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[Sumitomo Shoji Co., Ltd.] Chief Digital Officer newly established

Sumitomo Corporation About the establishment of Chief Digital Officer ………………………………………………………………………………………… Sumitomo Corporation (Head Office: Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, Representative Director, President and Chief Executive Officer: Executive Vice President, Mr. Masayuki Hyodo, hereinafter “Sumitomo Shoji”) will be Chief Digital Officer (Chief Digital Officer) as a new position on April 1, 2019. , The following “CDO”) was established. Sumitomo Corporation will rapidly change and diversify in its medium-term business plan 2020, with the aim of promoting the growth strategy of “up-value of existing business”, “creation of next-generation new business” and “utilization of platform business” We aim to create new value by accurately grasping the market and customer needs. The newly established CDO will be the “DX Center”, which has strategically introduced human resources inside and outside the Group as a responsible person in charge of planning, planning and promoting the company-wide digital strategy, which is an important foundation of these growth strategies. And 6) sales divisions and regional organizations in Japan and overseas, and will promote the transformation of existing businesses including the promotion of company-wide digital transformation, and further promotion of new business development. With regard to the promotion of company-wide digital strategy, we aim not only to stay within the Group but to realize it through open innovation with various external partners. The “MIRAI LAB PALETTE (Mirai Labo Palette)” opened today is also part of this strategy, bringing in various ideas and actively creating business service models in various industries through active demonstrations and collaborations. We will position it as a place and connect it to new value creation. (Note) It was established in April 2018 and promotes company-wide digital transformation (DX).
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