April 13 (Saturday) We invite “new students” to the Montedio Yamagata match! Notice of Recruitment for “Big Swan Entrance Ceremony & Entrance Parade”

Albi Rex Niigata Co., Ltd. April 13 (Saturday) We invite “new students” to the Montedio Yamagata match! Notice of Recruitment for “Big Swan Entrance Ceremony & Entrance Parade” …………………………………………………………………………………………
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Our club will specially invite the minors who will be entering the school this spring for free at the Montedio Yamagata match held on April 13th! In addition, before the game on the same day, we will hold the “Big Swan Entrance Ceremony” where you can participate in ceremonial ceremonies, commemorative photography, and the “Enrollment Parade” where you go around the pitch. If you are enrolled in a school this spring with brand new school bags and hats, of course, you will be welcome to join the “Students Entering ○ ○” member of the Big Swan entrance ceremony! Example) If you graduated from school and joined a new company Those who graduated from single and are enrolled in marriage Anyone who has a child and can be a parent is fine. Original entrance certificate and red and white wharf are the only goals for everyone who participated in the entrance ceremony! Give away! If you are going to enter this spring, please come to Big Swan to commemorate the beginning of the new year!
■ Target game 2019 Meiji Yasuda Life J2 League Section 9 April 13 (Sat) 14:00 Kick Off Montedio Yamagata Battle
■ Target for participation in entrance ceremony ・ Those enrolled in a nursery school, kindergarten, elementary school, junior high school, high school, vocational school, university, etc. in April ・ For members of the society who enroll in something (eg, joining a company, getting married, raising children, etc.)
■ How to apply Please apply to the dedicated site (f.msgs.jp/webapp/form/20159_jvdb_129/index.do) by April 7 (Sun).
■ About the entrance ceremony ・ Participation in the entrance ceremony is optional. If you only want to watch, please select in the application form. ・ The original admission certificate is only for those who participated in the entrance ceremony. ・ At the time of the entrance ceremony, we will post the first 200 names (planned) on the large-screen display. ・ The entrance ceremony is scheduled to be held even when it rains. Please prepare rainwear such as hats and raincoats. ・ The entrance parade may be canceled when it rains.
■ Entrance ceremony schedule (planned) 11:00 Reception start ※ Please complete reception desk at E-gate open space “ticket center” by 12:30. ※ Because it is very crowded, please come early. 12:35 We gather at “gateway center” in front of the E gate, and move to the side of the pitch 13:00 Opening ceremony (ceremony, congratulations, commemorative photo) 13:05 Admission Parade 13:15 E-gate breaks in front of the square
■ About watching games ・ New students under 19 years old are invited for free. ・ Parents and companions can purchase tickets at the special treatment price (1,000 yen for adults and 500 yen for small, middle, high, middle). ・ Even if you participate in the entrance ceremony, those over 20 years old will receive a preferential price. ・ We are planning to use E2 free seat or S free seat for both invitation and special offer. ・ At the entrance ceremony, you can move to the pitch side and take pictures.
■ Notes -Please note that you can not enter the pitch. ・ You can not enter the hall with heels with heels to protect the facilities. Also, because sandals and sandals are dangerous, please use sneakers and sports shoes.

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