fishing port morning market specialty “Tokoroponchi”
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This local sweet is sold at “Port morning market” held on weekends and holidays at Inatori Fishing Port. Shizuoka Prefecture is the number one landing place for Amakusa (Dotenten), which is the raw material of the local Tenten, and Izu Inatori has a very high quality. It is a drink that cuts into a cube of multicolored fruit taste and splits with rhamne. There is also “Tokoro Sunday” with ice. Address: Inori, Higashi-Izucho, Kamo-gun, Shizuoka Prefecture 3354 Higashiizu Town Hall parking lot 1F One day trip is a spectacular Izu superb view & luxury hot spring The Izu area is dotted with high-quality hot spring hot spring resorts, and there are various types ranging from traditional long-established ryokans to unique designer hotels. We introduce a well-established inn with a hot spring where you can enjoy the superb view among them.
■ Yokoyama Okan Yukari Onsen Hotel Atami “Daikanso”
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A quaint lodging with a taste of Japanese painting master Yokoyama Okan. The room where the large-scale painting room was stayed remains as “the space of the large-scale” now It is used as a room. The hot spring, which boasts a large amount of hot water, is a woman-friendly hot water with a warm effect and excellent relaxation effect. “Sanno-no-Yu” is the best view among the public baths, and the morning sun rising from Sagami Bay is a spectacular view. You can also enjoy the Kyoto style Kaiseki where the carefully selected vessels and craftsmanship harmonize beautifully. Address: 7-1, Hayashigaokamachi, Atami City, Shizuoka Prefecture www.atami-taikanso.com/
■ Izu Kitagawa Onsen “Nozomi” with a view of Japan’s hundred hundred moons
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A moonlight trail “Moon Road” drawn on the surface of the sea on a bright night of the moon, before and after the full moon. A ryokan where you can spend a romantic moment while watching the mysterious sight. The superb view overlooking the Sagami Pass calms your mind. In addition, there is one of the few open-air baths in the country, called “Kurone Rock Bath”. Address: Kitagawa Onsen, Higashiizucho Kamo-gun, Shizuoka Prefecture www.bousui.com/
■ The hot spring to drink is popular Kannon hot spring “Pygmalion”
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Located in the mountains of Izu, Oku Shimoda, “Yakunon, a home-run sinking lodge Kannon Onsen”. “Pygmalion” has a room with a view and a bath in the room. Some rooms boast views of the Amagi mountain range, such as Sansui. Address: 1092-1 Yokogawa Shimoda City Shizuoka Prefecture www.kannon-onsen.com/pyg/ With Shizuoka destination campaign The Shizuoka Prefecture and the JR Group will catch a copy of “Appalé Shizuka Origami Trip” from April to June, 2019, and gourmets, good luck, power spots, Mt. We will transmit the charm of Shizuoka from the perspective of rich nature, history, culture and activities. hellonavi.jp/dc/ Sightseeing information site “Izu, Hakone, Yugawara hot spring is full of flowers” which JR East Japan Yokohama branch operates www.jrizu.jp/ Facebook “Izu ・ Hakone ・ Yugawara full hot spring full of flowers” ​​URL: ja-jp.facebook.com/jrizu.jp/ Instagram “I will go by train, Izu · Hakone · Yugawara” URL: www.instagram.com/jr_izu_hakone_yugawara/

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