Announced “Peteran rankings that feel worthwhile to work” 1st place is Yamaguchi Prefecture, which has UNIQLO headquarters etc.

Global Way Inc. Announced “Peteran ranking that feels worthwhile to work” 1st place is Yamaguchi prefecture with UNIQLO head office etc. Ranked in 5 of the top 10 prefectures. Why are China and Shikoku regions strong? ………………………………………………………………………………………… “Coricon”, a company word-of-mouth statement site visited by 20 million people annually ( (managed by: Global Way Inc., head office: Minato-ku, Tokyo; President and CEO: Masato each company) We announce “the prefecture ranking that feels worthwhile to work”. U-turns from cities to rural areas and I-turns to migrate to different rural areas are attracting attention. Although there is a merit that living expenses can be held down and it is not necessary to get on a full train, voices of anxiety about work such as “Is there a choice of work?” And “Are there a workplace where you can use your career so far?” You will also be asked. Therefore, we extracted the average points of the “job reward” evaluation by prefecture, and ranked them in descending order. Is there a difference in “rewarding work” in urban and rural areas? Let’s see the result immediately.
【Peteran rankings that feel rewarding for work】

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※ The survey summary is described at the bottom It can be seen from the word-of-mouth of employees that companies that were rated “work rewarding” tend to be assigned responsible jobs from a young age and have greater discretion. Of the top 10 prefectures, half are from China and Shikoku. Yamaguchi’s UNIQLO (Holding company: Fast Retailing) has grown from a men’s clothing store on a personal scale to a global apparel company. Starting with six employees, the company now has a Japanese dream company, such as Nippon Shokuhin Holdings Co., Ltd. in Ehime, which has become a major food maker with more than 4,000 employees in the group. In addition, it was also distinctive that companies that developed businesses related to Japanese tradition, such as Tottori’s “Taniguchi and Aoya Washi” and Akita’s “Warabiza”, were highly rated. Let’s introduce the reviews of companies located in the top 10 prefectures. The first place: Yamaguchi prefecture (the reward evaluation of work: 3.14)
▼ From menswear store in Yamaguchi to apparel maker in the world Review of “First Retailing” “This is a company that can judge and act on who is right and not on what is right. There is a strong training system according to the philosophy, high growth potential, and a company where everyone can work hard together” (Counter sales / Male in early 20s / Annual income 3 million yen / Fiscal 2014) The second place: Tokushima prefecture (the reward evaluation of work: 3.07)
▼ “Nichia Chemical Industry” that spread blue LED from Tokushima to the world “The relatively new technology of LED, the growing market, the high level of social contribution in terms of energy saving, environment, etc., I feel very rewarding in that respect.” (Overseas sales / Male in the early 40s / Annual income 8 million yen / Fiscal 2015) The third place: Akita prefecture (the reward evaluation of work: 3.02)
▼ Akita’s “Theatrical Company Warabiza” review of the beauty of traditional Japanese performing arts “It’s easy to keep the motivation because it’s just because you’re selling the culture and the inspirational voices of the customers get it right here, and that’s what motivates you here.” (Planned sales / Women in their late 20s / Annual income of ¥ 160,000 / 2012) 4th place: Tokyo (job reward rating: 3.00)
▼ Japanese software “Microsoft Japan” of global software companies “We are dealing with the latest mobile, cloud, etc., and the service is updated daily, so we can always touch new information, so it’s a great environment for people who like that, but always put up an antenna by yourself Need to (System consultant / Male in the early 40s / Annual income 11 million yen / Fiscal 2016) The fifth place: Tottori prefecture (the reward evaluation of work: 2.99)
▼ Review of “Taniguchi & Aotani Washi” in Aotanicho, Tottori-shi, Inshu Washi no Sato “The endless white paper coming out of the surface of the tree is truly impressive. In addition, he has been working on three-dimensional printed washi and received numerous awards. A company style that shows that blood is passing ” (Technology-related job / 30’s late men / annual income 3 million yen / fiscal 2013) The sixth place: Kyoto prefecture (the reward evaluation of work: 2.98)
▼ reviews of Murata Manufacturing Co., Ltd. “Because we have a good training, we can learn the necessary skills and feel interesting about manufacturing. I think it is a recommended company for people who like manufacturing by all means. Everyone uses it We create electronic parts used in smartphones and can work globally, so I feel rewarding every day. ” (Production / manufacturing technology / male in early 20’s / annual income 4 million yen / 2017) Sixth place: Okinawa Prefecture (job reward rating: 2.98)
▼ Review of Okinawa-based retail company “San-A” with a wide range of supermarkets, restaurants and hotels “Because I have a spirit of ‘make my own sales floor myself’, I have a high degree of freedom, so the results are easy to see and lead to rewarding. If I can build a good relationship with the part or part-time job, I see the growth of education It’s easy to understand, so I feel it’s a job related to human growth. ” (Sales adviser / late twenties male / annual income ¥ 4,200,000 / fiscal 2017) The eighth place: Ehime prefecture (the reward evaluation of work: 2.95)
▼ Review of Miura Kogyo, Ehime that boasts the top market share in Japan for the above-mentioned small-scale once-through industrial boilers “Because there is a lot of discretion that can be left to individuals, but there is a lot of work because you have to do several types of work by yourself, so you get a lot of work. There is a culture where we can work and we can expect growth through work. ” (Machine design / Male in late 20s / Annual income 5 million yen / Fiscal 2016) The eighth place: Kagawa prefecture (the reward evaluation of work: 2.95)
▼ Review of Kagawa “Anabuki Construction Agency” that deploys Surpass Mansions throughout Japan “Even after all, it is a high shopping so many times for customers, so there is a sense of accomplishment that their work can be left in the life of the contracted customers. The smiles of the customers when delivering the property are endless. Being able to interact with people and hearing about industry stories and ideas from different people, I think it’s a fun unique to sales. ” (Counter sales / Women in late 20’s / Annual income 4 million yen / 2010) The tenth place: Chiba prefecture (the reward evaluation of work: 2.94)
▼ Review of IKEA Japan, a Swedish-born furniture store based in Chiba, Japan “If you want to do it yourself, I will give you an environment that will let you know, and we will respond properly to consultations, etc. It will find the best way. I think it is a very good company for those who really want to be positive. (Floor staff / 30’s late men / annual income 3 million yen / fiscal 2016) ー ー ー ー ー ー ー ー ー ー ー <Overview of the surveySurvey details: Companies are classified by prefecture based on the head office location. Extract companies that received user ratings for Caricone during the target period, and calculate the average value of job reward ratings by prefecture Period covered: April 1-March 31, 2018 Respondent: A member of the Career Connect member who selected the work place as a company to be evaluated ー ー ー ー ー ー ー ー ー ー ー Colicone introduces company rankings by various regions / attributes and salary details posted by users.
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