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Providing Optimal Liquid Supplements Through a Questionnaire “Fine” Launching sales from April 2 (Tuesday) today

studio Ltd. Providing Optimal Liquid Supplements Through a Questionnaire “Fine” Launched on April 2 (Tuesday) today ………………………………………………………………………………………… studio Co., Ltd. (Head office: Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo, Representative director: Shin Yanagisawa, Matsumoto Hiroki) launched “Fine” from April 2nd, 2019 (Tuesday), which provides optimal liquid supplements based on questionnaires. You About Fine
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Currently, many supplements exist. While there are supplements for all kinds of troubles, it is also true that there are many voices that “I do not know which supplement to take”. On the other hand, after conducting a questionnaire on diet and lifestyle, Fine will provide a supplement containing the necessary nutrients. With fine subscriptions, 28 deliveries worth 4 weeks will be delivered every 4 weeks. By having one drink each day, Fine will support the health of each person firmly. Fine’s commitment Fine’s focus is on improving health status well. Therefore, it is made with the following points.
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1. Being liquid Traditionally, supplements have been made in the form of grains and capsules. While such shapes are cheaper, absorption rates are inferior to liquid supplements. Fine is made to the shape of liquid that high absorption rate and effect can be expected even at high cost.
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2. Do not put extra ingredients Any food additive can be added to improve the taste. However, Fine is committed to “do not put extra things”. There is no point in using food additives to harm the body or lead to wasted calories. It uses only a minimal amount of sweeteners, and the taste is not delicious, but instead it is easy to drink in small quantities of 10 ml, making it a highly pure liquid supplement.
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3. Support improvement from the root Supplements are only an aid role. It does not mean “Don’t worry if you drink this one.” We support with advice of management dietitian supervision to support changing from part of more basics such as eating habits and life week.
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4. Show the grounds In order to eliminate the fear of “Is it really effective?” We are disclosing a reference paper like an image. Based on these articles and the supervision of a registered dietitian, I make it with a combination that is truly effective and that can indicate the basis.
Fine’s lineup Fine offers five different lineups. All of them contain multivitamins, so basic nutrients can be taken together. # 1 Calcium Calcium-containing supplements. As well as being related to bones and teeth as known, deficiency is also a factor in stress. Contains vitamin D, vitamin K, CPP, and magnesium that are compatible with calcium.
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# 2 Iron Iron Iron-containing supplements. Globally, 65% of people are told that iron is not enough. In particular, many women do not have enough, so it is a nutrient that they want to consume actively. We use heme iron which is said to be about five times as high as non-heme iron.
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# 3 Zinc Zinc Zinc-containing supplement. Lack of zinc, which is deeply related to immunity, can cause various symptoms such as taste disorders. We use zinc yeast that is considered to be highly absorbed.
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# 4 Fiber Dietary Fiber A supplement containing Bifidobacterium (Bifidobacterium longum KMH001 strain) containing dietary fiber and a terminalia bererica extract. It has been reported that the effects of the improvement of the common sense, the rise of blood sugar level and the decrease of triglyceride are reported.
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# 5 GABA Supplement containing GABA. GABA is a nutrient that can be expected to work against stress, sleeplessness and blood pressure. It can be said that it is recommended for those who feel stress at work etc. and those who can not sleep well and remain tired.
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Flow of using Fine
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First of all, you will need to answer questionnaires such as diet and lifestyle. We analyze the result and suggest the most suitable supplement for each one. After that, please drink one Fine delivered every 4 weeks every day.
■ Purchase page www.myfine.co.jp
■ Product Overview Regular purchase regular price: 6,800 yen (consumption tax · shipping separate) Sales start date: April 2, 2019 (Tuesday) Type: 5 types Contents: 10ml × 28 bottles Directions: Shake well one bottle and drink as it is. ※ You can cancel at any time. ※ There is full money back guarantee.
【Studio Inc. Company Profile】
Company Name: studio Ltd. Established: March 9, 2018 Head office: 3-5-3 Nishi-Shinjuku Diamond Palace 313-Nishi Shinjuku, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo Representative: Shin Yanagisawa, Hiroki Matsumoto

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