Today is April Fool’s Day. Launched a service that allows trees to be part of the family
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Flume Corporation Today is April Fool’s Day. Launched a service that allows trees to be part of the family
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… We start “plan that tree reaches home”! Tree as a member of the family ………………………………………………………………………………………… From the owner system portal site “Family Tree”, Flume Co., Ltd. has delivered fruits to important people. In response to strong requests from owners, we have launched a new service. Froom Co., Ltd. (Miyaki-cho, Saga Prefecture; Managing Director: Kazuhiro Ogimura, hereinafter “Froom”) will start accepting new services for a wide variety of tree ownership systems on the portal site “Family Tree”. Outline of plan In the previous version of the service, we took the style of delivering fruit that became the owner’s tree, but we have built a service that delivers grown trees as they are, which was especially requested this time.

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We will deliver a “tree” that meets your needs in a completely ordered system to your home. We will also help with garden care, renovation and remodeling of the house so that the delivered trees will grow properly. If you are in an apartment or apartment, please be assured that a foreign handsome guy will carry you to the upper floor. How about bringing up a tree like your own child and making it a part of your family on this occasion? Feature of this service
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I will deliver a handsome guy. Service is performed only by delivery person who cleared strict examination that tallness is more than 180cm and grip strength is more than 40kg and AI’s foreigner handsome certification pass has been completed.
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Foreigners will carry any tree. You can choose from 10-year-old oak trees to small strawberry trees. In addition, about setting place, when there is no hope, it becomes the middle of living.
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Life surrounded by thick trees is a paradise in the city. price 10,000,000 yen per tree-(Shipping included, handsome delivery person in charge included, the price was also true) important point ※ Please note that the tower apartment 20th floor and above has an optional charge. ※ In addition, please return the seeds to the farmer. ※ We can not accept date designation. ※ There may be insects on the leaves. Related URL Flume News Release, Inc. Family Tree Shin Service Information

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