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Option 2019 May issue now on sale!

Sanei Shobo Option May 2019 on sale! ………………………………………………………………………………………… The feature theme of the OPTION May issue is “Hard Tune”. If you like tuning, just listen to it and introduce various case examples based on this fascinating keyword to immerse in mind! In addition, the time attack scene of great excitement in the coming of the season, compact hatch information of successive turbo models, event reports, etc. are packed! !
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The secret technique release Engine plastic surgery of the young master It is attractive !! HARD TUNE guidance south Close-up to a new generation of tuners aiming for an artistically attractive finish. The engine room full of charm techniques is released to the public!
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Amazing Black Ship Legionary Attack on Holy Land Tsukuba !! Attack TSUKUBA Shake the throne of the HKS Surprised overseas attackers coming !! -content- OPTION NEWS HEAD LINE TOPIC Amazing FF car record! Black boat attack on Tsukuba Attack Feature: HARD TUNE Drift Heaven Announcement HKS-TF × KMS Kamikaze-86 SuperSonic Fuel efficiency improvement plan for running cars Tsukuba tuning car time attack ranking 86 / BRZ ZENKAI ATTACK Ranking Video option communication J.D.M. shop Drug Festival 2019 GT-R & RB26 SECOND GENERATIONS announcement Just before domestic sales !? VR30DERTT Skyline coupe Inada Dai Jiro Super White !! Killing Kobi’s Hot Hatch Situation !! The reality of hybrid racing WORLD OPTION
[Datsun 510]
THE NEWEST WHEEL Special Shachikko Club OPTION RADAR Preamble from the mechanic’s tool box Attack Suzuka Editor’s note / back number ATTACK TSUKUBA 2019 NEW GOODS INFORMATION Vehicle type and maintenance maintenance group The 10th R34 Festival in Fuji Speedway Petersen Auto Museum Special Exhibition Report Monthly web op communication Reader present Title: “Option May 2019” Release date: March 26, 2019 Appearance: A4 modified version 160 pages Price: 630 yen (tax included) JAN: 4910022210591 Publisher: Sanei Shobo Co., Ltd. Sanei Shobo official WEB: www.sun-a.com/magazine/detail.php?pid=10781 amazon: https://amzn.to/2u7nCrZ
Recommended for those who want to enjoy more cars Since its first issue in 1981, OPTION has been published as a new style car magazine that does not get in the way of established car magazines. This is a tuning information magazine for young people who think of cars as part of their life, not just as a tool of movement. This is OPTION, a magazine full of how to enjoy cars based on free ideas.

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