Members, a subsidiary “Members Medical Marketing Co., Ltd.,” launched digital marketing support specialized in the medical industry.

Members Members’ subsidiary, “Members Medical Marketing Co., Ltd.” launched digital marketing support specialized in the medical industry. Realization of business reform on the premise of the Internet to a pharmaceutical company focused on face-to-face sales by medical information personnel (MR) ………………………………………………………………………………………… Members Co., Ltd. (Head office: Chuo-ku, Tokyo; President: Kenmochi Tadashi, hereinafter “Members”) is Members Medical Marketing Co., Ltd. (President: Tenmoku Tadashi, Head Office: Tokyo Central) from April 1, 2019 In the following district, “Members Medical Marketing” will start a full-fledged digital marketing support business specialized for pharmaceutical companies. Members Medical Marketing is a company whose subsidiary name, MOVAAA (hereinafter referred to as “MOVAAA”), has been renamed or changed in business format. Also, with the change in business format, we will change the investment ratio from Members to MOVAAA from the current 55% to 100%.
■ Background and purpose The national medical expenses in fiscal 2016 increased by approximately 12 trillion yen compared with 2000, to approximately 42 trillion yen (* 1), and put pressure on national finance. Under such circumstances, the healthcare industry as a whole is required to make efforts to reduce social security costs, but the healthcare industry also has many issues such as medical disparities between regions, overwork of doctors, and health literacy that does not go up. The current situation is that efforts are not progressing so much because we have them. In particular, pharmaceutical companies are facing a severe business environment with falling drug prices, rising new drug development costs, drug patent expiring, staff shortages due to staff reductions, etc. As a result, there are many costs involved, and digital marketing that can provide information to the optimal target efficiently is not fully utilized. So far, the members have realized the mission “Change marketing with MEMBERSHIP and create a rich society” by supporting the creation of engagement between companies and consumers for client companies, mainly large companies, and the members group We have worked on the realization of a sustainable society as a whole. In addition, MOVAAA already provides services for pharmaceutical companies, and along with steady expansion of business, we have accumulated knowledge in the medical industry and appropriate digital marketing methods. Based on this background, the members medical marketing assumed the Internet to create opportunities to provide medical information that does not rely solely on the power of the medical information representative (MR) and to improve the health literacy of patients and medical workers. We will fully support digital marketing to realize business transformation.
■ Features of Members Medical Marketing Co., Ltd. 1. Providing digital marketing services specialized in the medical industry 2. Employee education, qualification acquisition assistance, external advisory system for industry familiarity 3. Providing cutting-edge marketing methods cultivated in other industries
■ Contents of services for pharmaceutical companies 1. Digital marketing support business We support the development of strategies from environmental research to goal setting and specific measures in order to transform to digital marketing. 2. Report creation support service for project manager (PM) Summarize and analyze various data, identify parts that need improvement, and propose the next hitter on behalf of the busy project manager (PM) 3. Disease enlightenment site production and operation service We support the development and operation of websites that are the basis of heart for patients consistently from strategy formulation to effect verification 4. Site creation and operation for medical staff Construct and operate a website to communicate digital information to healthcare workers in an easy-to-understand manner
■ Overview of Subsidiaries (1) Business name: Members Medical Marketing Co., Ltd. (2) Description of business: Digital marketing support business for medical industry (3) Business name change: April 1, 2019 (4) Head office location: Chuo-ku, Tokyo (5) Title and name of the representative: President and Representative Director Kenmochi (6) Capital: 10,000 thousand yen (7) Major shareholders and shareholding ratio: Members Inc. 100% ※ 1 Source: Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare, Overview of the National Medical Expenses of 2016, 2016, www.mhlw.go.jp/toukei/saikin/hw/k-iryohi/16/dl/kekka.pdf, ( Reference 2019-04-01)
■ Members Corporation Location: Harumi 1-chome, 8-10, Chuo-ku, Tokyo Harumi Island Triton Square Office Tower X 37F Representative: President and CEO Tadahiro Kenmochi Capital: 880 million yen (as of the end of December 2018) URL: www.members.co.jp/ Facebook: www.facebook.com/Memberscorp Twitter: https://twitter.com/Members_corp
■ Inquiries about this release Members Corporation Public Relations Officer Suzuki TEL 03-5144-0660 / mail: press@members.co.jp

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