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MOVO berth management solution, the number of users surpassed 1000 in one year

Hacobu Corporation MOVO berth management solution, the number of users surpassed 1000 a year after its release ………………………………………………………………………………………… Hacobu Co., Ltd. (Hakobu, head office: Minato-ku, Tokyo, President and Representative Director Taro Sasaki, hereafter “Hacobu”) is provided on the “MOVO (Muobo)” (hereinafter “Muobo”), a logistics information platform that integrates IoT and Cloud. We will notify that the number of users * 1 has surpassed 1000 in the berth management (track reservation and reception) solution (movo.co.jp/berth_management). The Mobo-Bath Management Solution is a cloud-based solution that enables digitization of business related to reservation, reception and driver guidance of a berth at a distribution base. The goal is to reduce truck waiting at the distribution center, achieve efficient arrival and shipment, and support business improvement through visualizing the results.
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With 1000 users with Mubo ID * 2, it is possible to reserve delivery to multiple distributors with the same account. The distribution base IDs of the delivery company making the reservation and the distribution company receiving the ID are gathered, and just by linking them, the business relationship is created immediately, and it becomes an innovative system that can start the operation of the reservation. You are
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ネ ッ ト ワ ー ク Network of user distribution bases spread throughout Japan By using a common system beyond the boundaries of the business operator, it is possible to avoid the complexity of using multiple systems by the reserving party (a delivery man or driver on the delivery business side). In addition, since the Movo-Bath management solution can be used for both inbound and outbound operations, the delivery company manages the reservation to the destination and the inbound and outbound at its own site (factory or stock storage warehouse / center) with the same system. can do.
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In addition, Mobo-Bath management solution makes every effort to develop functions based on the user’s voice, operates systems more flexibly, and releases functions every month to meet the demand for more efficient work on the premises. You Mobo will continue to enhance its functions with a sense of speed, and realize a world where various business operators involved in logistics can connect on an online platform. We will continue to work towards the mission of optimizing the transportation and services that everyone can enjoy. ※ 1: The number of the reservation person and the reception base ※ 2: Account ID required when using mobo About MOVO As an integrated logistics management solution, Mobo is unable to arrange for trucks (cars), can not understand truck location information (operation management), and can not operate trucks efficiently in standby time ( We provide functions for solving issues such as birth management on a cloud-type platform. Mobo’s name is derived from move (move) and optimization (optimization). The mission of “optimizing transportation” is included. Features of Mobo-Bath Management Solution (1) It is possible to pre-share arrival / shipment vehicle information and to automatically assign a reservation frame to the berth Until now, it was common to wait in the order in which the trucks arrived, but by making a reservation in advance, planned berth guidance can be performed, and the work on the premises can be made more efficient, and as a result, the waiting time can be reduced. can do. In addition, it is also possible to automatically assign reservation slots to berths based on conditions set for each load capacity and reservation person. ・ Reservation function: Desired time frame, track information (car name, packing style, etc.) are registered online (details can be attached). Driver information can be registered as soon as the shipping company is determined. ・ Assignment function: The reservation space is automatically assigned to the berth based on the conditions registered in advance as a master. ・ Receiving function: You can start using it simply by preparing a tablet
and you do not need a paper reception desk. (2) No need to download dedicated devices or apps There is no need to download a dedicated device or app, and you can use it right away using your PC / tablet or a mobile phone with a driver (it’s also compatible with windows). (3) Cooperation between reservation function and reception function is also possible By using the reservation function and the reception function in cooperation with each other, it is possible to link the reservation information with the information registered on the day of the delivery date, and allow an operation that runs through everything from the preplanned to the berth guidance operation. Become. About Hacobu Hacobu is a company that provides a logistics information platform “MOVO” aiming to optimize inter-company logistics, with a mission of “optimizing transport”.

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