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  • 【Mentor Graphics Japan Co., Ltd.】 Mentor’s Xpedition platform is adopted by Daikin and used as a global environment for PCB design and data management

【Mentor Graphics Japan Co., Ltd.】 Mentor’s Xpedition platform is adopted by Daikin and used as a global environment for PCB design and data management


Mentor Graphics Japan Ltd. Daikin Adopts Mentor’s Xpedition Platform as a Global Environment for PCB Design and Data Management ………………………………………………………………………………………… Daikin highly evaluates and chooses the centralized, powerful design data management and collaboration functions provided by Mentor’s Xpedition printed circuit board design flow. It will be the company’s global design environment platform. Mentor, Siemens Business (hereinafter Mentor) will adopt its Xpedition (TM) printed circuit board (PCB) design flow as the global design environment platform of Daikin Industries, Ltd. (hereinafter Daikin), one of the world’s leading air conditioner manufacturers. Have announced. Although Daikin had already established a PCB design process, sharing of CAD libraries and design data among development centers dispersed globally is strongly required to further improve design efficiency and quality, and Xpedition provides The high-performance, centralized design data management and collaboration capabilities were highly valued and adopted. Xpedition’s data management solution enables efficient design collaboration and project management in a single environment, reducing development time and costs. “Daikin has been seeking PCB design solutions that can improve business efficiency and productivity on a global scale. Mentor’s Xpedition platform has the world’s leading market share and features to meet our needs. Mentor will make a smooth transition from our existing CAD system to the new system, making use of our abundant experience of system construction on a global basis including major manufacturing companies in Japan.Xpedition is scalable, seamless and reliable, Building a global data management system can improve product quality and shorten the design cycle. ”Mr. Masafumi Hashimoto, Device Technology Group Leader, Air Conditioning Production Division, Daikin Industries, Ltd. It says. Daikin’s air conditioning products are sold in more than 150 countries worldwide, with development bases in every region of the world. We were looking for new solutions to streamline design development on a global basis. Adoption of Xpedition enables Daikin to enable concurrent design flows across multinational locations across borders and apply integrated design data management solutions to enable Web-based collaboration using shared libraries You Elimination of manual processes and implementation of customization functions with Xpedition flow leads to improved productivity, shortened product development cycle, and enhanced product design. “Mentor is committed to developing innovative technologies that give customers a competitive edge, and we are proud to have chosen Xpedition solutions by Daikin to meet Daikin’s unique needs that our existing CAD tools did not meet. By adopting Xpedition flow globally, we are confident that Daikin will realize a solid return on investment by improving productivity, improving product design, and reducing time to market. ”Mentor EDA Electronic Board Systems As mentioned above, Senior Vice President, AJ Incorvaia. For more information about Xpedition, please refer to the following web page. www.mentorg.co.jp/pcb/xpedition/index.html Mentor Graphics Corporation, a Siemens business (hereinafter referred to as Mentor), offers consulting services and award-winning support services, including products that meet the needs of successful electronics manufacturers, semiconductor companies and electronic system construction vendors worldwide. Is a global leader in providing electronic hardware and software design and development solutions. Headquarters are located in Wilsonville, Oregon, USA. You can find more information about Mentors here: www.mentorg.co.jp Mentor Graphics is a registered trademark of Mentor Graphics Corporation. All other product and company names mentioned are trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective owners.

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