“Registration RPG like picture book” “Ash Tale-continent of the wind-(Ash tail)” Achieved 100,000 registered people in advance! A preliminary test is underway from March 29 (Fri)!

X-LEGEND ENTERTAINMENT JAPAN CORPORATION “Picture book healing RPG” “Ash Tale-continent of the wind-(Ash tail)” achieved pre-registration number of 100,000! A preliminary test is underway from March 29 (Fri)! ………………………………………………………………………………………… X-LEGEND ENTERTAINMENT JAPAN Co., Ltd. announces that the number of pre-registered users has reached 100,000 in the smartphone app “Ash Tale-Wind of Continent-” (hereinafter referred to as “this work”) that is scheduled to start service this spring I will. In addition, the advanced test that is being held from March 29 (Fri) has received great popularity, and the Android version became full capacity in only 20 minutes from the recruitment of testers.
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■ We present avatar ticket in commemoration of the number of pre-registrations 100,000 achievement! To commemorate the achievement of 100,000 registered pre-registrations, we decided to present avatar tickets to all three members at the start of the official service. ※ We can receive present from mail of “news” after formal service. ※ “Avatar ticket” is an item that you can play avatar gacha if used in the game.
■ Previous test popular now being held! We are still looking for testers for iOS devices with regard to leading tests currently being held. Join us at this opportunity to experience the game ahead! The recruitment of testers for Android devices has ended because it has reached its capacity.
March 29, 2019 (Fri) 12:00-April 1, 2019 (Mon) 12:00
[Periodical test period]
March 29, 2019 (Fri) 12:00-April 1, 2019 (Mon) 12:00
[Compatible models]
iOS: iOS 9.0 or higher
[How to join on iOS]
The iOS version preliminary test is conducted with the application “TestFlight”. Please install the “TestFlight” application and join from the lead tester recruitment site below. ※ It is necessary to install “TestFlight” to participate in iOS version preliminary test.
[How to join on Android]
The Android version of the preliminary test has been conducted with the “Game Gift” for the first 500 people. ※ Recruitment of leading testers for Android version has ended. «Preceding Tester Recruitment Site» ashtale.x-legend.co.jp/cb/ ※ Play data created during the pre-test period will be reset after the pre-test is over. Please note that we can not take over data at the start of the official service. ※ In the case of a large number of applicants, there may be cases where the game can not be played due to restrictions on the early termination of the reception and on the game title screen.
■ A pre-registration campaign is being held to get luxury items! During the campaign period, we are holding a campaign in which the number of items to be presented according to the number of pre-registered people increases, and a campaign in which a voice actor’s signature colored paper and gift code are drawn by lottery by applying from Twitter.
● All the items and limited avatars for up to 10 times of Gacha will be presented to all according to the number of pre-registered people! Until the start of the service, we have organized a campaign to increase the number of items to be presented at the start of the service according to the number of pre-registrations.
[Teaser site]
[Pre-registration campaign special site]
March 14 (Thursday) 2019-Until official service starts
● We are holding the second campaign that the signature colored paper of luxurious voice actors wins! If you apply during the period, the second round of the campaign will be launched in which the signature actors of the luxurious voice actors will be drawn by lottery.
[Second present]
The half of the cat and the human half of the link “Ootsuka Takeo” Mr. sign colored paper three people
[Application acceptance period]
From March 27, 2019 to April 8, 2019
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● “Amazon Gift Code” present campaign During the campaign period, we will hold a campaign in which “Amazon Gift Voucher Code” for a total of ¥ 100,000 will be awarded to 60 people by lottery if you apply.
[Content of present]
・ 5,000 yen Amazon gift certificate code for 10 people ・ A code of 50 yen for Amazon gift certificate for 1,000 yen
[Application acceptance period]
March 14 (Thursday) 2019-Until official service starts
[Tweet is here]
■ With “Ash Tale-the continent of the wind-” “Ash Tale-the continent of the wind-” is an application for smartphones that has recorded 5 million downloads worldwide. Many pretty graphic characters appear in the world like a picture book. Adventure and battle, as well as attractive function elements such as farm function that you can enjoy the farm life of hearty, auto function that assists adventure, fantasy world without getting lost even if you are new to online games You can enjoy
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■ Overview Title: Ash Tale-continent of the wind- Genre: Dramatic action RPG Charge: Basic play free, item charge system Platform: App Store, Google Play Official site: ashtale.x-legend.co.jp Official Twitter: https://twitter.com/ashtale_info Corporate site: www.x-legend.jp/ Remark: This image is under development and may change.
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