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Discovering new facts in 60 years from its inception, Champion Curry will transform its business into a Hayashi Rice specialty store.

Champion Curry Co., Ltd. Discovering new facts in 60 years from its inception, Champion Curry will transform into a Hayashi rice specialty store. …………………………………………………………………………………………
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“Ancestor of Kanazawa Curry”, Champion Curry Co., Ltd. (Head office: Nonoichi City, Ishikawa Prefecture, Representative Director: Keita Minami) changed its business from a curry specialty store from April 1st, 2019 (April Fools) to specialize in Hayashi Rice It changes to the store. As a result, stores of our brand will be changed to “Hayashi Rice Champion” and the company name will be changed to “Champion Hayashi Rice Co., Ltd.”, so we apologize for any inconvenience this may cause to related companies and business partners. Thank you for your support.
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Since our establishment in Kanazawa as a Western-style restaurant in 1961, we have continued to operate for a long time while changing our name as a specialty store specializing in curry. The style of cutlet curry provided by our company is now called “Kanazawa curry” and has been favored by customers in and outside the region. This “Kanazawa curry” was founded in the 1960s and 70s, and a series of curry specialty stores were established in Ishikawa Prefecture in the 1960’s and 70’s in response to the founder’s founder Yoshikazu Tanaka’s recipe for cooking companions at that time. There is a history of There were many questions about this genre early days, and it has long been a mystery to the people of Ishikawa Prefecture as to what Kanazawa curry is. Under such circumstances, our company re-evaluated the process of its establishment several years recently, and in March of last year, we have compiled the facts we grasped as “Kanazawa curry history” and published it on our company’s web page as content. It was
■ Reference: “Kanazawa curry history” chancurry.com/history/ However, this time, it was discovered that the menu that was popular at the original Western restaurant was Hayashi rice, not curry rice, from the material newly discovered in the additional survey.
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A part of the evidence material showing the concealment work newly discovered this time From the notes left by the founder, the original curry was originally put on the arm, and it should be gradually becoming a specialty store as “curry tanaka”, but with this as it is, “hayashi tanaka” can not but be forced to It is spelled in detail as “the store name does not get lost when it comes to know what it is” etc. As a result, it was decided that there was no Hayashi rice as a difficult decision, and it is said that it was a curry specialty store.
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Yoshikazu Tanaka worries about unexpected developments (photographed by his wife Hiroko with drone) We take these facts and concerns seriously, and it’s time to wait for the 60th anniversary of our founding several years later, but we will reproduce in detail the Hayashi rice at the time of founding from the recipe left behind again. We decided to steer in the direction of offering, and decided to change the brand name to “Hayashi Rice Champion”. In addition, it is finished in the excellent item which used the tomato abundantly.
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Hayashi rice reproduced from the recipe that was left behind. Delicious reminiscent of Showa. We apologize for the inconvenience, but we will do our best to spread “Kanazawa Hayashi” again, so we ask for your continued guidance and encouragement.
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About Champion Curry Co., Ltd. Founded in 1961, A curry specialty store that gathers enthusiastic support in the Hokuriku area The company that operates the “curry champion” and “champion curry”. The flagship store, “The Curry Champion Nonoichi Main Store,” is loved by everyone in the area with a record of around 2,000 customers a day. In addition to running curry specialty stores, we also sell retort curry, curry chilled pack, etc. We transmit the taste that has been inherited for over 50 years since our establishment in various ways across the country. Representative: President and Representative Director Keta Minami Head office location: -17 921-8811 Takahashi-cho, Nono City, Ishikawa Prefecture 20-17 URL: chancurry.com Thank you for watching until the end. It is April Fool today (April 1). This content is an April Fool’s Day project, so there is no business format change to a Hayashi Rice specialty store. We will continue to strive as a curry specialty store in the future. ※ But, in Nonoichi Main Store in Ishikawa Prefecture, we may carry out secret plan related to this plan. In addition, there is no fact that there was a provision of Hayashi rice in Western food Tanaka (※ It seems that offer of dry curry was performed in the restaurant New Kanawawa). In the future, thank you for the champion curry.

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