Signed a sponsorship contract with Fencing Epe Japan representative and Kazuya Minobu

DAC Holdings Inc. Concluded sponsorship contract with Fencing Epe Japan representative / Kazuya Minobu ………………………………………………………………………………………… DAC Holdings has entered into a sponsorship agreement with Fencing Epe Japan Representative Kazutoshi Minobu. We will support the competition life toward the goal of “Golding a gold medal at the Tokyo Olympics”, which is raised by Mr. Minobu. DAC Holdings Co., Ltd. (Location: Taito-ku, Tokyo, Representative: Kazunori Ishikawa) has signed a sponsorship agreement with Fencing Epe Japan Representative, Kazuya Minobu. In addition to earning 6th place in the individual in the Rio Olympics, Minobu also holds the 4th win in total in the unbeaten world championships in the Epé event in March 2019. . He is also expected to be active in the Tokyo Olympics selection race, which will start from May of this year.

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Kazunobu Minobu In addition to this contract, the Company also signed a sponsorship contract with Golf Usui Reika Pro. Usui Pro is a 20-year-old young man who passed the protest in 2018. In the Guam Governor’s Cup Women’s Golf Tournament, which is said to be the gateway to young women’s golfers, held in February this year, he has finished fourth in Thailand. Through these sponsorships, we will support the further activities of both athletes who will lead the next generation.
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Kazunobu Minobu
■ Comments from Kazunobu Minobu I feel that DAC Holdings will be able to support the competition and this will be a great support for the Tokyo Olympics. I have set a goal of “winning gold at the Olympics”. I would like to keep fighting with the feelings of DAC members in addition to the Hinomaru. I appreciate the chance meeting similar to this fate, and I would like to continue to challenge my limits in the future, so I would appreciate your support and encouragement.
■ Miwano Kazuyasu (Minobe / Kazuyasu) Player Profile Date of birth July 15, 1987 Hometown Fukui Prefecture Echizen City Competition fencing (Epe) Affiliation NEXUS Holdings Ltd. April 2016 Asian Championship / China Individual: 3rd Group: Winner August Rio de Janeiro Olympics Individual: 6th place finish March 2017 Grand Prix / Hungary Individual: 2nd place May World Cup / France Organization: 3rd place October World Cup / Switzerland Organization: 3rd place January 2018 World Cup / Germany Individual: Winning August Asian Games Organization: Winner November World Cup / Switzerland Individual: Winning December All Japan Championship Individual: Winner March 2019 Grand Prix / Hungary Individual: Winning World Cup / Argentina Organization: Winning
■ DAC Holdings Company Profile Company name DAC Holdings Inc. Representative Director President and Representative Director Kazunori Ishikawa Location Higashi Ueno 4-8-1 Taito-ku, Tokyo 110-0015 TIXTOWER UENO 15F Number of employees: 688 (total number of DAC groups) URL

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