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  • A wish comes true with 7 tablets! ? Combat power (SPF) 530,000 drinking sunscreen “GYORAN BALL X” on April 1st Limited-Ora, Petit Petit!

A wish comes true with 7 tablets! ? Combat power (SPF) 530,000 drinking sunscreen “GYORAN BALL X” on April 1st Limited-Ora, Petit Petit!

Oz International Co., Ltd. A wish comes true with 7 tablets! ? Combat power (SPF) 530,000 drinking sunscreen “GYORAN BALL X” on April 1st Limited-Ora, Petit Petit! Sunscreen new combat ability (SPF) 530,000 (release)! Mid-summer beach is also safe! ………………………………………………………………………………………… A brand-name cosmetics shopping site “Eye Beauty Store” operated by Oz International Co., Ltd., from its own brand “Eye Beauty Store X”, has an SPF “530,000” sunscreen “GYORAN BALL X (Gouran Ball X)” in April We will release it for 1 day. Today is April Fool’s Day. [Image 1: https://prtimes.jp/i/13304/10/resize/d13304-10-121667-2.jpg]
Sunscreen with lots of new products every year. In recent years, the tablet and capsule type that controls the formation of melanin by drinking and prevents sunburn has become mainstream. In Japan, SPF showing UV protection index is “50” in most items, but succeeded in the commercialization of sunscreen “GYORAN BALL X” with a wonder number “530,000”.
■ If you drink 7 tablets, you will come true-Ora, excited! [Image 2: https://prtimes.jp/i/13304/10/resize/d13304-10-817871-1.jpg] A sunburn problem that can not be avoided in summer vacations such as the sea, summer festivals, and barbecues. “I definitely don’t want to bake this year!” I have been doing research for several decades to fulfill the wishes of summer women. The research team discovers from what amount of ingredients effective for sun protection. We will package the taste and flavor as it is and provide it. We promise you peace of mind and excitement this summer.
■ The reason for the response in the middle of the summer out in response to “530,000” super (super) SPF value [Image 3: https://prtimes.jp/i/13304/10/resize/d13304-10-669332-0.jpg] “Oss! Ola, I Beauty Store!” “GYORAN BALL X” is a recent, very popular “drinking sunscreen” from Nikki. The combat power (SPF) of the sunscreen is “530,000”. As long as this is true, the summer beach Bicchi (Beach) and the martial arts club are also fine (all right)! It’s great! I will definitely buy it! [Product name] GYORAN BALL X (Gourlan Ball X) [Price] 530,000 yen (consumption Z included) [Shape] soft capsule type that is easy to drink (Puchi Puchisuzo!) 【Raw material】 How much 【Sales page】 www.ibeautystore.com/event/aprilfools-day/2019 【please note】 ・ Please follow the usage and dose. Once you drink it (full), you can drink it! ・ 7 grains are 1 set. It’s exciting to have rice and nori set too! ・ De’t eaten (a big veteran) eat with a bowl together and say, “It is delicious 20 bets (20 times)” … I’m a treat, it’s a great deal! ※ I think that you have noticed, but this product is a fake product. Never believe in me! I will tell you once more! Never believe in me! ————————————-
● About Eye Beauty Store Eye Beauty Store is a shopping site operated by Oz International Co., Ltd., which deals with international domestic famous brand cosmetics. Since launching in April 2000, we utilize our unique distribution know-how to catch all product information related to beauty, such as brands not yet released in Japan, Doctor’s cosmetics, hair care goods, supplements, etc. We promise to keep the number of items in stock. www.ibeautystore.com
● About Oz International Co., Ltd. Oz International Co., Ltd. operates and handles the high-end hairbrush “Mason Pearson”, an overseas beauty store “I Beauty Store”, and an EC site “I Drug Store” that attracts high support for hair growth needs of men. It is shop management company of beauty, medical care specialized in doing. (Importing high quality medical products and cosmetics from home and abroad, it will be a fast-growing mail-order company in the last 5 years.) www.ozinter.com
● Company Profile Company name: Oz International Co., Ltd. Head office: 8-1 103-0013 3-8-1, Nihonbashi Ningyocho, Chuo-ku, Tokyo, Japan TT-2 Building 11F Representative: Representative director Taizo Serizawa Company establishment: August 21, 1980 Capital: 2,500 million yen (as of the end of January 2018) Business description: Import / export, wholesale, planning and development of new products, mail-order through the Internet, and sales at department stores, etc. Operating items: Cosmetics, beauty products, medicines, supplements, luxury hair brushes, aromatherapy products Member: Tokyo Chamber of Commerce Member Number C2222566
● Administration site ◇ iBeautyStore Eye Beauty Store www.ibeautystore.com To all people who want beauty for famous brands and rare cosmetics ◇ MASON PEARSON Mason Pearson www.masonpearson.jp Traditional, top quality handmade hair brushes ◇ placiena www.placiena.jp We suggest rich sculp care that can be used safely for women ◇ iDrug Store i drug store www.idrugstore.jp Fast and reliable delivery of the latest medicines and health products from around the world RX iRX MEDECINE IAR X. Medicine www.irxmedicine.jp Utilizing the benefits of advanced medicine and medicine for QoL of Japanese patients ◇ iGenericStore iGeneric Store www.igenericstore.jp Expand your options for self-care and stay close to your troubles

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