Released “YT Cobitt” app to support YouTuber

E Triad Co., Ltd. Released “YT Cobitt” app to support YouTuber Support video production with a convenient app that can check the response on Twitter. ………………………………………………………………………………………… E. Triad Co., Ltd. (Address: Kanazawa-shi, Ishikawa Pref. President: Hidehiro Yamabe) co-develops with 15 VISION (Kanazawa-shi, Ishikawa Pref .: Ichigo Tomorowo) and is a creator who posts videos on YouTube ( We have released the iOS app “YT Cobitt” to support YouTuber’s video production.
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Batch real-time acquisition of Tweet information about uploaded videos just by channel registration
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Check Tweet for video production tips
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[About YT Cobitt]
When I post a video on YouTube, I’m concerned about the reaction of the viewer. “Like to the video! I’m happy to receive evaluations and comments, but sometimes I can tweet my thoughts on Twitter, so I want to check them without missing them. For example, blogs with limited URLs can be easily searched (= ego search *) on Twitter. However, since videos uploaded to YouTube are issued with individual URLs, it is necessary to search ID and titles for each video. As the number of uploaded videos increases, it’s a lot of work to find out what you think on Twitter! I want to check not only the response on YouTube but also the impression of the video on Twitter and use it for the next video! “YT Cobitt” is an application that supports YouTuber with such feelings. Proprietary information collection technology automatically collects the individual information of the uploaded video, and extracts the video’s impression tweets from the collected information. You can register multiple channels, and you can also check what kind of response YouTuber videos you are interested in or target! ※ Search your own real name and handle name, the name of the site you operate and blog name, and check your own evaluation on the Internet App official site: Promotional video (Japanese version)
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Promotional Video (English Version)
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Company Profile Company name: 15 VISION Location: Honcho, Kanazawa-shi, Ishikawa Prefecture 8th-18th Rive Allen 2F Representative: Ichigo Tomomori Description of business: User interface (UI) design, website construction and operation support, seminar / training instructor, animation production (TVCM / web animation), graphic production, technical writing URL: Company name: E. Triad Co., Ltd. Location: 2nd floor, HR Building, 27th Street, Uzuki, Kanazawa, Ishikawa Prefecture Established: October 2014 Capital: 10 million yen Representative: Hidehiro Yamabe Business content: Planning, development and operation of information sites and EC sites based on Internet smart devices (smartphones and tablet terminals), cloud service provision business, web application development, core system development URL:

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